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 1menu "Kernel hacking"
 3source "lib/Kconfig.debug"
 5# !SMP for now because the context switch early causes GPF in segment reloading
 6# and the GS base checking does the wrong thing then, causing a hang.
 7config CHECKING
 8	bool "Additional run-time checks"
 9	depends on DEBUG_KERNEL && !SMP
10	help
11	  Enables some internal consistency checks for kernel debugging.
12	  You should normally say N.
14config INIT_DEBUG
15	bool "Debug __init statements"
16	depends on DEBUG_KERNEL
17	help
18	  Fill __init and __initdata at the end of boot. This helps debugging
19	  illegal uses of __init and __initdata after initialization.
21config IOMMU_DEBUG
22       depends on GART_IOMMU && DEBUG_KERNEL
23       bool "Enable IOMMU debugging"
24       help
25         Force the IOMMU to on even when you have less than 4GB of
26	 memory and add debugging code. On overflow always panic. And
27	 allow to enable IOMMU leak tracing. Can be disabled at boot
28	 time with iommu=noforce. This will also enable scatter gather
29	 list merging.  Currently not recommended for production
30	 code. When you use it make sure you have a big enough
31	 IOMMU/AGP aperture.  Most of the options enabled by this can
32	 be set more finegrained using the iommu= command line
33	 options. See Documentation/x86_64/boot-options.txt for more
34	 details.
36config KPROBES
37	bool "Kprobes"
38	depends on DEBUG_KERNEL
39	help
40	  Kprobes allows you to trap at almost any kernel address and
41	  execute a callback function.  register_kprobe() establishes
42	  a probepoint and specifies the callback.  Kprobes is useful
43	  for kernel debugging, non-intrusive instrumentation and testing.
44	  If in doubt, say "N".
46config IOMMU_LEAK
47       bool "IOMMU leak tracing"
48       depends on DEBUG_KERNEL
49       depends on IOMMU_DEBUG
50       help
51         Add a simple leak tracer to the IOMMU code. This is useful when you
52	 are debugging a buggy device driver that leaks IOMMU mappings.
54#config X86_REMOTE_DEBUG
55#       bool "kgdb debugging stub"