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 1This game was made over the cource of 3 days for the 2013 7DRL Challenge,
 2so needless to say it's a little rough around the edges. The goal is to
 3explore a haunted tower and get out with as much loot as possible. If
 4your torches burn out then the ghosts will start stealing your stuff.
 5It requires python 2 and libtcod.
 8Controls are as follows:
10movement - arrow keys, number keys, vi-keys, qwe/asd/zxc - take your pick
11pick up item - use ',' or 'p' when over a body (gray @) or a box (brown square)
12ignite a new torch - 'i' (note that the partially burnt torches may be flaky)
13select - enter or space bar
14cancel or quit - escape