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 1-	gui
 2	-	plugins to handle making links
 3		-	link
 4			-	just a "page" paramager links to another page in the zone (you can tack on params too)
 5			-	add in a "zone" paramater switches zones
 6		-	baseLink
 7			-	starts from the base
 8			-	requires a zone and/or paramater
 9	-	auto include templates
10	-	layouts
11		-	maybe have a way to insert multiple files, if they exist into multiple parts of the template
12-	zone
13	-	routing???
14	-	auto include zone files???
15-	auto generate files for people
16	-	zones (also have a zone inludes file that automatically gets an include tacked onto the end)
17	+	create a new application
18	-	migrations
19	-	templates
20	-	DbObject sublcasses
21-	db
22	-	migrations
23		-	make it heirarchical so that you can insert migrations into old versions and still have them get applied to both dbs
24			-	use a decimal system type versioning (1, 1.1, 1.1.1, 1.1.2 etc)
25			-	always scan the entire list of migrations and figure out any that haven't been applied
26		-	allow applying or removing specific migrations
27		-	allow you to force the application of certain migrations even if they have already been applied??? (maybe it's best to always just remove the specific migration and then reapply it)
28		-	allow you to tell the db that a specific migration hasn't really been applied or needs to be reapplied???
29		-	have a way to separate: ddl, dml, or text (schema, data, text)
30		-	have a way to consolidate migrations???
31		-	indicate which data migrations are part of a specific install (project) and which are key to the app functionging (product)
32			-	this should alow you to create all of the data necessary for a test install without developers ever having production data
33				-	this should also facilitate setting up test cases
34		-	allow you to take an existing database and reverse engineer the schema and put it into migration syntax
35			-	this will allow us to port existing schemas to other databases
36			-	we will still need to extract product data however if we are to get it really working
37		-	list which migrations haven't been applied
38	-	dbobject
39		-	find
40-	bundle a web server to get it started quickly
41	-	have a download for windows with the browser/server combo
42		-	have an interface for managing projects and updates to zoop
43-	yaml based config files???
44-	figure out a way to be able to move stuff around without breaking all of our links and redirects but without using routes
45	-	the first thing you need to do hear is figure out some legit use cases to test against
46		-	implement the routes examples in the book
47		-	implement the store example in the book
48	-	how to handle nested zones
49-	rails seems to be built around a singular linear project with one live install, thus dev, test, and live are all it can handle well
50	-	it doesn't seem to be geared around a single product with lots of slightly different projects or installs, and it isn't designed to handle it well
51-	scaffolding
52	-	standard list, edit, view, delete
53	-	login
54-	convention over configuration
55	-	every coc features can be put into one of two categories
56		-	scaffolding
57			-	conform your domain to a restricted abstrated pattern in order to get started.  later we remove the scaffolding and fill in the real building elements later
58			-	we force to domain into our pattern so that we can "get something working"
59		-	genunine pattern matching
60			-	the domain actually matches the pattern and so generalized code can be used
61	-	maybe there is a flow moving from extrememly generalized to extremely customized, on demand, agile
62-	validation
63	-	put validation info into the model
64	-	how then do we get it into the form???
65-	testing
66	-	unit testing?
67	-	regression testing?
68	-	design by contract, preconditions, postconditions
69	-	all of this should be validated against the existing bug database to see what is worth the effort
70-	the flash
71	-	not sure we want this but we should probably think it through