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Possible License(s): BSD-3-Clause, LGPL-2.1
 1-	get the todo project working
 2-	host it somewhere
 3-	get the fitness project working
 4-	front page
 5	-	Zoop 1.50 is changing very quickly.  
 6		-	We have no issues with legacy support 
 7		-	We are generally interested in coming up with new ways to do things
 8			-	these ideas are new to Zoop, and may be entirely original or may be adopted from other frameworks
 9		-	Because of this Zoop 1.50 is diverging sharply from the mainline Zoop distribution
10		-	The API is also changing quickly and for the time being applications will break without notice
11		-	When the API becomes stable one of the following will happen
12			-	All major advantages of Zoop 1.50 will be merged into the Zoop mainline branch
13			-	or Zoop 1.50 will branch off into it's own project with stable releases
14				-	this will probably necesitate a name change
15				-	the timeframe for this decision is years, not months
16					-	there are a lot of ambitions ideas out there and we we want to implement and revise them without having to worrya bout backwards compatibility issues
17				-	it's possible that at this time we will port it to ruby
18-	standards
19	-	develop, document and enforce coding and documentation standards
20	-	support these with textmate snippets
21-	in order to test out some of the features we need a site to showcase what it can do
22	-	it must be a high traffic site so we can do performance profiling and make sure it scales
23		-	we can test this better by running on lots of cheap crappy hardware to make sure the software is robust and easily scalable
24	-	it must be be a large, complex, and sophisicated piece of code
25		-	not that the code has to be complex per se, but the problems must be complex