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 1# $Id: en-GB.mod_jumi.ini 102 2009-04-03 10:09:18Z martin2hajek $
 2# Note : All ini files need to be saved as UTF-8 - No BOM
 4JUMIMODULEDESC=<p>This module includes into a module position custom script: manually or from a file or from Jumi component database record.</p><p>There is also a compatible Jumi plugin and a component.</p><p>Additional resources: <a href="">Downloads & guides</a>, <a href="">Tips & tricks</a>.</p>
 5PARAMNOTES=You can write your notes, reminders etc here.
 6PARAMCODEWRITTEN=Can be any custom code. PHP script should have php start and end tags. If you need to pass values of variables into the code which source is defined below you can define them here too.
 7PARAMJUMIROOTDESC=Current setting of Jumi Root. Jumi Root can be set up in Jumi plugin parameters and is shared by all Jumi extensions.
 8PARAMSOURCECODESTORAGE=Source of the stored code. Can be either the pathname of the file to be included or *id, where id is the record number of Jumi component database table. Filepathnames have to be relative to Jumi Root.
 9PARAMMODULECACHING=Select whether to cache the content of this module.
10PARAMMODULECACHETIME=The time before the module is recached.
11PARAMDEBUGMODE=If set to No then Jumi does not show Jumi error messages.
12ERROR_CONTENT=Jumi is working but there is <b>nothing to be shown</b>.<br />Write the code and/or specify the nonempty source of the code.
13ERROR_FILE=File <b>%s</b> does not exist or is not readable!
14ERROR_RECORD=Record ID:<b>%d</b> does not exist!
15CODE WRITTEN=Code written
16DEFAULT ABSOLUTE JUMI PATH=Default Absolute Jumi Path
18SOURCE OF CODE=Source of code