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 1Jumi content plugin for Joomla! 1.0.x and Mambo 4.5.x
 2Developer's web pages:
 5Version 1.2.0
 6Release date: 2008/03/25
 8   - The concept of optional Default Absolute Path was introduced and implemented. It enables you easily include files from your server that are outside Joomla! (Mambo) installation directory. Thanks Rudolf Polzer at who notified me about this possibility.
 9   - New verification that included file exists and is readable. Thank to Fritz Elfert at for this concept.
10   - There is a just one demo -  jumi_demo.php - in the distribution package now. It is installed automatically to Joomla! (Mambo) "mambots" directory. You can run it immediately and delete it whenever you want.
11Upgrade from the previous version
12   - Just rewrite appropriate files - plugin_jumi.php, plugin_jumi.xml - on your server with the new ones.
15   - Upgrade your bookmarks too. Jumi has the new site You can find another extensions, manuals, demo, tips and trick, snippet there.