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 1<?xml version="1.0" encoding="iso-8859-1"?>
 2<mosinstall type="module">
 3	<name>Jumi</name>
 4	<author>Martin Hajek</author>
 5	<creationDate>March 2008</creationDate>
 6	<copyright>(c) 2006 - 2008 Martin Hajek. All rights reserved.</copyright>
 7	<license> GNU/GPL</license>
 8	<authorEmail></authorEmail>
 9	<authorUrl></authorUrl>
10	<version>1.2.0</version>
11	<description><![CDATA[
12	Jumi module for Joomla! and Mambo includes into a module position any file.<br />In an addition it can pass into the included *.php file any number of argument values.<br />There is also a compatible Jumi plugin that includes the same files into Joomla! articles.<br />Jumi manuals, demo, tips and tricks and snippets can be found at <a href="" target="_blank"></a>
13	]]></description>
14	<files>
15		<filename module="mod_jumi">mod_jumi.php</filename>
16		<filename>jumi_demo.php</filename>
17	</files>
18	<params>
19		<param name="moduleclass_sfx" type="text" default="" label="Module Class Suffix" description="A suffix to be applied to the css class of the module (table.moduletable), this allows individual module styling" />
20		<param name="default_absolute_path" type="text" size ="97" default="" label="Default Absolute Path" description="Optional Default Absolute Path to the included file. If left blank then it is identical to Joomla! root directory. No slash at the end." />
21		<param name="file_pathname" type="text" size ="97" default="modules/jumi_demo.php" label="File Pathname" description="The pathname of the file to be included. The pathname is relative with respect to Default Absolute Path." />
22		<param name="php_args" type="textarea" default="[first][second] notice you can put anything out of the brackets [and third]" label="Argument Values" description="Any number of values to be passed into the included php file. Each value must be contained in [ ] brackets. Everything outside the brackets is ignored. Argument values can be referrenced by $jumi[] array in an included php file." cols="70" rows="7" />
23		<param name="notepad" type="textarea" default="Put your notes here ..." label="Notepad" description="Your notes, reminders, etc." cols="70" rows="7" />    
24	</params>