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 1This package installs Paradox support in the lazarus IDE:
 3TParadox (Data Access Tab) is a TDataset descendent that enables you to open
 4and see Paradox tables. It has support for Blobs and Graphics. There is no
 5need to have the BDE from Borland (Codegear) installed.The TParadox
 6component itself is located in the FCL, and is an implementation
 7based on an open source C library called pxlib.
 8This means that you need to install the PXlib library, which you can 
 9download from Sourceforge:
13The C library can be installed on most linux systems using the native package manager.
14For windows, a pre-compiled binary is available from the sourceforge site.
15The TParadox component code has been tested with version 0.6.2 of the library,
16and should also work with version 0.6.3.
19The component needs version 2.4.0 of Free Pascal, earlier versions contain a bug
20that prevents a TParadox dataset from opening.
22Enjoy !