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 1Examples for the CodeTools
 3Some basic examples run out of the box.
 4Some examples require the path of the FPC sources, which can be given via the
 5environment variable FPCDIR.
 6If you see an error message like this:
 8Scanning FPC sources may take a while ...
 9TDefinePool.CreateFPCSrcTemplate FPCSrcDir does not exist: ...
11Then you must set the FPCDIR variable and start the example again. For example:
12Under linux:
13  export FPCDIR=/home/username/freepascal/fpc
15For instance the FPC 2.4.2 source directory contains the following files:
16  compiler
17  ide
18  installer
19  Makefile
20  Makefile.fpc
21  packages
22  rtl
23  tests
24  utils
26See here for more information:
29The examples will scan the directories and store the result in a file named
30'codetools.config'. So the next time you start any of the examples it does
31not need to scan.
33List of environment variables:
34FPCDIR       = path to FPC source directory
35PP           = path of the Free Pascal compiler. For example /usr/bin/ppc386.
36LAZARUSDIR   = path of the lazarus sources
37FPCTARGET    = FPC target OS like linux, win32, darwin
38FPCTARGETCPU = FPC target cpu like i386, x86_64, arm