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 1-swf test/bin/swf/Test.swf
 2-swf-version 10
 3-lib neash
 4-lib feffects
 5-cp src
 6-main test.TestTransitions
 9-neko test/bin/neko/Test.n
10-lib neash
11-lib feffects
12-lib nme
13-cp src
14--remap flash:nme
15-main test.TestTransitions
18-cpp test/bin/cpp
19-lib neash
20-lib feffects
21-lib nme
22-cp src
23--remap flash:nme
24-main test.TestTransitions
27-js test/bin/js/Test.js
28-lib neash
29-lib feffects
30-lib nme
31-cp src
32--remap flash:nme
33-main test.TestTransitions
36-cmd echo "----------------------------------------"
37-cmd echo "Test C++!"
38-cmd cd test/bin/cpp
39-cmd ./TestTransitions
40-cmd echo "----------------------------------------"
41#-cmd echo "Test Neko!"
42#-cmd cd ../neko
43#-cmd neko Test.n
44#-cmd echo "----------------------------------------"
45-cmd echo "Clear assets"
46-cmd rm -r /Library/WebServer/Documents/assets
47-cmd echo "Copy assets"
48-cmd cp -r ../assets /Library/WebServer/Documents/assets
49-cmd echo "----------------------------------------"
50-cmd echo "Test Flash!"
51-cmd echo "Clear server file..."
52-cmd rm -r /Library/WebServer/Documents/TestSWF
53-cmd echo "Copy compiled files to server..."
54-cmd cp -r ../swf /Library/WebServer/Documents/TestSWF
55-cmd echo "Open in browser..."
56-cmd open http://localhost/TestSWF?q=123
57-cmd echo "Done!"
58-cmd echo "----------------------------------------"
59-cmd echo "Test JS!"
60-cmd echo "Clear server file..."
61-cmd rm -r /Library/WebServer/Documents/TestJS
62-cmd echo "Copy compiled files to server..."
63-cmd cp -r ../js /Library/WebServer/Documents/TestJS
64-cmd echo "Open in browser..."
65-cmd open http://localhost/TestJS?q=123
66-cmd echo "Done!"
67-cmd echo "----------------------------------------"