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 1Jo Yeates: Vincent Tabak admits manslaughter
 2A man charged with the murder of Jo Yeates, whose body was found near Bristol on Christmas Day, has admitted manslaughter but denied murder.
 3Vincent Tabak, 33, is accused of killing the landscape architect who disappeared on 17 December after going for drinks with colleagues.
 4The prosecution has refused to accept Tabak's manslaughter plea and a murder trial will go ahead on 4 October.
 5Tabak, a Dutch national, lived next to Jo Yeates in Clifton, Bristol.
 6He appeared via video link from HMP Long Lartin in Worcestershire.
 7Vincent Tabak spoke only to confirm his name and to say he was content for proceedings to continue in English without an interpreter, before entering his pleas.
 8He was remanded in custody to face trial at Bristol Crown Court.
10Miss Yeates's parents David and Theresa were in court for the hearing.
11Their daughter, who grew up in Ampfield, Hampshire, spent the evening of 17 December in the Bristol Ram with colleagues before visiting Tesco Express to buy a pizza on her way home to the Clifton area of Bristol.
12She was reported missing by her boyfriend Greg Reardon on 19 December.
13Jo Yeates's snow-covered body was found in Longwood Lane, Failand, by dog walkers on Christmas Day, eight days after she was reported missing.
14A post-mortem test revealed she had been strangled.
15Her funeral took place at St Mark's Church in Hampshire, where she was christened, on 11 February.
16Her body was carried into the church in a wicker coffin in front of her parents, who said her death had been "traumatic".
17Miss Yeates's coffin was adorned with daffodils, small sunflowers and assorted other flowers.