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 1## Please edit system and help pages ONLY in the master wiki!
 2## For more information, please see MoinMoin:MoinDev/Translation.
 5#acl -All:write Default
 6#format wiki
 7#language en
 8It looks like you have not created your personal home page yet.
10A personal home page can be used to publish data ''about yourself'', such as:
11 * who you are, what you do, what you like or dislike
12 * your phone number, email address or other contact information
13 * a photo of yourself
15You also can use a personal home page to store information ''for yourself'' (and maybe also for others), such as:
16 * your favourite links
17 * your todo list
18 * your notes
20Keep in mind that a personal home page is usually ''public'', anyone can read and edit it (and this is a good thing, see it as a means of communication with you). However, you can create protected sub-pages to restrict public access to some of your pages.
22<<Action(edit,Create my home page now!,template=HomepageTemplate)>>