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  2<html><head><title>Alert Functions</title>
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  6   <h1>Alert Functions</h1>
  7 These functions display various  commonly-used types of modal dialog containing 
  8a textual message.<br>
  9 <h2>Alert kinds</h2>
 10 The <tt>kind</tt> parameter in the following functions determines the appearance 
 11of the dialog. It may take the following values:<br>
 12 <blockquote>     <dl>
 13    <dt><tt>'stop'</tt></dt>
 14    <dd>Used for displaying an error message or other condition which prevents 
 15an operation from being completed.</dd>
 16  </dl>
 17     <dl>
 18    <dt><tt>'caution'</tt></dt>
 19    <dd>Used for warning the user when an operation could cause loss of data 
 20or other undesirable effects.</dd>
 21  </dl>
 22     <dl>
 23    <dt><tt>'note'</tt></dt>
 24    <dd>Used for presenting an informational message to the user.</dd>
 25  </dl>
 26     <dl>
 27    <dt><tt>'query'</tt></dt>
 28    <dd>Used for requesting information from the user.</dd>
 29  </dl>
 30 </blockquote>
 31 Some platforms may not display all of these in a unique way.<br>
 32 <h2>Low-level alert functions</h2>
 33 <dl>
 34  <dl>
 35    <dt><tt>alert(kind, message, ok_label = "OK")</tt></dt>
 36    <dd>Displays an alert box with one button, which is the default button.
 37Does not return a value.</dd>
 38  </dl>
 40 <dl>
 41  <dl>
 42    <dt><tt>alert2(kind,&nbsp;</tt><tt>message</tt><tt>, yes_label = "Yes", 
 43no_label = "No",</tt></dt>
 44    <dt><tt>&nbsp; &nbsp; &nbsp; &nbsp;default = 1, cancel = 0)</tt></dt>
 45    <dd>Displays an alert box with two buttons. Returns 1 if the "yes" button 
 46is pressed, 0 if the "no" button is pressed.  The <tt>default</tt> and <tt>cancel</tt>&nbsp;parameters&nbsp;specify
 47which buttons, if any, are activated by the standard keyboard equivalents,
 48and take the values <tt>1</tt>, <tt>0</tt> or <tt>None</tt>.</dd>
 49  </dl>
 51 <dl>
 52  <dl>
 53    <dt><tt>alert3(kind, message, yes_label = "Yes", no_label = "No", <br>
 54 &nbsp; &nbsp; &nbsp; &nbsp;other_label = "Cancel", </tt><tt>default = 1,
 55cancel = -1</tt><tt>)</tt></dt>
 56    <dd>Displays an alert box with three buttons. Returns 1 if the "yes" button
 57is pressed, 0 if the "no" button is pressed, and -1 if the "other" button
 58is pressed.&nbsp;  The <tt>default</tt> and <tt>cancel</tt> parameters specify
 59which buttons, if any, are activated by the standard keyboard equivalents,
 60and take the values <tt>1</tt>, <tt>0</tt>, <tt>-1</tt> or <tt>None</tt>.</dd>
 61  </dl>
 63In addition to the parameters listed above, these functions also accept the
 64following optional parameters:<br>
 66  <dl>
 67    <dt><tt>width</tt></dt>
 68    <dd>The overall width of the alert box.</dd>
 69  </dl>
 70  <dl>
 71    <dt><tt>lines</tt></dt>
 72    <dd>The number of lines to allow for in the text area of the alert box.</dd>
 73  </dl>
 75 These parameters are hints only; platforms are free to
 76ignore them and calculate the size of the alert box from the text
 78<h2>High-level alert functions</h2>
 80 The following functions provide shorthands for calling the above functions
 81with certain common combinations of parameters.<br>
 82 <dl>
 83  <dl>
 84    <dt><tt>note_alert(message,</tt> ...<tt>)</tt></dt>
 85    <dd>Equivalent to <tt>alert('note', message,</tt> ...<tt>)</tt>.</dd>
 86  </dl>
 88   <blockquote>     <dl>
 89    <dt><tt>stop_alert(message,</tt> ...<tt>)</tt></dt>
 90    <dd>Equivalent to <tt>alert('stop', message,</tt> ...<tt>)</tt>.</dd>
 91  </dl>
 92 </blockquote>
 93 <dl>
 94  <dl>
 95    <dt><tt>ask(message,</tt> ...<tt>)</tt></dt>
 96    <dd>Equivalent to <tt>alert2('query', message,</tt> ...<tt>)</tt>.</dd>
 97  </dl>
 99 <blockquote>     <dl>
100    <dt><tt>confirm(message,</tt> ...<tt>)</tt></dt>
101    <dd>Equivalent to <tt>alert2('caution', message,</tt> ...<tt>)</tt>.</dd>
102  </dl>
103 </blockquote>
104 <blockquote>     <dl>
105    <dt><tt>ask_or_cancel(message,</tt> ...<tt>)</tt></dt>
106    <dd>Equivalent to <tt>alert3('query', message,</tt> ...<tt>)</tt>.</dd>
107  </dl>
108 </blockquote>
109 <dl>
110  <dl>
111    <dt><tt>confirm_or_cancel(message,</tt> ...<tt>)</tt></dt>
112    <dd>Equivalent to <tt>alert3('caution', message,</tt> ...<tt>)</tt>.</dd>
113  </dl>
115   ---<br>
116 <br>