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 2  page.import({
 3    title   => "Disclaimer",
 4    section => 'home',
 5  });
 7[% page.head = BLOCK %]
 8<!-- Copyright Jarkko Hietaniemi 1998 All Rights Reserved -->
 9<!-- You may distribute this document either under the Artistic License
10     (comes with Perl) or the GNU Public License, whichever suits you.  -->
11[% END %]
13    CPAN: Disclaimer
16    CPAN makes no warranties, implied or otherwise, about the suitability of
17    the software contained within CPAN. CPAN shall not in any case be liable
18    for special, incidental, consequential, indirect or other similar damages
19    arising from the transfer, storage, or use of the material stored herein.
22    CPAN is maintained CPAN completely for free as a service to the Perl
23    community. Files uploaded to CPAN are NOT manually inspected. Of course we
24    will be very interested to hear if some file contains nasties like Trojan
25    horses and/or virii, but CPAN takes no responsibility for the contents of
26    CPAN or what they might do.
29    If you plan to do something commercial out of CPAN such as put it on a
30    CD-ROM disk, stop right there and think for a moment. We cannot give you
31    the permission. Larry Wall cannot give you the permission. There is no
32    single entity on this planet that can give you the permission. Legally
33    there is no other way than to ask separately from each and every author of
34    all the separate pieces of software and documentation in CPAN. No, we do
35    not maintain a list of these authors nor do we intend to. Nobody does and
36    nobody can. We are not stopping you from making a CD-ROM, just reminding
37    you.
40    No doubt these short documents raise more questions than they answer.
41    Please do not hesitate to contact us and point out where we could do
42    better.
45    <a href=""></a><br>