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Possible License(s): GPL-2.0, GPL-3.0, WTFPL
  1Txt2tags ChangeLog
  4  Version 2.6 (2010-11-05)
  5  ========================
  7* New target: art (ASCII Art).
  8* New target: adoc (AsciiDoc).
  9* New target: creole (Creole 1.0).
 10* New target: dbk (DocBook).
 11* New target: pmw (PmWiki).
 13* New mark: ''tagged'' for inline tagged text.
 14* New mark: ''' for blocks of tagged text.
 16* New option: --targets to list all the available targets.
 17* New option: --slides to format output as presentation slides (-t art).
 18* New option: --width to set the document's width (used by -t art).
 19* New option: --height to set the document's height (used by -t art).
 20* New option: --art-chars to set the ASCII Art decorations.
 21* New options (turn off): --no-slides, --no-targets.
 23* New command: %!csv to include an external CSV file as a table.
 25* HTML/XHTML: Removed those random <P></P> that used to appear on the output.
 26* HTML: Headers changed to avoid orphan tags when not using --css-sugar.
 27* HTML: Removed id="toc" from the toc DIV, but class="toc" still remains.
 28* LaTeX: New compact lists with no paragraph breaks between items.
 29* LaTeX: Added column span and cell alignment to tables.
 30* LaTeX: UTF-8 encoding is now correctly set as utf8 instead utf-8.
 31* Lout: Removed list indent to avoid gaps in text.
 32* Lout: Now paragraphs are allowed inside lists.
 33* Man: Removed indentation in verbatim blocks.
 35* i18n: Sample files converted to UTF-8.
 36* i18n: Manual Pages converted to UTF-8.
 37* i18n: All .po files converted to UTF-8.
 38* i18n: Added po/tools folder and po/stats.txt file.
 39* i18n: Added Basque translations.
 40* i18n: Added Ukrainian translations.
 41* Docs: the Manual Page was rewritten: now a reference not a guide.
 42* Docs: Markup Demo, Sample File, Manual Page translated to Basque.
 43* Docs: User Guide translated to Chinese (simplified).
 44* Docs: Sample File translated to Ukrainian.
 46* extras: Added syntax files for JOE, "ne", "le" text editors.
 47* extras: Added a txt2tags markup set for markItUp!
 48* extras: Added "dynartslides", a script to generate art slides dynamically.
 49* extras: Added the Cookbook to use txt2tags markup in a PmWiki website.
 50* extras: t2tmake.rb: Now compatible with ruby 1.9.
 51* extras: Improved txt2tags.vim, unhtml.vim and txt2tagsrc files.
 52* extras: Removed TextMate Bundle, it's already available at TextMate's SVN.
 54* PHP Web interface improved: targets in alphabetical order, new $dfttarget.
 55* Blank lines were added/removed to improve the generated code of all targets.
 56* No more several blank lines at the end of the document.
 57* Raw and tagged blocks are allowed inside paragraphs, they don't close it.
 58* If called with no arguments, don't load the Gui. Must use --gui to load it.
 59* The ":" char is now allowed in the query component of a URI (link).
 60* Added TOC formatting example in samples/module/ file.
 61* Test-suite: 256 tests. New modules: art, csv, include, includeconf, sample.
 62* Improved some error messages.
 63* Raise error when using (target) in %!target and %!includeconf.
 64* The program code is now cleaner/safer with the help of pychecker.
 65* Removed string module import: using foo.upper() instead string.upper(foo).
 66* Bugfix: Now -C,--config-file respects (target) in the config file settings.
 67* Bugfix: Now inline verbatim, raw and tagged marks are really mutually
 68  exclusive. No marks are interpreted inside them.
 70* IMPORTANT: This release requires Python 2.2 or newer. The only exception
 71  is the new %!csv command that requires Python 2.3 or newer.
 73* New website: - Thanks Florent Gallaire for the domain!
 75* This release was sponsored by Rubens Queiroz de Almeida.
 78  Version 2.5 (2008-07-26)
 79  ========================
 81* New target: wiki (Wikipedia)
 82* New target: gwiki (Google Code Wiki)
 83* New target: doku (DokuWiki)
 84* New mark -- for strikeout text, currently implemented for:
 85  html, xhtml, tex, wiki, gwiki, doku, moin
 86* New document: How to add a new target to txt2tags
 87* New tools: TextMate bundle, Gedit language file, gensite program
 88  (see 'extras' folder)
 90* Improved Unicode (UTF-8) support
 91* PHP Web interface rewrote: now configurable, clean and modular
 92* Moin target improved: added support for definition list and strong line
 93* LaTeX target improved: Added support for anchors and local links
 94* Lout target improved: Added support for anchors in titles
 95* Added PreProc sample on the samples/module/ file
 97* i18n: Added Finnish translations
 98* Docs: Sample file translated to Finnish
 99* Docs: Man Page translated to Chinese
100* Docs: Portuguese Man Page updated
102* Bugfix: Fixed title underline length on txt target for UTF-8 files
103* Bugfix: Fixed fatal error on sources files with UTF-8 encoding
105* IMPORTANT: Txt2tags is not compatible with old Python 1.5.2 anymore,
106  because Unicode strings were added in Python 2.0. If your Python is
107  older than 2.0, please use txt2tags version 2.4.
109* This release was sponsored by Dmitri Popov.
112  Version 2.4 (2006-12-24)
113  ========================
115* New mark %%% for commented blocks
116* The Style config now may be used multiple times (i.e. two CSS files)
117* Different list types on the same indent now forces previous to close
118* Empty anchor is now part of a link (i.e. foo.html#)
119* tex: Default headers cleanup, now it's minimalist
120* tex: Now limiting the maximum quote depth to six
121* tex: User-defined styles now overwrite default formatting on headers
122* (x)html: New header comment showing the CSS file path, when using
123  --css-inside
125* i18n: Added Chinese translations
127* Bugfix: xhtml: Fixed encoding declaration when using --css-sugar
128* Bugfix: (x)html: No empty <STYLE> tag on --css-inside when CSS file is missing
129* Bugfix: (x)html: Removed useless <P></P> after table followed by blank line
130* Bugfix: tex: Now removing .sty extension of user style files
131* Bugfix: Macro at line beginning now closes Quote
132* Bugfix: Verbatim and Raw areas are now mutually exclusive
133* Bugfix: Fixed protocol adding to uppercased URLs like WWW.FOO.COM
134* Bugfix: Fixed fatal error on macro after table (i.e. "| x |\n%%date")
135* Bugfix: Fixed fatal error on table inside deflist (i.e. ": | foo")
136* Bugfix: Fixed fatal error on empty table (i.e. "| |")
137* Bugfix: Fixed fatal error on malformed lists (i.e. ": foo\n- bar")
139* Raw doesn't close Quote anymore
140* Optimization changes made the program execution slightly faster
141* Unknown errors now sent to STDERR and exiting 1
142* Gui: Now using a green theme, following the new website colors
143* Test-suite with new modules and a total of 152 tests
144* Tarball clean up (less files, easier to generate and package)
145* Spell check and Capitalization on the code comments :)
148  Version 2.3 (2005-06-17)
149  ========================
151* New rule to allow COLSPAN in table cells (for HTML, XHTML)
152* New option --dump-source to show source file with t2t includes expanded
153* New options --config-file and -C to include an external config file
154* New options (turn off): --no-infile, --no-dump-config, --no-dump-source
155* New 'test' folder with the program test-suite
156* tex: FitV changed to FitH in hyperref package PDF settings
158* Docs: New "Markup Rules" document, obsoleting old RULES and Abuse Me docs
159* Docs: All documentation translated to French
160* Docs: Sample file translated to Hungarian
161* Docs: Sample file and Markup Demo translated to Chinese
162* Docs: Little fixes at the program man page and pt_BR.po potfile
164* Bugfix: Option --css-inside now working for xhtml target also
165* Bugfix: Macros names are case insensitive again (it was broken on v2.1)
166* Bugfix: Not dumping traceback when input file is empty
167* Bugfix: Now identifying invalid filter replacement (as \1 with no group)
168* Bugfix: Outfile buffer \n's expanded *before* postproc filters
169* Bugfix: Detection when %!includeconf is including itself (loop)
170* Bugfix: Module: Improved support, samples/module/* updated
171* Bugfix: Module: finish_him() has not module-aware
172* Bugfix: Module: Using %%mtime was dumping error
175  Version 2.2 (2004-12-30)
176  ========================
178* New target: lout (Lout document)
179* New option --css-inside to include the CSS file contents inside
180  HTML/XHTML headers
181* New T2TCONFIG environment variable to specify RC file location
182* The strong bar (===) now is mapped to a page break in paged targets
183* tex: Now links are blue and clickable on PDF, using 'hyperref' package
185* Debug messages revamped: categorized with IDs, background color setting
186* The --help message was improved with metavars (i.e. --target=TYPE)
187* The "wrote file" message now shows the full path if -o was used on
188  the command line
189* Module: New samples/module dir with sample Python scripts
190* Module: Better interface to use a string as a full marked file
191* Gui: Now all errors are printed *and* placed inside windows
193* i18n: Added French translations
194* i18n: Added German translations
195* i18n: Added Spanish translations
196* Docs: "Markup Demo" translated to portuguese
198* Bugfix: outfile location inside %!options now respects infile path
199* Bugfix: xhtml: now the enconding is defined on <?xml> tag, not <meta>
200* Bugfix: tex: not escaping the underscore char '_' on image paths anymore
201* Bugfix: Module: now raising exceptions on errors instead print/sys.exit
204  Version 2.1 (2004-11-13)
205  ========================
207* New %%toc macro to specify the TOC position
208* New %%infile and %%outfile macros, to get file information
209* New %%mtime macro, for source file modification time
210* New options -q and --quiet for quiet operation (no messages)
211* New extras/gvim-menu.vim file for the gVim text editor
213* Pre/Postproc regexes now compiled once (faster conversion!)
214* Now an empty item closes the current list
215* Option --toc-only now respecting --outfile (if any)
216* Tables with no "cellpadding" declaration when using --css-sugar
217* URL matcher: char "+" added on address and ";$" added for form data
218* The hyphen char "-" now can be used in anchors
219* Misspelled option--css-suggar changed to --css-sugar (both works now)
221* i18n: Added Italian translations
222* i18n: Added Hungarian translations
223* Docs: New "Markup Demo" document, which obsoleted old RULES file
224* Docs: New "Writing Books with Txt2tags" document
225* Docs: New "Reference Card" document in portuguese
226* Docs: New "FAQ" document in portuguese
227* Docs: User Guide revamped: new chapters and now is a PDF
228* Docs: Abuseme and sample files translated to Spanish
229* Docs: Fixed typo on the program manpage
231* Bugfix: Detecting when input file is empty (zero sized)
232* Bugfix: Now deals with user malformed list: sublist before list
233* Bugfix: Windows RC file directory now pointing to %homepath%
234* Bugfix: Maximize result window on Gui now working
235* Bugfix: A macro right after the headers begins Body
238  Version 2.0 (2004-07-25)
239  ========================
241* Program internationalized (i18n) and translated to Portuguese
242* New user configuration file ~/.txt2tagsrc
243* New mark """ for Raw Text Area
244* New %!includeconf command to insert external file config
245* New %!include: ""file"" command to include raw text
246* New pre-checking on Pre/Post Proc filters for regex errors
247* Graphical interface color configurable via %!guicolors
248* The program is now an importable Python module
249* Code changes to make pychecker happy (from 123 warnings to 10)
250* HTML and XHTML codes approved by w3c validator
251* New options: --dump-config, --debug, -v, --verbose, --encoding,
252  -i, --infile, --rc, --css-suggar
253* New options (turn off): --no-style, --no-toc, --no-toc-only,
254  --no-enum-title, --no-mask-email, --no-rc, --no-css-suggar,
255  --no-encoding, --no-infile, --no-outfile
257* Bugfix: fixed the program description on the documentation
258* Bugfix: sgml: removed useless <rowsep> from table last row
259* Bugfix: tex: now escaping correctly <, > and | chars
260* Bugfix: TOC and list errors when inverting order
261* New optional anchor specification for title: =title=[anchor]
262* New CSS sample files to help CSS beginners
263* New target: xhtml (XHTML page)
264* Tex: now using --style to load \usepackage modules
265* User Guide images on the tarball
267* Man target improved: added support for lists, quote and tables
268* Mgp target improved: image is now alignable
269* Moin target improved: added support for underline, quote, table
270  cell align, comment and TOC
271* Tex target improved: removed amssymb from headers, not breaking
272  pages anymore, mapping --style do \usepackage, using \clearpage,
273  image tag not using {figure} anymore
275* Graphical and web interfaces improved (blue theme)
276* Error messages improved and prefixed by txt2tags string
277* New rules for beautifiers: glued and greedy
278* Solo centered images now requires spaces on both sides
279* Added & to URL filename valid chars (~michaelreaves/D&Dpreface.html)
280* User config on source code for i18n, debug and HTML lowered tags
282* Old --type option changed to --target
283* Old --noheaders option changed to --no-headers
284* Old --enumtitle option changed to --enum-title
285* Old --maskemail option changed to --mask-email
286* Old --toclevel option changed to --toc-level
287* Old --toconly option changed to --toc-only
289* Old `pre` mark changed to ``pre``
290* Old ``raw`` mark changed to """"raw""""
291* Old --- mark changed to ``` for Verbatim Area
292* Old = term: mark changed to : term for definition list term
293* Old bolditalic mark removed, use **//bold+italic//** instead
295* Old %!cmdline config changed to %!target and %!options
296* Old %!include: `file.txt` changed to %!include: ``file.txt``
297  when including a text file
298* Old %!include: 'file.html' changed to %!include: ''file.html''
299  when including a tagged file
302  Version 1.7 (2003-11-30)
303  ========================
305* New %!include command to insert external files
306* Command line options errors now more descriptive
307* Regex errors now detected on Pre/Post proc filters
308* Program man page added to the tarball
309* Rewritten the Emacs syntax highlight file
311* Bugfix: moin: first level lists must have a leading space
312* Bugfix: man: headers using quotes
313* Bugfix: Footer composer on Windows was dumping error
314* Bugfix: Gui + STDOUT not showing %!postproc edits
317  Version 1.6 (2003-07-23)
318  ========================
320* New mark + for explicit numbered titles, +like this+
321* New %!preproc: and %!postproc: user defined filters
322* New %!key(target): optional format to apply a config to a target,
323  as in %!encoding(html): iso-8859-1
324* Removed accented letter from Author's name (newer Python complains about it)
325* Added separator blank line before and after titles for txt target
327* Bugfix: --toconly now respects --toclevel setting
328* Bugfix: no more double spaced lines on Windows
329* Bugfix: man: escaping \ with \e
330* Bugfix: man: escaping lines that begin with . and '
331* Bugfix: tex: solved lots of LaTeX special chars issues: ~ ^ \
332* Bugfix: tex: the _ char is now escaped on titles
333* Bugfix: html: escaping '--' on comment lines
334* Bugfix: html: <IMG ALIGN="middle"> (not "center")
335* Bugfix: html: closing <A NAME> tag with </A>
336* Bugfix: tex: now using \section* as the (unnumbered) title tag
337* Bugfix: tex: now respecting --enumtitle
339* Gui: now showing (and checking) %!cmdline contents (if any)
340* Gui: refresh checkboxes when a new file is loaded
341* Gui: accepts extra options when called via command line, example:
342  txt2tags --gui -n file.t2t
345  Version 1.5.1 (2003-05-14)
346  ==========================
348* Just a patch for v1.5, in which the GUI was broken
351  Version 1.5 (2003-05-09)
352  ========================
354* New %!cmdline: setting to specify a default command line
355* Target LaTeX now supporting images
356* New option -n, short for --enumtitle
357* New option -H, short for --noheaders
358* New options -o and --outfile to set the output filename
359  (Note: --stdout option now is deprecated by -o-)
360* New <!DOCTYPE> declaration on HTML target headers
361* Now the TODO file is public, included on the tarball
362* Some improvements on extras/unhtml.vim file
364* Syntax: Headers are parsed as plain text, except %%date
365* Syntax: Comma added as valid URL form data char
367* Bugfix: Masking of encoding name on tex was not working
368* Bugfix: \1, \2, \N special chars was not correctly escaped
369* Bugfix: '1linePre' regex was matching empty line as '--- '
370* Bugfix: Some targets don't support images as links
371* Bugfix: URL special chars was not escaped on Sgml target
372* Bugfix: Marks was being parsed on TOC items on man,pm6,moin,mgp,txt
373* Bugfix: Most targets don't support images as definition list term
374* Bugfix: Fixed escape char \ issues (now it is masked)
377  Version 1.4 (2003-02-18)
378  ========================
380* New table smart align for the full table (left,center)
381* New table smart align for each table cell (left,center,right)
382* New option --style and %!style: setting for doc style (like HTML CSS)
383* New option --toclevel to set the maximum TOC deepness
384* Syntax: now comment lines doesn't close tables
385* If no headers, now the title is left empty (no more "-NO TITLE-")
387* Bugfix: --maskemail was not working since v1.2  :/
388* Bugfix: \t,\n,\r & friends was parsed as specials inside tables
389* Bugfix: Paragraph+comment+blankline+paragraph was parsed as one
390  paragraph
393  Version 1.3 (2002-12-20)
394  ========================
396* New "Txt2tags User Guide" document
397* New mark "" for RAW strings (pass-thru txt2tags parsing)
398* New %!encoding: command to specify the document charset
399* New 'contrib' dir for user contributed stuff
400* Improvements on SGML target: now using <toc> and <descrip>
401* Added '$' and '@' chars to the URL matcher, so$99
403* Sanity: Removed from code structures marked as obsoleted on v1.1
404* Sanity: Removed \email{} tag from LaTeX headers. Using \url{}.
405* Sanity: \usepackage[latin1]{inputenc} is not default anymore on
406  LaTeX headers. If needed, use new encoding command.
408* Bugfix: LaTeX target added on the Web Interface menu
409* Bugfix: \n, \t and other special pairs escaped under `inline mono`
410* Bugfix: TOC anchor respecting maximum TOC level
411* Bugfix: Beautifiers not parsed on TOC items
412* Bugfix: Special chars not double escaped on TOC items
415  Version 1.2 (2002-12-03)
416  ========================
418* New target: tex (LaTeX document)
419* Now multiple source files can be specified on the command line
420  as txt2tags -t html *.t2t
421* URL matcher was improved and now gets valid insane paths as
422 and
423* Added a COPYING file on the tarball, with the GPL license
424* Added a handy unhtml.vim script to the extras directory, to
425  convert by brute force an HTML file to a txt2tags file on Vim.
426* Bugfix: Special chars escaped on link label
429  Version 1.1 (2002-11-06)
430  ========================
432* Images can now point to links, as: [[img.gif]]
433* New foldmethod=syntax rules on the Vim syntax file
434* Now any non-table line closes a table (blank line or not)
435* Begin of the major code-cleanup (aka complete rewrite)
437* Sanity: New RULE for headers: if the very first line of the file
438  is blank, this means 'this file has no header information'
439* Sanity: New comment char: % at the line beginning (no leading spaces!)
440* Sanity: Marks are not parsed on title lines
441* Sanity: // as comment mark is obsoleted, due conflicts with
442  italic mark. will be removed on version 1.3
443* Sanity: TAB-made tables are marked as obsoleted, will be removed on
444  version 1.3. Use the PIPE-made tables instead.
445* Sanity: Removed support for filename with spaces on the image mark,
446  due conflicts with named URL mark, [like this.gif]
447* New option --fixme (temporary) to update obsoleted structures and
448  automatically fix all this Sanity changes
450* Bugfix: --noheaders now act just as 'suppress headers from output',
451  and not 'treat headers as plain text'
452* Bugfix: Trailing . is now part of the URL when it contains anchor
453  location or form data (as #abc. and ?var=abc.)
454* Bugfix: Trailing / added to the URL matcher (as
455* Bugfix: Title with \ char now is correctly handled
458  Version 1.0 (2002-09-25)
459  ========================
461* New Graphical Tk Interface
462* Fixed target file format on Windows and Mac platforms
463* TOC deepness now is limited to level 3
464* RULES file sync'ed with actual rules (sorry!)
465* ChangeLog (this file) is now a txt2tags file
466* Added underscore char _ to anchor on URL regex
468* Bugfix: Closing any open list or table at EOF
469* Bugfix: HTML anchor name have no #
472  Version 0.9 (2002-08-23)
473  ========================
475* Now txt2tags is a 100% pure Python script. The bash part has gone
476  so now it runs nicely on MS Windows and other Python aware platforms
477* New options --toc and --toconly to generate Table Of Contents
478* Defined .t2t as the official txt2tags file extension
479* Txt.vim file renamed to txt2tags.vim, and added instructions
480* Now titles are underlined on target txt
481* Cmdline used to generate the document is inserted as a comment on it
482* Tarball reorganized, adding 'extras' and 'samples' directories
484* Bugfix: When all ok, force system exit status to 0
487  Version 0.8 (2002-07-03)
488  ========================
490* New abuseme.txt complex sample file (test-suite)
491* New smart image align feature for HTML (see abuseme.t2t)
492* New option --maskemail to hide email from SPAM robots
493* Table now can have border or no on HTML
494* Improvements on txt.vim syntax file, now colors works on gui also
495* Image mark can't accept filename with spaces (conflicts named link)
497* Bugfix: Parse more than one %%date on the same line
498* Bugfix: Special chars now escaped inside preformatted
499* Bugfix: Closing quote mark was kinda broken
502  Version 0.7 (2002-06-20)
503  ========================
505* New Emacs syntax highlight file for txt2tags rules
506* New mark : for definition lists (<DL> on HTML)
507* Now adding protocol to guessed link like
508* Explicit link mark changed from ["label" url] to [label url]
509  in other words, quotes are not necessary anymore
510* Image mark now correctly handles filenames with space for html
511* Corrected typos on sample.txt file
512* Named links now can point to local links as file.html, #anchor
513  and file.html#anchor
516  Version 0.6 (2002-04-10)
517  ========================
519* Tables are now supported for sgml and moin targets
520* New option --enumtitle to enumerate all titles as 1, 1.1, 1.1.1, etc
521* New mark ``+ `` for numbered list type for all targets
522* Better pre-formatted font escaping (won't parse marks)
523* URL matcher now supports login URLs
524  and filled emails
527  Version 0.5 (2002-03-22)
528  ========================
530* New handy Web interface to use it online (Internet or Intranet)
531* New option --noheaders to suppress headers information
532* Now it can read the marked text from STDIN (specify - as file)
533* Adapted to work on python old v1.5 also
536  Version 0.4 (2002-03-11)
537  ========================
539* New simple table support (just for HTML by now)
540* Fixed lots of bugs on the man target, now it's kinda usable
541* The preformatted line mark must have a space after the dashes: '--- '
542* The preformatted line now has leading spaces
543* New options -h, --help, -V and --version
544* URL matcher is smarter, supporting #local_anchors and ?form=data
547  Version 0.3 (2001-11-09)
548  ========================
550* New mark ["my label"] for explicit URL/email with label
551* Date macro now supports format string like %%date(%m/%d/%Y)
554  Version 0.2 (2001-10-01)
555  ========================
557* New target: man (UNIX man page)
558* Nice shell wrapper to deal with files/directories/options.
559  in fact, the python code is now "embedded" on the sh script.
560* New options --lang and --split (for sgml2html)
563  Version 0.1 (2001-07-26)
564  ========================
566* Initial release