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Possible License(s): GPL-2.0, GPL-3.0, WTFPL
  1. Txt2tags README File for Module Samples
  2. ---------------------------------------
  4. The files on this directory are samples of Python scripts
  5. using txt2tags as a module.
  6. They are useful for Python programmers that want to embed
  7. txt2tags functionality into their own programs.
  8. The samples show how to prepare the marked text, set some
  9. configurations, perform the conversion and handle
  10. exceptions. Well, the code talks for itself.
  11. To run this samples you must copy the txt2tags program to
  12. this directory (or make a symlink) named as ''.
  13. Then just do "python" command or similar.
  14. The author will be glad to know that you used txt2tags in
  15. your program. Mail him!