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 1READ_ME.txt file automatically created by the "eiffeltest" command of SmartEiffel.
 2(SmartEiffel is The GNU Eiffel Compiler, Eiffel tools and libraries.)
 4This "eiffeltest" directory is used by the "eiffeltest" command to store data or
 5informations about your Eiffel test directory.
 7Inside the "eiffeltest" directory, the "LOCK" file, when it exists, indicates that
 8some other "eiffeltest" process is still running. Actually, if you are sure that
 9there is no other "eiffeltest" in progress, just remove this "LOCK" file.
10Check the content of the "LOCK" file to know more about the other "eiffeltest"
11in progress.
13Ideally, in some "eiffeltest" directory, the "log.ref" file should be always
14identical with the "" file.
15The "log.ref" file is the reference log file (i.e. the manually checked/created one).
16The "" file is the latest automatically-generated log file.
17Please, note that when the "LOCK" file exists, the "" file is still under
20File "excluded.lst" must be manually created in order to exclude some action from
21the "" / "log.ref" file. This is useful when, for example, it takes too much
22time to run all tests of some directory or, for example, when one does not want to
23compile some Eiffel test code with all compilations modes.
24Each line of the "excluded.lst" file is a new entry which can exclude zero, one, or
25many actions from the log file.
26The easyest way to exclude one action from the log file is to copy the line of the
27action you want to avoid in the "excluded.lst". Just update your "excluded.lst"
28file and re-run again "eiffeltest" and the corresponding action won't be executed.
29Actually, as soon as an entry of "excluded.lst" is the prefix of an action, this
30action is excluded. Then one may exclude many actions with a single entry in file
31"excluded.lst" file. As an example, the line "se c -all_check" added in the
32"excluded.lst" file would avoid all compilations with the -all_check mode.
34Take the time to read carefully the content of the generated "" file and
35you'll learn a lot. See also the SmartEiffel/test_suite directory for examples.