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 1****** Error: In type BAD_GENERIC12, features "foo" and "bar"
 2come from the same original feature via multiple "insert" paths,
 3but none comes via an "inherit" path.
 4Below, you get the feature evolution step by step. Note that in
 5the end (type BAD_GENERIC12) there are two versions of the same
 6initial feature with two different names. To fix this, either
 7use enough "inherit" links in place of "insert" links to have
 8one "inherit" path or rename the feature to get the same name
 9in BAD_GENERIC12 type.
11First "insert" path (from parent to child):
12   `print_on' in ANY
13      inserted as `foo' in BAD_GENERIC12
15Second "insert" path (from parent to child):
16   `print_on' in ANY
17      inserted as `bar' in BAD_GENERIC12
20****** Fatal Error: Correct the previous error first.