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 1****** Warning: Actually, `Void' has no accurate type. Keep in
 2mind that `Void' is just a way to denote the default value for
 3a type or to denote the lack of an object. One can use `Void'
 4as the right-hand-side of an assignment or to replace some actual
 5argument. (See ""
 6for details.) At time being, the type ANY will be used for this
 7occurrence `Void'. Please update your code with a more accurate
 8expression, may be by adding an extra non-initialized local variable.
10Line 14 column 16 in BAD_VOID2 (/home/et/Liberty/test/language/error_warning_msg/bad_void2.e):
11         c := [Void]
12               ^    
14****** Warning: Using `Void' as an item of a manifest TUPLE is
15not good practice because `Void' has no accurate type. You can
16work around by using an extra non-initialized local variable of
17some accurate type. Another work around is to use an explicit
18creation of the TUPLE. As an example `create {TUPLE[STRING,ANY]}.make_2(Void,Void)'
19can be used to create a TUPLE[STRING,ANY] with default values.
21Line 14 column 16 in BAD_VOID2 (/home/et/Liberty/test/language/error_warning_msg/bad_void2.e):
22         c := [Void]
23               ^    
25****** Fatal Error:  Bad assignment. Cannot assign `[Void]' which
26is of type TUPLE[ANY] into `c' which is of type TUPLE[STRING].
28The source lines relevant to this message are the following:
30Line 14 columns 10, 15 in BAD_VOID2 (/home/et/Liberty/test/language/error_warning_msg/bad_void2.e):
31         c := [Void]
32         ^    ^