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 1This project was branched from Android 2.3's Latin IME package. It has been
 2modified to exist in the com.googlecode.eyesfree namespace and to support
 3Android's built-in accessibility features.
 6To build this project's APK, you must first build its native libraries:
 7  1. Install Android NDK r4 or greater
 8  2. Run ndk-build from the project directory
 9  3. (Eclipse only) Refresh the project's libs folder
11To regenerate this projects's ant build files, run:
12  android update project --name latinime --target android-8 --path <project-path>
14To clone the current Latin IME tree, install git, and run:
15git clone git://
17Last updated February 3, 2011 by Alan Viverette <>