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 1<?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8"?>
 3    <string name="tutorial_name">Eyes-Free keyboard tutorial</string>
 4    <string name="tutorial_continue">Continue</string>
 5    <string name="tutorial_continue_hint">Click to move to the next lesson.</string>
 6    <string name="tutorial_previous">Go back</string>
 7    <string name="tutorial_previous_hint">Click to go back to the previous lesson.</string>
 8    <string name="tutorial_skip">Skip to first lesson</string>
 9    <string name="tutorial_skip_hint">Click to skip setting your default input method.</string>
10    <string name="tutorial_exit">Finish</string>
11    <string name="tutorial_exit_hint">Click to finish and exit the tutorial.</string>
12    <string name="tutorial_speak_text">Speak text</string>
13    <string name="tutorial_instructions">Instructions</string>
14    <string name="tutorial_first_time">It looks like this is your first time using the Eyes-Free keyboard. Would you like to run the tutorial?\n\nYou can also run the tutorial later from the Eyes-Free keyboard settings screen.</string>
16    <!-- Lessons list -->
17    <string name="tutorial_lessons_title">Available lessons</string>
18    <string name="no_lessons_available">No lessons available</string>
20    <!-- Custom components -->
21    <declare-styleable name="ContentButton">
22        <attr name="tooltip" format="string" />    
23    </declare-styleable>
25    <!-- Lesson 1: Introduction -->
26    <string name="tutorial_1_title">Welcome to the Eyes-Free Eyes-Free keyboard tutorial</string>
27    <string name="tutorial_1_message_1">Welcome to the Eyes-Free Eyes-Free keyboard tutorial.</string>
28    <string name="tutorial_1_message_2">In this tutorial, you will have the opportunity to learn about and practice using the Eyes-Free keyboard\'s navigation and editing features.</string>
29    <string name="tutorial_1_message_3">Click the Continue button at the bottom-right of the screen to start the first lesson.</string>
31    <!-- Lesson 2: Virtual D-Pad -->
32    <string name="tutorial_2_title">Using the virtual D-pad</string>
33    <string name="tutorial_2_message_1">When activated, the Eyes-Free keyboard provides a virtual directional pad on the bottom one-third of the screen.</string>
34    <string name="tutorial_2_message_2">In this area, you can flick one finger up, down, left, or right to simulate directional pad presses.</string>
35    <string name="tutorial_2_message_3">You can also tap the virtual d-pad area to simulate a center click.</string>
36    <string name="tutorial_2_message_4">The virtual d-pad has been opened for you below. Use flick and tap gestures to select the button labeled \"First\".</string>
37    <string name="tutorial_2_first">First</string>
38    <string name="tutorial_2_third">Third</string>
39    <string name="tutorial_2_second">Second</string>
40    <string name="tutorial_2_first_selected">\"First\" button selected. Now flick right to select the button labeled \"Second\".</string>
41    <string name="tutorial_2_second_selected">\"Second\" button selected. Tap once to click the button.</string>
42    <string name="tutorial_2_second_tapped">\"Second\" button clicked. Good. If you swipe your finger above the d-pad area, you will hear a a sound to let you know you\'ve traveled too far.</string>
43    <string name="tutorial_2_second_tapped_2">Place your finger in the d-pad area and drag up until you hear a tick.</string>
44    <string name="tutorial_2_left_dpad">Keep your finger on the screen and drag back down into the d-pad area until you hear another tick.</string>
45    <string name="tutorial_2_entered_dpad">You\'re back in the d-pad area. At the corners of this area are, in clockwise order from the top left, buttons for Back, Home, Search, and Menu.</string>
46    <string name="tutorial_2_dpad_buttons">Drag your finger to the bottom-right corner of the d-pad area to find the Search button, then lift your finger to click it.</string>
47    <string name="tutorial_2_search_pressed">Good. Practice exploring the screen using flick gestures. When you\'re ready to move on, find and click the \"Continue\" button.</string>
49    <!-- Lesson 3: Speaking Keyboard -->
50    <string name="tutorial_3_title">Typing with the keyboard</string>
51    <string name="tutorial_3_message_1">At any time, you can press and hold the volume up button to cycle from navigating to typing mode.</string>
52    <string name="tutorial_3_message_2">The editable text area at the top of the screen has been selected for you. Press and hold the volume up button to switch to typing mode.</string>
53    <string name="tutorial_3_wrong_mode">You\'ve entered hidden mode by pressing volume down. Press it again to cycle to typing mode and continue the tutorial.</string>
54    <string name="tutorial_3_message_3">Notice how the phone says \"typing\" to announce that the directional pad has changed to a keyboard.</string>
55    <string name="tutorial_3_message_4">In typing mode, you can slide a finger around the keyboard to find a letter, then lift to type that letter.</string>
56    <string name="tutorial_3_message_5">Try typing \"hello\" by sliding your finger around the keyboard and lifting your finger to enter keys.</string>
57    <string name="tutorial_3_hello_ok">Place your finger on the keyboard and slide up to the top half of the screen to hear what you have typed.</string>
58    <string name="tutorial_3_read_back">When your finger leaves the keyboard area, you can lift your finger without typing a key. Try lifting your finger now.</string>
59    <string name="tutorial_3_finger_lifted">When you\'re comfortable typing, use the right flick gesture in the keyboard area to move outside of the text area and continue.</string>
60    <string name="tutorial_3_outside">If you press and hold the volume up button again, you can hide the keyboard to show the full screen. Try hiding the keyboard now.</string>
61    <string name="tutorial_3_mode_hidden">Now press and hold the volume up button again to cycle back around to navigating mode.</string>
62    <string name="tutorial_3_mode_navigating">The virtual directional pad is now open. Use it to click the \"Continue\" button when you\'re ready to move on.</string>
63    <string name="tutorial_3_text_hello">hello</string>
65    <!-- Lesson 4: Text Navigation -->
66    <string name="tutorial_4_title">Navigating with the keyboard</string>
67    <string name="tutorial_4_message_1">When editing text, you can use left and right flick gestures to move the cursor forward and backward by single characters.</string>
68    <string name="tutorial_4_message_2">The editable text area at the top of the screen has been filled and activated for you. Try flicking to move forward and backward by character.</string>
69    <string name="tutorial_4_character_ok">The Eyes-Free keyboard also allows you to move by larger units of text. Tap using two fingers to switch to word navigation.</string>
70    <string name="tutorial_4_word_mode">When word navigation is set, flicking left and right will move by words. Try flicking right twice to move two words to the right.</string>
71    <string name="tutorial_4_word_ok">Double-tap using two fingers to go back to character navigation mode.</string>
72    <string name="tutorial_4_char_mode">You\'ve completed the last lesson. When you\'re confident navigating text, find and click the \"Finish\" button.</string>
73    <string name="tutorial_4_text">This is sample text.</string>
75    <string name="boot_activity_name">Loading keyboard...</string>
77    <!-- DefaultIMEWizard resources -->
78    <string name="wizard_name">Eyes-Free Keyboard Wizard</string>
79    <string name="need_accessibility_title">Enable Accessibility</string>
80    <string name="need_accessibility_message">Accessibility must be enabled to use the Eyes-Free keyboard. Please enable an Accessibility service in the Settings application.</string>
81    <string name="need_accessibility_positive">Accessibility Settings</string>
82    <string name="need_enable_title">Enable Input Method</string>
83    <string name="need_enable_message">The Eyes-Free keyboard must be enabled and set as your default input method. Please enable the keyboard in the Settings application.</string>
84    <string name="need_enable_positive">Input Method Settings</string>
85    <string name="need_default_title">Set Default Input Method</string>
86    <string name="need_default_message">The Eyes-Free keyboard must be set as your default input method. Please set it as your default keyboard.</string>
87    <string name="need_default_positive">Input Method Picker</string>
88    <string name="wizard_failed_title">Setup Wizard Failed</string>
89    <string name="wizard_failed_message">Sorry, the setup wizard failed to open Eyes-Free keyboard.</string>