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 1This directory contains all of the native code necessary for speech
 2synthesis on Android.
 4The external/espeak directory contains a port of espeak, a free tts engine.
 5Very little is changed - a build file ( is provided, wide
 6characters are disabled, and a few advanced pthread features (not needed)
 7are commented out.
 9The frameworks/tts directory contains a C library and build files that
10create a JNI shared library allowing you to call espeak from Java.
11The corresponding Java class that works with this JNI code is found in
12the top-level of eyes-free in: tts/src/com/google/tts/
14To compile the code here, you will need to download the latest Android
15source code from git - note that this is not the SDK, but the entire
16source package.  See the instructions here:
20Follow the instructions and complete a full build of Android before
23Copy external/espeak to the "external" directory in the Android source, copy frameworks/tts to the "frameworks" directory in the Android source, then create
24a java directory under frameworks/tts and copy (from
25MY_SVN_DIRECTORY/tts/src/com/google/tts) into frameworks/tts/java.
26To recompile just those directories, assuming you have run
27"source build/" in your bash shell, you an just type:
29  mmm external/espeak
31  mmm frameworks/tts
33When you're done, you'll get this file:
35  out/target/product/generic/system/lib/
37Copy this file to tts/libs/armeabi. 
39In order to make use of this file, you will need to make sure that libs/armeabi/ is copied into your apk before it is signed.
40As of the Cupcake SDK (SDK 1.5), any .so files under libs/armeabi will be
41picked up and packed automatically when building with the default ant scripts
42generated by the Android SDK.