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#! | 682 lines | 682 code | 0 blank | 0 comment | 0 complexity | c72b1157c3adc1795c6fdc3a77bd4d70 MD5 | raw file
  1# This file lists the type of data that has been compiled into the
  2# phondata file
  4# The first character of a line indicates the type of data:
  5#   S - A SPECT_SEQ structure
  6#   W - A wavefile segment
  7#   E - An envelope
  9# Address is the displacement within phondata of this item
 11#  Address  Data file
 12#  -------  ---------
 13W  0x00004  ustop/null
 14S  0x0029c  vowel/@
 15S  0x00324  vowel/@-
 16W  0x003ac  ustop/percus10
 17S  0x005b8  j/j@
 18S  0x0066c  j2/j2@
 19S  0x006f4  w/w@
 20S  0x0077c  l/l@
 21S  0x00804  l^/j2@
 22S  0x0088c  r/r@
 23S  0x00914  r2/r2@
 24S  0x0099c  m/m@
 25S  0x00a50  n/n@
 26S  0x00b04  nn/nn@
 27S  0x00b8c  n^/n^@
 28S  0x00c98  l/L1_@L
 29S  0x00d4c  l/L2_@L
 30S  0x00e00  l/xl
 31S  0x00e5c  w/xw
 32S  0x00eb8  j/xj
 33S  0x00f14  r/xr
 34S  0x00f70  r3/r_@
 35S  0x00ff8  j/ja
 36S  0x010ac  j2/j2a
 37S  0x01134  w/wa
 38S  0x011bc  l/la
 39S  0x01218  l^/j2a
 40S  0x012a0  r/ra
 41S  0x01328  r2/r2a
 42S  0x013b0  m/ma
 43S  0x01464  n/na
 44S  0x01518  nn/nna
 45S  0x015a0  n^/n^a
 46S  0x01680  l/L1_aL
 47S  0x01734  l/L2_aL
 48S  0x017e8  r3/r_a
 49S  0x01870  j/je
 50S  0x01924  j2/j2e
 51S  0x019ac  w/we
 52S  0x01a34  l/le
 53S  0x01a90  l^/j2e
 54S  0x01b18  r/re
 55S  0x01ba0  r2/r2e
 56S  0x01c54  m/me
 57S  0x01d08  n/ne
 58S  0x01dbc  nn/nne
 59S  0x01e44  n^/n^e
 60S  0x01f50  l/L1_eL
 61S  0x01fd8  l/L2_eL
 62S  0x02060  r3/r_e
 63S  0x020e8  j/ji
 64S  0x02170  j2/j2i
 65S  0x021f8  w/wi
 66S  0x02280  l/li
 67S  0x02308  l^/j2i
 68S  0x02390  r/ri
 69S  0x02418  r2/r2i
 70S  0x024a0  m/mi
 71S  0x02580  n/ni
 72S  0x02634  nn/nni
 73S  0x026bc  n^/n^i
 74S  0x027c8  l/L1_iL
 75S  0x0287c  l/L2_iL
 76S  0x02930  nn/inn
 77S  0x029b8  j2/xj2
 78S  0x02a14  r3/r_i
 79S  0x02a9c  j/jo
 80S  0x02b7c  j2/j2o
 81S  0x02c30  w/wo
 82S  0x02cb8  l/lo
 83S  0x02d6c  l^/j2o
 84S  0x02e20  r/ro
 85S  0x02ea8  r2/r2o
 86S  0x02f30  m/mo
 87S  0x02fe4  n/no
 88S  0x03098  nn/nno
 89S  0x03120  n^/n^o
 90S  0x03258  l/L1_oL
 91S  0x03338  l/L2_oL
 92S  0x03418  r3/r_o
 93S  0x034a0  j/ju
 94S  0x03528  j2/j2u
 95S  0x035b0  w/wu
 96S  0x03638  l/lu
 97S  0x036c0  l^/j2u
 98S  0x03748  r/ru
 99S  0x037d0  r2/r2u
100S  0x03858  m/mu
101S  0x0390c  n/nu
102S  0x039c0  nn/nnu
103S  0x03a48  n^/n^u
104S  0x03b54  l/L1_uL
105S  0x03c08  l/L2_uL
106S  0x03cbc  r3/r_u
107S  0x03d44  r/r
108S  0x03dcc  r/_r
109S  0x03e54  r/tr
110S  0x03eb0  r/r_
111S  0x03f90  r3/r_
112W  0x03fec  r3/rx
113S  0x05344  r3/r_n
114S  0x053a0  r/rr
115S  0x05428  r/trr
116S  0x054b0  r2/_r2
117S  0x05538  r3/r_trill2
118W  0x055c0  r3/r_trill2.wav
119S  0x05ccc  r3/r_trill
120W  0x05d80  r3/r_trill.wav
121W  0x067ec  r3/r_trill3.wav
122S  0x06c30  l/l
123S  0x06c8c  l/_l
124S  0x06d14  l/tl
125S  0x06d70  l/l_long
126S  0x06dcc  l/l_
127S  0x06e28  l^/l^
128S  0x06edc  l^/_l^
129S  0x06f90  w/w
130S  0x06fec  w/_w
131S  0x07074  w/w_
132S  0x070d0  j/_j
133S  0x0712c  j/j_
134S  0x071b4  j2/_j2
135S  0x07210  m/_m
136S  0x0726c  m/m_
137S  0x072f4  m/mj
138S  0x0737c  n/_n
139S  0x073d8  n/n_
140S  0x07460  n/nj
141S  0x074e8  n/_nr
142S  0x07544  n/nr_
143S  0x075cc  n^/_n^
144S  0x07628  n^/n^_
145S  0x07708  nn/_nn
146S  0x07764  nn/nn_
147S  0x077ec  nn/nnj
148S  0x07848  r3/@tap
149S  0x07928  r3/@tap2
150S  0x07a08  b/b
151W  0x07abc  x/b
152S  0x07c20  b/b_
153W  0x07ca8  x/b_
154S  0x084d4  b/ba
155S  0x08588  b/b@
156S  0x0863c  b/be
157S  0x086f0  b/bi
158S  0x087a4  b/bo
159S  0x08858  b/bu
160S  0x0890c  b/b@2
161S  0x089c0  b/xb
162S  0x08a48  d/d
163W  0x08ad0  x/d
164S  0x08cec  d/d_
165W  0x08d74  x/d_
166S  0x0919c  d/dr
167S  0x091f8  d/xd
168W  0x09280  x/d_dnt
169S  0x09564  d/tap3
170S  0x09618  d/tap1
171S  0x096a0  dzh/dzh
172W  0x09728  x/dzh
173S  0x09b34  dzh/dzh_
174W  0x09bbc  x/dzh_
175S  0x0a5f4  dzh/xdzh
176W  0x0a67c  x/dz_pzd
177S  0x0aadc  dzh/dz_pzd
178S  0x0ab64  dzh/dz_pzd_
179S  0x0abec  dzh/xdz_pzd
180S  0x0ac74  g/g
181W  0x0acfc  x/g2
182S  0x0af84  g/g_
183W  0x0b00c  x/g_
184S  0x0b3cc  g/xg
185S  0x0b454  g2/g
186W  0x0b4dc  x/g2_
187S  0x0b89c  g2/g_
188S  0x0b924  g2/xg
189S  0x0b9ac  voc/bh
190W  0x0ba34  vocw/v
191S  0x0cc30  voc/v_
192S  0x0ccb8  voc/v
193S  0x0cd6c  voc/vj
194S  0x0cdf4  voc/dh
195W  0x0ce7c  vocw/dh
196S  0x0d784  voc/dh_
197S  0x0d80c  voc/z
198W  0x0d894  ufric/s_
199S  0x0e348  voc/z_
200S  0x0e3d0  voc/zh
201W  0x0e458  vocw/zh
202S  0x0edc0  voc/zh_
203W  0x0ee48  vocw/zh_rfx
204S  0x0f6d8  voc/z_pzd
205W  0x0f760  ufric/s_pzd
206S  0x10098  voc/z_pzd_
207W  0x10120  ufric/s_pzd_
208W  0x10c24  ufric/sh_pzd
209W  0x11558  ufric/sh_pzd_
210S  0x12020  voc/j
211W  0x120d4  ufric/ch
212S  0x129fc  voc/Q
213W  0x12a84  vocw/Q
214S  0x13290  voc/Q_
215W  0x13318  vocw/Q_
216W  0x13b24  ustop/p
217W  0x13e94  ustop/p_
218W  0x146a4  ustop/pr
219W  0x14aec  ustop/p_unasp
220W  0x14e18  ustop/pl
221W  0x15210  ustop/t
222W  0x15644  ustop/t_
223W  0x15b04  ustop/t_dnt
224W  0x15f14  ustop/tr
225W  0x16674  ustop/tsh
226W  0x16cb4  ustop/tsh_
227W  0x175f4  ustop/ts_pzd
228W  0x17cf8  ustop/c
229W  0x17fa8  ustop/ki
230W  0x18570  ustop/k
231W  0x18a44  ustop/k_
232W  0x18f00  ustop/kr
233W  0x19540  ustop/k_unasp
234W  0x19a14  ustop/kl
235W  0x1a044  ustop/q
236W  0x1a1b0  ustop/q_u
237W  0x1a2d0  ufric/f
238W  0x1aac0  ufric/f_
239W  0x1c058  ufric/th
240W  0x1c8f0  ufric/th_
241W  0x1d170  ufric/s
242W  0x1d910  ufric/s!
243W  0x1e1c0  ufric/sh
244W  0x1eb70  ufric/sh_
245W  0x1f620  ufric/sh_rfx
246W  0x1ffbc  ufric/ll
247W  0x20a00  ufric/x
248W  0x21364  h/h_
249W  0x21a10  h/h@
250W  0x21f64  h/ha
251W  0x225e0  h/he
252W  0x22c74  h/hi
253W  0x2320c  h/ho
254W  0x238c8  h/hu
255S  0x23fec  vowel/a_2
256S  0x240a0  vowel/a#
257S  0x24154  vowel/e
258S  0x24208  vowel/ee_1
259S  0x242e8  vowel/i
260S  0x2439c  vowel/o
261S  0x2447c  vowel/oo_4
262S  0x24530  vowel/u_bck
263S  0x245e4  vowel/uu_2
264S  0x24698  vdiph/au_4
265S  0x247a4  vdiph/eu
266S  0x24884  vdiph2/iu
267S  0x24990  vdiph/ai
268S  0x24a70  vdiph/ei
269S  0x24b50  vdiph/eei
270S  0x24c5c  vdiph/oi
271S  0x24d94  vdiph/ui
272S  0x24e74  w/w2
273W  0x24efc  ustop/p_unasp_
274W  0x25038  ustop/ts
275S  0x25a94  vwl_en/@L
276S  0x25b1c  vowel/a_en
277S  0x25bd0  vowel/a#_3
278S  0x25c58  vowel/ee_2
279S  0x25ce0  vowel/ii_4
280S  0x25d94  vowel/ii_en
281S  0x25e1c  vowel/0
282S  0x25ea4  vowel/V_2
283S  0x25f58  vowel/uu
284S  0x2600c  vowel/aa_2
285S  0x26118  vowel/3_en
286S  0x261f8  vowel/i_en
287S  0x262d8  w/wi2
288S  0x2638c  vowel/oo_en
289S  0x2646c  vdiph2/uw_2
290S  0x2654c  vwl_en/u_L
291S  0x2662c  vdiph/au
292S  0x26738  vdiph/@u_en
293S  0x26844  vdiph/ai_en2
294S  0x2697c  vdiph/ooi
295S  0x26ab4  vdiph2/ii@
296S  0x26bc0  vdiph2/uu@
297S  0x26ca0  vwl_en/aI@
298S  0x26dd8  vwl_en/aU@
299S  0x26ee4  vowelr/V_r
300S  0x26fc4  vowelr/V3_r
301S  0x270a4  vnasal/aa_n2
302S  0x27184  vnasal/ee_n
303S  0x27264  vnasal/oo_n
304S  0x27318  vowel/y
305S  0x273f8  vowel/y#
306S  0x274ac  vowel/oe
307S  0x27534  vowel/a
308S  0x275e8  vowel/ee_6
309S  0x27670  vowel/0_2
310S  0x27724  vowel/o-_2
311S  0x277d8  vowel/uu_bck
312S  0x2788c  vowel/aa_5
313S  0x2796c  vwl_en_n/aa_5
314S  0x27a4c  vowel/3_2
315S  0x27b2c  vowel/oo_1
316S  0x27c0c  vwl_en_n/O@
317S  0x27cc0  vdiph2/uw_4
318S  0x27da0  vwl_en_n/u_
319S  0x27e80  vdiph/eeu_3
320S  0x27f60  vowel/o_4
321S  0x28014  vdiph/ae_2
322S  0x28120  vdiph2/i@
323S  0x2822c  vwl_en_us/3_us
324S  0x282e0  vowel/@_6
325S  0x28368  vwl_en_us/a
326S  0x2841c  vnasal/ee_n2
327S  0x284fc  vwl_en_us/ee
328S  0x285b0  vowel/ii_final
329S  0x28664  vowel/aa_8
330S  0x28718  vowel/V_6
331S  0x287cc  vowel/8_2
332S  0x28880  vwl_en_us/ar
333S  0x28960  vwl_en_us/3_us2
334S  0x28a40  vowel/aa_4
335S  0x28af4  vwl_en_us/or
336S  0x28bd4  vwl_en_us/oor
337S  0x28cb4  vdiph2/uw
338S  0x28d94  vdiph/aoo
339S  0x28e74  vdiph/8u
340S  0x28f54  vdiph/aae
341S  0x2908c  vdiph2/ei_4
342S  0x2916c  vdiph/ooi_4
343S  0x2924c  vwl_en_us/er
344S  0x2932c  vwl_en_us/ir
345S  0x2940c  vwl_en_us/ur
346S  0x294ec  vwl_en_us/ai@
347S  0x295f8  d/tap2
348S  0x29680  d/x_tap
349S  0x29708  vowel/@_3
350S  0x29790  vowel/V
351S  0x29844  vowel/a_3
352S  0x298f8  vowel/e_e
353S  0x299ac  vowel/e#
354S  0x29a60  vowel/e_5
355S  0x29b14  vowel/oo_2
356S  0x29bc8  vowel/V_4
357S  0x29c7c  vowel/u#_4
358S  0x29d30  vowelr/aa_r
359S  0x29e68  vdiph2/e@
360S  0x29f48  vowel/i_5
361S  0x29ffc  vowel/oo
362S  0x2a0b0  vowelr/oo_r
363S  0x2a164  vowelr/o_r
364S  0x2a270  vowel/0_3
365S  0x2a324  vowel/u#
366S  0x2a3d8  vdiph/au#
367S  0x2a4b8  vowel/o_3
368S  0x2a56c  vdiph/ai_7
369S  0x2a678  vwl_en/aI@_2
370S  0x2a784  vwl_en/@L_2
371S  0x2a838  vowel/e_2
372S  0x2a8ec  vdiph/0i_2
373S  0x2a9f8  vowelr/i_r
374S  0x2aad8  vdiph2/u#@
375S  0x2abb8  vowel/@_low
376S  0x2ac40  vowel/&
377S  0x2acf4  vowel/e_mid
378S  0x2ada8  vowel/ii
379S  0x2ae5c  vowel/i#
380S  0x2af10  vowel/V_3
381S  0x2af98  vowel/o-_3
382S  0x2b04c  vwl_en_rp/aa
383S  0x2b12c  vowel/3_3
384S  0x2b20c  vowel/i_2
385S  0x2b2c0  vowel/u_fnt
386S  0x2b374  vdiph/au_3
387S  0x2b480  vdiph/@u_2
388S  0x2b560  vdiph/ai_6
389S  0x2b698  vdiph/eei_3
390S  0x2b778  vdiph/ooi_3
391S  0x2b884  vwl_en_rp/e@
392S  0x2b964  vwl_en_rp/i@
393S  0x2ba70  vwl_en_rp/oo
394S  0x2bb24  vwl_en_rp/aU@
395S  0x2bc30  vowel/ii_6
396S  0x2bcb8  vdiph2/ei_3
397S  0x2bd98  vdiph/@u
398S  0x2be78  vdiph/Vu_2
399S  0x2bf84  vdiph/@i_3
400S  0x2c064  vdiph2/i@_2
401S  0x2c170  vwl_en/ooi@
402S  0x2c2a8  vowel/@_fnt
403S  0x2c35c  vowel/ii_5
404S  0x2c410  vowel/aa#
405S  0x2c4c4  vowel/i_fnt
406S  0x2c578  vdiph2/o_oo
407S  0x2c658  vowel/u
408S  0x2c70c  vdiph/aau_2
409S  0x2c7ec  vdiph2/ie
410S  0x2c8cc  vwl_af/@
411S  0x2c954  vwl_af/r@
412S  0x2c9dc  vowel/e_mid2
413S  0x2ca90  vwl_af/I
414S  0x2cb18  vowel/oo_3
415S  0x2cba0  vowel/uu_3
416S  0x2cc28  vowel/ee_3
417S  0x2ccb0  l/L_eL_af
418S  0x2cd38  vowel/aa_3
419S  0x2cdec  vdiph/i@_2
420S  0x2cef8  vowel/i_3
421S  0x2cfac  vdiph2/o@
422S  0x2d0b8  vowel/y_3
423S  0x2d16c  vdiph2/iu_3
424S  0x2d2a4  vdiph/Vu
425S  0x2d3b0  vdiph/ai_4
426S  0x2d4bc  vdiph/aai_2
427S  0x2d5f4  vdiph/@i_2
428S  0x2d6d4  vdiph/ooi_2
429S  0x2d7e0  vdiph/oi_2
430S  0x2d918  vdiph/ui_2
431S  0x2da24  vdiph/y#y_2
432S  0x2db30  vdiph2/y#@
433S  0x2dc10  vnasal/aa_n3
434S  0x2dcf0  vnasal/e_n
435S  0x2dda4  vnasal/o_n2
436W  0x2de84  ufric/x2
437S  0x2e7dc  vowel/ii_3
438S  0x2e890  vowel/ii#
439S  0x2e944  vowel/o_2
440S  0x2ea24  vdiph/ai_2
441S  0x2eb5c  vdiph2/iu_4
442S  0x2ec3c  vdiph/ui_3
443S  0x2ed48  vowel/aa_6
444S  0x2ee28  vdiph/ai_5
445S  0x2ef08  vowel/yy_4
446S  0x2efbc  l/l_3
447S  0x2f018  j/_j_short
448S  0x2f074  vdiph/eei_2
449S  0x2f154  vowelr/r-voc
450S  0x2f234  vwl_hi/l-voc
451S  0x2f2e8  vowel/i_4
452S  0x2f39c  vowel/aa
453S  0x2f450  vowel/u_2
454S  0x2f504  vowel/uu_4
455S  0x2f5b8  vdiph/aai_3
456S  0x2f6c4  vdiph/&i
457S  0x2f7a4  vdiph/y#i
458S  0x2f884  vdiph/yi
459S  0x2f964  vdiph/aau
460S  0x2fa70  vdiph/ou
461S  0x2fb50  vdiph/eu_2
462S  0x2fc30  vdiph2/iu_2
463S  0x2fd3c  vdiph/&y
464S  0x2fe1c  vdiph/eey
465S  0x2fefc  vdiph/y#y
466S  0x2ffdc  vdiph2/iy
467S  0x300bc  vdiph2/uo
468S  0x3019c  vdiph2/y-y#
469W  0x3027c  ufric/s_continue
470W  0x30a2c  h/hu_fi
471S  0x3131c  vowel/@_hgh
472S  0x313a4  vowel/@_fr
473S  0x3142c  vowel/a_5
474S  0x314e0  vowel/o_mid
475S  0x31594  vowel/u_3
476S  0x31648  vowel/y_2
477S  0x31728  vowel/@_5
478S  0x317b0  vwl_fr/w_a
479S  0x31890  vdiph/yi_fr
480S  0x3199c  vnasal/W_n
481S  0x31a7c  vnasal/o_n3
482S  0x31b30  vwl_fr/@R3
483S  0x31bb8  r3/r_2
484W  0x31c14  ustop/t_short
485S  0x31e58  vowel/yy
486S  0x31f0c  vdiph/ae
487S  0x31fec  vwl_fr/@R2
488S  0x320a0  vowel/@_bck
489S  0x32154  vdiph/ee-e
490S  0x32234  vwl_hi/A
491S  0x322e8  vnasal/o_n
492S  0x323c8  vnasal/oo_n2
493S  0x324a8  vnasal/u_n
494S  0x3255c  vdiph/aau_3
495S  0x32668  l^/l_rfx
496W  0x326f0  ustop/t_hi
497W  0x32a8c  ustop/ts_pzd2
498W  0x32dc0  ustop/ts_pzd_
499W  0x33284  x/dz_pzd_
500S  0x33974  vowel/i_6
501S  0x33a28  vowel/u#_3
502S  0x33adc  vowel/u#_2
503S  0x33b90  vowel/y#_2
504S  0x33c44  vowel/e_3
505S  0x33cf8  vowel/@_4
506S  0x33d80  vowel/o_5
507S  0x33e34  vowel/o_6
508S  0x33ebc  vowel/aa_7
509S  0x33f70  vdiph/y#y_3
510S  0x34024  vdiph/Vu_3
511S  0x34130  vdiph2/yu
512S  0x3423c  voc/Q_less
513W  0x342c4  vocw/Q2
514W  0x34b90  ufric/sx_sv
515S  0x353d8  vowel/a#_2
516S  0x3548c  vowel/ee#
517S  0x35540  vowel/i_7
518S  0x355f4  vowel/oo_5
519S  0x356a8  vowel/ii#_2
520S  0x3575c  vnasal/ee_u_n
521S  0x35868  vnasal/oo_n3
522W  0x35974  ustop/t_pzd
523W  0x35dc0  x/d_pzd
524S  0x361d4  d/xd_pzd
525S  0x3625c  vdiph/ou_2
526W  0x3633c  r3/rz_cs
527S  0x36de8  voc/zh_2
528S  0x36e70  vdiph/oou
529W  0x36f50  ufric/sh3
530W  0x378e4  ustop/tsh2
531W  0x37ff0  ustop/ts_pzd3
532S  0x38670  dzh/dzh2
533W  0x386f8  ufric/x_hr
534W  0x3900c  ustop/t_sr
535S  0x39344  d/d_dnt
536W  0x393cc  ufric/x_sr
537W  0x39c4c  ufric/ch_sr
538W  0x3a82c  ufric/sh_pzd2
539W  0x3b37c  ustop/ts_sr
540W  0x3bb38  ustop/tsh_sr
541S  0x3c450  vwl_ru/ii-
542S  0x3c4d8  vwl_ro/mi
543S  0x3c5b8  vwl_ru/i
544S  0x3c66c  vwl_ru/ii#
545S  0x3c6f4  vwl_ru/i#
546S  0x3c7a8  vwl_ru/ii
547S  0x3c85c  vwl_ru/e
548S  0x3c910  vwl_ru/E#
549S  0x3c9c4  vwl_ru/E@
550S  0x3ca78  vwl_ru/a
551S  0x3cb2c  vwl_ru/o
552S  0x3cbe0  vwl_ru/oo
553S  0x3cc68  vwl_ru/u
554S  0x3cd1c  vwl_ru/u#
555S  0x3cdfc  vwl_ru/u#u
556S  0x3cedc  vwl_ru/8
557S  0x3cf64  vwl_ru/ee
558S  0x3d044  vwl_ru/ju
559S  0x3d0f8  vwl_ru/ja
560S  0x3d204  vwl_ru/aa
561S  0x3d2b8  r3/r_ru2
562W  0x3d36c  r3/r_ru
563S  0x3d670  vowel/u_bck2
564S  0x3d724  vdiph/eeu_2
565S  0x3d804  d/tap4
566S  0x3d8b8  voc/v2
567S  0x3d940  vnasal/i_n
568S  0x3d9f4  vnasal/a#_n
569S  0x3daa8  vnasal/a#u_n
570S  0x3db88  vnasal/oi_n
571S  0x3dcc0  vdiph/0i
572S  0x3ddf8  vdiph/eeu
573S  0x3ded8  vowel/i#_5
574S  0x3df8c  vowel/u_6
575S  0x3e040  vwl_fr/@R
576S  0x3e0f4  vwl_ro/ii-
577S  0x3e17c  vwl_ro/li
578S  0x3e230  vwl_ro/ni
579S  0x3e2e4  vowel/o-_4
580S  0x3e398  vdiph/@u_3
581S  0x3e4a4  vdiph/ii
582S  0x3e5dc  vdiph/i#i
583S  0x3e6bc  vdiph2/uw_3
584S  0x3e79c  vdiph2/ea
585S  0x3e87c  vdiph2/eo
586S  0x3e988  vdiph2/e[u
587S  0x3ea68  vdiph2/oa
588S  0x3eb48  d/tap
589S  0x3ebd0  d/tap_i
590S  0x3ec58  vowel/a_4
591S  0x3ed0c  vowel/ee
592S  0x3edc0  vowel/ee#_2
593S  0x3ee74  vowel/y_5
594S  0x3ef54  vowel/yy_3
595S  0x3f008  vowel/oe_4
596S  0x3f090  vwl_sv/r_sv3
597S  0x3f1f4  vowel/y_4
598S  0x3f2a8  vowel/oe_2
599S  0x3f35c  vwl_no/y#
600S  0x3f410  vwl_no/&
601S  0x3f4c4  vwl_no/u#
602S  0x3f578  vwl_no/u#2
603S  0x3f658  vdiph/ai_3
604S  0x3f738  vwl_no/y#y
605S  0x3f818  vwl_no/au-
606S  0x3f950  vowel/y##
607S  0x3fa04  vowel/y#_3
608S  0x3fab8  vdiph/ou_3
609S  0x3fb6c  vdiph/y#i_2
610S  0x3fc4c  m/m#_
611S  0x3fd00  n/n#_
612S  0x3fdb4  n^/n^#_
613S  0x3fe68  nn/nn#_
614W  0x3ff1c  ufric/tl#
615S  0x40884  r3/r#_
616E  0x408e0  envelope/p_level
617E  0x40960  envelope/p_fall
618E  0x409e0  envelope/p_rise
619E  0x40a60  envelope/p_fallrise
620E  0x40ae0  envelope/vi_5
621E  0x40b60  envelope/vi_5amp
622E  0x40be0  envelope/vi_6
623E  0x40c60  envelope/vi_6amp
624E  0x40ce0  envelope/p_512
625S  0x40d60  vowel/u_7
626S  0x40e14  vdiph/&i_3
627S  0x40f20  vdiph/@i_4
628S  0x41000  vdiph/Vi
629S  0x4110c  vdiph/u-i
630S  0x411ec  vdiph/aau_4
631S  0x412f8  vdiph/Vu_4
632S  0x41404  vdiph2/ii@_3
633S  0x41510  vdiph2/u-@
634W  0x4161c  ustop/t_dnt2
635S  0x41874  vdiph/aai
636S  0x419ac  vwl_zh/ang
637S  0x41b10  vwl_zh/aang
638S  0x41ca0  vdiph/au_2
639S  0x41dac  vwl_zh/eng
640S  0x41f10  vwl_zh/ing
641S  0x42074  vwl_zh/ng
642S  0x42154  vwl_zh/oeng
643S  0x4228c  vwl_zh/ong
644S  0x42398  vwl_zh/ung
645S  0x424a4  vowel/8_3
646E  0x42558  envelope/i_risefall
647E  0x425d8  envelope/p_214
648W  0x42658  ustop/t_unasp2
649S  0x42764  n/n_long_
650W  0x427ec  ustop/k_unasp_
651W  0x42aa8  ustop/tsh_pzd_unasp
652W  0x432f8  ustop/tsh_pzd
653W  0x43e38  ustop/ts_unasp
654W  0x446b0  ustop/ts_rfx_unasp
655W  0x4529c  ustop/ts_rfx
656S  0x45f7c  nn/nn2_
657S  0x46004  vwl_zh/a_n
658S  0x460b8  vwl_zh/aau
659S  0x46198  vowel/ii_2
660S  0x46220  vowel/i#_7
661S  0x462d4  vowel/i#_6
662S  0x46388  vwl_zh/iaa
663S  0x46468  vwl_zh/iaau
664S  0x46574  vwl_zh/ie
665S  0x46654  vdiph2/iioo
666S  0x46734  vwl_zh/iou
667S  0x46840  vowel/8
668S  0x468f4  vwl_zh/uaa
669S  0x469d4  vwl_zh/uai
670S  0x46ae0  vwl_zh/uei
671S  0x46bec  vwl_zh/uo
672S  0x46cf8  vwl_zh/y&
673S  0x46dd8  vwl_zh/yee
674S  0x46eb8  vdiph2/y@
675S  0x46f98  vowel/u_5
676S  0x4704c  vnasal/m-
677S  0x47100  vnasal/n-
678S  0x471b4  vnasal/nn-
679S  0x47268  vowel/u#_7
680S  0x4731c  vowel/8_5
681S  0x473d0  vowel/o_7
682S  0x47484  vowel/uu#