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 1# -*- mode: org -*-
 4* [[][Video: Talking Dialer: Eyes-Free Communication Device]]
 7So now, let's use the stroke dialer for something practical ---
 8let's make phone calls with our smart phone!
 9Well, we know Marvin would disapprove if we /just/ made phone
10calls, so rest assured, we'll do a lot more later!
12Pressing the _call_ button on Android phones launches the
13built-in dialing application. When using the Marvin shell,
14pressing this button launches the /Talking Dialer/ application
15--- if you are not using Marvin as your home screen, you can
16launch this dialer as you would launch any Android application.
18The /Talking Dialer/ announces _dialing mode_ upon start up.
19You can start dialing using the technique  described in the
20[[./02-strokes.html][previous video on stroke dialer]] --- if you make a mistake, simply
21shake the phone to erase. Once you have finished dialing, press
22the _call_ button to initiate the call. The application speaks
23the number you're about to dial, and makes the call once you
24press the _call_ button to confirm.
25But you say 
26:Dialing phone numbers is so passe'!
28--- well, there is still hope for the /Talking Dialer/. In
29addition to _dialing mode_, the /Talking Dialer/ provides an easy
30to use /Talking Phonebook/ that provides eyes-free access to your
31contact list --- we will cover this in our [[./04-phonebook.html][video on the talking
34#+TITLE: Video: Talking Dialer: Eyes-Free Communication Device
35#+AUTHOR: T.V Raman
37#+DATE: 2009-03-30 Mon
38#+LANGUAGE: en
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