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 1# -*- mode: org -*-
 4*Video: Connecting  The Dots: Marvin And Android Access 
 6When we first launched project eyes-free in early spring 2009, we
 7promised to post frequent video updates to the eyes-free
 8channel. Well, sadly, we have been remiss in keeping that promise
 9--- but all in a good cause --- we were busy building out the
10needed accessibility APIs in the core Android framework.
12We're now returning with a fresh set of video updates that
13demonstrate   the new accessibility framework in Android, and how
14these access related tools mesh with the Eyes-Free shell  shown
17To summarize:
19  1. All of the eyes-free utilities from project Marvin continue
20     to be developed in order to provide fluent eyes-free interaction.
21  2. The Marvin shell that we demonstrated last time continues to
22     be my default home screen.
23  3. We have added an application launcher on the Marvin screen
24     that can be launched by stroking _8_.
25  4. This launcher uses stroke dialing to quickly navigate and
26     launch applications.
27  5. With the launch of the Accessibility API  in Android
28     1.6, and the accompanying Open Source TalkBack screenreader,
29     I can now launch *any* Android application, e.g., Google
30     Maps or YouTube.
31  6.  TalkBack provides spoken feedback for native Android
32      applications, including the settings menu.
33  7. You can use Android Market to install third-party
34     applications, many of these work *outof the box* with TalkBack.
36We'll demonstrate these, and a variety of other new cool
37enhancements in these forthcoming videos, stay tuned!
39#+TITLE: Video: Connecting The Dots: Marvin And Android Access
40#+AUTHOR: T.V Raman
42#+DATE: 2009-03-30 Mon
43#+LANGUAGE: en
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