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 1# -*- mode: org -*-
 4*Video: TalkBack And Google Maps 
 6TalkBack provides spoken feedback as you use Google Maps.
 7In this video, we will demonstrate typical maps tasks such as:
10     1. Launch Google Maps using the Marvin application launcher.
11     2. From within the Maps application, press the _menu_ key.
12     3. Select /Search/ and type a query into the search field.
13     4. Notice that I can type a partial query and have
14        auto-completion based on previous searches.
15     5. Press _Enter_ to perform the search.
16     6. Bring up the result list in /ListView/ by touching the
17        bottom left of the screen.
18     7. Scroll through this list using the track ball.
19     8. Click with the trackball to select a business.
20     9. Scroll through available options, and click /Get Directions/.
21     10.Click the /Go/ button to get directions.
22     11. Scroll with the trackball to hear  the directions spoken.
23In addition, you can also use Google Latitude to locate your
26Note that other Map tools such as Google Latitude are accessible
27from within the set of options that appear when you press the
28_menu_ key.
30#+TITLE: Video: TalkBack And Google Maps 
31#+AUTHOR: T.V Raman
33#+DATE: 2009-03-30 Mon
34#+LANGUAGE: en
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