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 1# -*- mode: org -*-
 3* [[][Video: Introducing Project Eyes-Free  For Android]]
 5Project Eyes-Free turns your Android into an eyes-free
 6communication device with one-handed, single-touch access to
 7common tasks. Applications from this project can be used
 8stand-alone; they can also be used together through the Eyes-Free
 9shell. This collection of videos will cover the latter scenario.
12We will refer to the eyes-free shell as /Marvin/ in honor of
13Douglas Adams' famous paranoid android
14--- our Marvin says 
15:Brain the size of a planet and they expect me to make phone calls?
16The Marvin home screen 
17provides single-touch access to useful information via a
18collection of talking mini-applications. In addition,  commonly
19used applications can be placed under /shortcuts/ for quick
20access. Finally, the /call/ button automatically launches the
21eyes-free /Talking Dialer/ --- all of these applications are
22covered in detail in subsequent videos.
24#+TITLE: Android Eyes-Free Introduction 
25#+AUTHOR: T.V Raman
27#+DATE: 2009-03-30 Mon 
28#+LANGUAGE: en
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