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 1# -*- mode: org -*-
 3* Android Eyes-Free Video Demos
 5This directory contains descriptions of videos demonstrating the
 6use of the various applications that make up Project Eyes-Free
 7for Android. For each video found on channel [[][ EyesFreeAndroid]] on
 8YouTube,  there is an accompanying text file that is the script
 9used to prepare the video --- these also make up high-quality
10text transcripts for those not able to listen to the audio. Users
11wishing to appreciate these videos without looking at the screen
12can rest assured that the audio content, in conjunction with the
13text scripts together ensure that one misses nothing substantive
14by not viewing the visual component.
18  1. [[./01-intro.html][Introduction]] Gives a high-level overview of Project
19     Eyes-Free and its goal of turning Android into an  eyes-free
20     communication device supporting one-handed, single-touch interaction.
21  2. [[./02-strokes.html][Stroke Dialing]] Demonstrates the stroke dialer, a key
22     component of eyes-free interaction on Android. It differs
23     from traditional on-screen keyboards in that it uses
24     /relative positioning/ rather than /absolute positioning/
25     --- this enables eyes-free use. This dialing technique is
26     used across a wide variety of applications.
27  3. [[./03-phone.html][Talking Dialer ]] Demonstrates using Android as
28     a   communication  device for fluent, eyes-free
29     interaction. Concludes with a teaser --- talking phonebook.
30  4. [[./04-phonebook.html][Talking Phonebook]] Demonstrates how we use strokes for rapid
31     access to contacts in the phone book.
32  5. [[./05-eyes-free-home.html][Eyes-Free Shell]] Demonstrates the /Home/ screen that supports
33     eyes-free access to oft-used tasks. Uses stroke dialer for
34     rapid access. This video also Demonstrates useful talking
35     mini-applications that provide single-touch access to useful
36     information.
37  6. [[./06-marvin-access.html][Marvin And Accessibility]] connects the dots while giving a
38     first glimpse at the new Android Access tools in
39     Android-1.6. Discusses how eyes-free applications from
40     Marvin work hand-in-hand with a built-in screenreader to
41     provide efficient eyes-free interaction.
42  7. [[./07-accessible.html][Introducing Android Access]] briefly reviews the newly
43     introduced accessibility framework and describes what this
44     means for end-users and developers.
45  8.    [[./08-talkback.html][TalkBack]]  demonstrates using the TalkBack screenreader
46     --- an Open Source tool that runs in the background to turn
47     native Android applications into talking applications. Shows
48     use of the Android Alarm-clock application.
49  9.  [[./09-maps.html][Demonstrates using TalkBack with the Google Maps application.]]
50  10.[[./10-youtube.html][YouTube]]  Demonstrates using TalkBack with the standard
51  YouTube application for Android.
60#+TITLE:     Android Eyes-Free Video Demos
61#+AUTHOR:    T.V Raman
63#+DATE:      2009-03-30 Mon
64#+LANGUAGE:  en
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