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 16<title>Accessibility Services - Android Accessibility</title>
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 23<h1>Accessibility Services</h1>
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 32<p>A number of <strong>Accessibility Services</strong> are available to aid
 33in navigating your Android device. Each can be enabled or disabled via the
 34Accessibility menu under Settings. The most popular services are described
 38<p><strong>TalkBack</strong> is one of the official accessibility services
 39provided by Google. It uses synthesized speech to describe the results of
 40<em>actions</em>, such as moving to a new control with the directional pad or
 41clicking on a control, and <em>events</em> such as a notification or incoming
 43<p>TalkBack comes preinstalled on most Android phones. However, it is under
 44active development. You may want to download the app from the Market to get the
 45latest features. Once you download it from the Market, you will be notified when
 46updates become available. Note that TalkBack cannot be uninstalled.</p>
 49<p><strong>Spiel</strong> is a third-party accessibility service that
 50provides an alternative to TalkBack. It also uses synthesized speech to describe
 51actions and events, but it has its own rules for speaking that may differ from
 52TalkBack's. For more information on Spiel, see <a
 53  href="">the Spiel Project webpage</a>.</p>
 54<p>Spiel is not available from the Android Market. To install Spiel, follow
 55the instructions in <a href="market">Market</a> to enable non-market apps.
 56Search for <a href=""></a> in
 57your browser. While the url will load in the browser which is not accessible, it
 58will automatically download the app. You can install it via the Notifications
 60<p>You can have both TalkBack and Spiel installed at the same time, and then
 61enable whichever one you want to use. While it's perfectly safe to have both of
 62them enabled, only one of them will actually work at a time. Spiel and TalkBack
 63work very much the same way, so you shouldn't expect major differences. They're
 64both being actively developed independently.</p>
 66<h2>Voice Readouts</h2>
 67<p><strong>Voice Readouts</strong> is the Motorola accessibility service that
 68is analogous to TalkBack and Spiel. It also uses synthesized speech to
 69describe actions and events according to a set of rules.</p>
 70<p>Voice Readouts comes pre-installed on the Droid 2 and Droid X devices.
 71You can enable or disable it via the Accessibility menu under Settings.</p>
 74<p><strong>KickBack</strong> is one of the official accessibility services
 75provided by Google. It provides haptic feedback by vibrating the device briefly
 76when you perform an action on the phone.</p>
 77<p>It can be especially useful when using the touch screen. The feedback
 78will inform you when you have found a valid control, like the slide-to-unlock
 79handle. Additionally, it can be useful when navigating your device using a
 80directional controller, as you know when your movement has resulted in an
 81action. For example, when navigating through a menu you will feel a bump every
 82time you hit a new menu item. When you stop receiving feedback, you know you
 83have reached the end of the list.</p>
 84<p>On devices running Android 4.0 and above, the functionality of KickBack is
 85included in TalkBack.</p>
 87<p><strong>SoundBack</strong> is one of the official accessibility services
 88provided by Google. It plays a short sound when you perform an action on the
 89phone, such as moving to a different control using the directional controller,
 90or clicking on a control that performs an action.</p>
 91<p>On devices running Android 4.0 and above, the functionality of SoundBack is
 92included in TalkBack.</p>
 94<h2>TTS Extended</h2>
 95<p>Android 2.2 includes a new capability for application developers to include
 96enhanced text-to-speech capabilities in their app. If you have Android 2.2, you
 97do not need to install anything.</p>
 98<p>If you have Android 2.1 or earlier, you can install an app called <strong>TTS
 99Extended</strong> to take advantaged of these enhanced capabilities in apps that 
100use them.</p>
103<p>The various accessibility services are designed to complement one
104another. While you should normally only use only one talking accessibility
105service at time, the services that provide alternate feedback can be used
106simultaneously for improved efficiency. While there can be a slight delay before
107speech synthesis can talk after you perform an action, KickBack and SoundBack
108can provide much more immediate feedback.</p>
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