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 16  <title>Accessible Apps - Android Accessibility</title> 
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 23<h1>Accessible Apps</h1>
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 38There are over 70,000 apps on the Android market, and many of these are
 39quite accessible! This is just a tiny list of some of the accessible apps
 40to save you time. Please send information about more apps!
 42<div class="note"><span class="n">Please note: </span>We have tested the
 43applications listed below with TalkBack, one of the official Google
 44accessibility services. Users of alternative screenreaders such as Spiel
 45may encounter different behavior.</div>
 48<h3>Application Categories</h3>
 49<li><a href="#dm">Device Management</a></li>
 50<li><a href="#em">E-Mail</a></li>
 51<li><a href="#en">Entertainment</a></li>
 52<li><a href="#mv">Music and Video</a></li>
 53<li><a href="#nl">Navigation and Location Services</a></li>
 54<li><a href="#ps">Phone and SMS</a></li>
 55<li><a href="#pr">Productivity</a></li>
 56<li><a href="#sh">Shopping</a></li>
 57<li><a href="#so">Social</a></li>
 58<li><a href="#to">Tools</a></li>
 59<li><a href="#we">Web</a></li>
 61<h3 id="dm">Device Management</h3>
 62<p>Please note that as of October 2010, the default camera application does
 63not work with TalkBack. There is an alternative that we've listed below. There
 64may be others out there - if you find one,
 65<a href="">let us know!</a></p>
 67<li><strong><a href="">
 68  Advanced Task Manager</a></strong> by ReChild - force quit or
 69  uninstall apps.</li>
 70<li><strong><a href="">
 71  App Installer</a></strong> by Gregory House - save and install apps
 72  to/from your SD card.</li>
 73<li><strong><a href="">Camera Magic</a>
 74  </strong> by NoClick Labs - good accessible basic
 75  camera app.</li>
 76<li><strong><a href="">Dropbox</a>
 77  </strong> by Dropbox, Inc. - easy file sharing, backup,
 78  and syncing between devices.
 79<li><strong><a href="">
 80  Eyes-Free Shell</a></strong> by Eyes-Free Project - an eyes-free
 81  touch-screen home screen replacement.</li>
 82<li><strong><a href="">
 83  Gesture Search</a></strong> by Google Inc. - find a contact, bookmark,
 84  application, or a music track by drawing on the screen. Please note that the
 85  help page in the app is a web view and therefore inaccessible with TalkBack.
 86  However, you can find find the same information on the <a
 87  href="">Gesture Search
 88  website</a>.
 89<li><strong><a href="">LauncherPro</a>
 90  </strong> by Federico Carnales - a home screen
 91  alternative that is accessible with TalkBack. However, there are 5 unlabeled
 92  buttons at the bottom of the screen. They are: Phone, Contacts, All
 93  Applications, Messaging, and Browser.</li>
 94<li><strong><a href="">ADW.Launcher</a>
 95  </strong> by AnderWeb- a home screen alternative that
 96  is accessible with TalkBack. However, there are 5 unlabeled buttons at the
 97  bottom of the screen. They are: Previous Screen, Phone, All Applications,
 98  Browser, and Next Screen.</li>
 99<li><strong><a href="">NoLock</a>
100  </strong> by BoD - gives you an option to turn on or off the
101   slide-to-unlock screen.</li>
102<li><strong><a href="">Rock Lock</a>
103  </strong> by Eyes-Free Project - an eyes-free touch-screen
104  music player, can optionally be used as a lock screen.</li>
105<li><strong><a href="">
106  Task Manager</a></strong> by Futon Redemption - force quit and manage
107  apps.</li>
110<h3 id="em">E-Mail</h3>
111<p>As of October 2010, the Google GMail client does not work with TalkBack.
112However, there is an alternative that we've listed below. There may be others
113out there - if you find one,
114<a href="">let us know!</a></p>
116<li><strong><a href="">K-9 Mail</a>
117  </strong> by K-9 Dog Walkers - an accessible e-mail program,
118  based on the built-in Android E-Mail program. It's a complete and
119  full-featured mail program.</li>
122<h3 id="en">Entertainment</h3>
124<li><strong><a href="">AudioBooks</a>
125  </strong> by TechFort - listen to LibriVox's library of
126  audiobooks. Requires Wi-Fi or data connection.</li>
127<li><strong><a href="">IMDB</a></strong>
128   by IMDb - mobile interface to the Internet Movie
129  Database</li>
130<li><strong><a href="">mem</a>
131  </strong> by Eyes-Free Project - a memory game.</li>
132<li><strong><a href="">
133 At Bat 2010</a></strong> by MLB Advanced Media, L.P. - for
134  major league baseball fans. Listen to games, view scores, and more.</li>
135<li><strong><a href="">NPR News</a>
136  </strong> by NPR - listen to radio streams from National
137  Public Radio in the USA.</li>
138<li><strong><a href="">Onion News Network</a>
139  </strong> by The Onion - the entire Onion News
140  Network archives.</li>
141<li><strong><a href="">Randroid: 
142  Random xkcd</a></strong> by Eyes-Free Project - a talking
143  random xkcd comic viewer.</li>
144<li><strong><a href="">Stitcher</a></strong> 
145  by Stitcher, Inc. - subscribe and listen to
146  podcasts.</li>
149<h3 id="mv">Music and Video</h3>
151<li><strong><a href="">Amazon MP3</a></strong> 
152  by - search for music, preview, and
153  purchase music on your phone. It's easier if you set up an account
154  from your desktop computer first.</li>
155<li><strong><a href="">Ethereal 
156  Dialpad (synthesizer)</a></strong> by Adam Smith - touch
157  synthesizer. Move your finger over the touchscreen to create music.</li>
158<li><strong><a href=""></a></strong> by 
159 Ltd. - The mobile app.</li>
160<li><strong><a href="">Piano Man</a>
161  </strong> by Lucky Hercules - a touch-screen piano.</li>
162<li><strong><a href="">Ringdroid</a></strong> by 
163  Ringdroid Team - create ringtones from your
164  music.</li>
165<li><strong><a href="">Rock Lock</a>
166  </strong> by Eyes-Free Project - an eyes-free touch-screen
167  music player, can optionally be used as a lock screen.</li>
168<li><strong><a href="">TuneIn Radio</a></strong> 
169  by RadioTime Inc. - find and listen to
170  real-time streaming radio from all over the world. Over 40,000 channels.</li>
171<li><strong><a href="">Ustream Viewer</a>
172  </strong> by, Inc. - watch streaming
173  video.</li>
176<h3 id="nl">Navigation and Location Services</h3>
178<li><strong><a href="">Google 
179  Maps</a></strong> by Google Inc. - including getting driving,
180  walking, or public transportation directions.</li>
182  <a href="">
183  Intersection Explorer</a></strong> by Google Inc. - explore a
184  neighborhood on your phone before going outside. You can use touch to move
185  around a virtual map and hear the names of streets and intersections. It also
186  gives you compass directions as you explore so you can build a mental map of
187  a neighborhood.
188<li><strong><a href="">Talking 
189  Compass</a></strong> by Eyes-Free Project - tells you what
190  direction you're facing if your device has an internal compass.</li>
191<li><strong><a href="">Walky 
192  Talky</a></strong> by Eyes-Free Project - speaks turn-by-turn
193  walking directions as well as the addresses of nearby locations as you pass
194  them.</li>
195<li><strong><a href="">WHERE</a></strong> by WHERE 
196  Inc. - gives local places, weather, and
197  news.</li>
200<h3 id="ps">Phone and SMS</h3>
201<p>As of October 2010, the default Android phone and contacts app is fully
202usable with TalkBack. However, some devices have different contacts
203applications developed by the manufacturer or carrier, and these apps may not
204be as accessible. There are alternatives available on Market, one of which
205we've listed below. There may be others out there - if you find one,
206<a href="">let us know!</a> Also,
207keep in mind that your contacts on Android sync with your contacts in the
208GMail web interface, so you can also use a web browser to edit your
211<li><strong><a href="">AContacts</a></strong> 
212  by Yermek Zhumagulov - a contacts manager.</li>
213<li><strong><a href="">Bump</a></strong> 
214  by Bump Technologies, Inc. - share contact
215  information, photos, and apps by bumping phones with another Bump user.</li>
216<li><strong><a href="">Handcent SMS</a>
217  </strong> by handcent_admin - an alternative SMS app
218  with lots of features.</li>
219<li><strong><a href="">Talking 
220  Dialer</a></strong> by Eyes-Free Project - an accessible
221  touch-screen dialer, so you don't have to open your keyboard.</li>
222<li><strong><a href="">
223  Google Voice</a></strong> by Google Inc. - lets you access Google Voice
224  for voicemail or to use Google Voice for all phone calls.  Mostly accessible
225  but with some issues. You need to sign up for Google Voice from your desktop
226  computer first.</li>
229<h3 id="pr">Productivity</h3>
230<p>The default Android Calendar is fully accessible as of Android 2.3 (Gingerbread).  On phones
231with earlier versions of Android, the default Android Calendar is not fully usable with
232TalkBack. The agenda view is somewhat accessible, and you can get notifications
233on your phone. The weekly and monthly views are not accessible. Adding or
234editing calendar entries on your phone is possible but a little tricky.</p>
235<p>It works better to create calendar entries from your desktop computer and
236then sync it to your device using Google Calendar. You can also try using the
237<a href="">mobile version of Google
238Calendar</a> on the web.</p>
240<li><strong><a href="">
241  Checkmark Calendar</a></strong> by GrennbeanSoft - Full featured calendar app.  Allows you to view
242  events by day, week, or month.</li>
243<li><strong><a href="">Notes</a>
244  </strong> by Yuli - notepad with extensive features including
245  labels and backup/export.</li>
246<li><strong><a href="">OI Notepad</a>
247  </strong> by OpenIntents- to take notes and organize
248  them.</li>
249<li><strong><a href="">OpenLoopz</a></strong> by Iode 
250  Software - GTD-style task manager.</li>
251<li><strong><a href="">Quick 
252  Calendar</a></strong> by Jim Blackler - Places your upcoming calendar appointments in the 
253  notifications bar.</li>
256<h3 id="sh">Shopping</h3>
258<li><strong><a href=""></a>
259  </strong> by Amazon Mobile - search for products and
260  purchase them from your Android device. The app is accessible but
261  unfortunately the detailed description for each product is an inaccessible
262  Web View. It's easier if you set up an account from your desktop
263  computer first.</li>
264<li><strong><a href="">Amazon MP3</a></strong> 
265  by - search for music, preview, and
266  purchase music on your phone. It's easier if you set up an account
267  from your desktop computer first.</li>
270<h3 id="so">Social</h3>
271<p>Please note that as of October 2010, the Android Twitter app is only
272partially usable with TalkBack. However, there is an alternative that we've
273listed below. There may be others out there - if you find one,
274<a href="">let us know!</a></p>
276<li><strong><a href="">Facebook</a>
277  </strong> by Facebook - the official Facebook app. If the
278  home screen doesn't read, just click once to go to your news feed.
279<li><strong><a href="">Foursquare
280  </a></strong> by foursquare - a social app to tell your
281  friends where you're hanging out.
282<li><strong><a href="">Seesmic</a></strong> by 
283  Seesmic - a Twitter and Google Buzz client.
284  See <a href="">
285  this review on the Eyes-Free list</a> for more information.</li>
286<li><strong><a href="">Swift App for Twitter
287  </a></strong> by Sebastian Delmont - a Twitter
288  client.
291<h3 id="to">Tools</h3>
292<p>As of October 2010, the default Android alarm clock is fully usable with
295<li><strong><a href="">
296  Alarm Klock</a></strong> by Craig G - an alarm clock app. Note that in
297  the app title, "clock" is spelled with a k.</li>
298<li><strong><a href="">Calculator
299  </a> by Pop Game Team - A basic calculator.</strong></li>
300<li><strong><a href="">
301  Earthquake!</a></strong> by Reto Meier - lists the last 24 hours of
302  earthquakes, enables you to set your own notifications.</li>
303<li><strong><a href="">
304  Finance</a></strong> by Google Inc. - Streaming real-time quotes.
305  Synchronizes with your Google Finance portfolios.</li>
306<li><strong><a href="">Financial 
307  Calculators</a> by BiShiNews</strong> - A collection of commonly used financial calculators.</li>
308<li><strong><a href="">Gmote 2.0</a>
309  </strong> by Marc Stogaitis &amp; Mimi Sun - turn your
310  phone into a remote control for your computer.</li>
311<li><strong><a href="">
312  Grandfather Clock</a></strong> by Thomas Pongrac - chimes on the
313  hour</li>
314<li><strong><a href="">Tuner - 
315  gstrings</a></strong> by - an instrument
316  tuner</li>
317<li><strong><a href="">Scanner Radio</a>
318  </strong> by Gordon Edwards - Listen to police,
319  fire scanners.</li>
320<li><strong><a href="">The vOICe for Android</a>
321  </strong> by Peter Meijer - camera, color
322  identifier, and augmented reality.</li>
323<li><strong><a href="">Urban Dictionary</a>
324  </strong> by Tim Clark - look up the definition of
325  slang terms and phrases.</li>
326<li><strong><a href="">The Weather Channel
327  </a></strong> by The Weather Channel - a
328  full-featured weather app.</li>
331<h3 id="we">Web</h3>
332<p><p>As of October 2010, the default Android web browser does not work with
333TalkBack. However, there is an alternative that we've listed below. There may
334be others out there - if you find one,
335<a href="">let us know!</a></p>
337<li><strong><a href="">IDEAL Web Reader</a>
338  </strong> by IDEAL Group, Inc. Android Development
339  Team - an accessible gesture-based browser. See
340<a href="">the release
341notes</a> for more information.</li>
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