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16<title>Troubleshooting - Android Accessibility</title>
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32<p><em>Having trouble pushing buttons while talking on the phone?</em> If
33your phone has a proximity sensor, be sure to move the phone away from your face
34before trying to do something, including ending the call. The proximity sensor
35is designed to keep you from pressing buttons by accident with your face.</p>
36<p><em>Phone is silent after you turn it on?</em> It could be in the lock
37screen. Press your Power key and you should hear feedback saying the screen is
38going on or off. When the screen is on, but unlocked, swipe your finger to
39unlock the screen.
40<p><em>Unable to navigate?</em> If you think you're on a screen with buttons
41or controls but the directional controller has no effect when you move it in any
42direction, here's what to do:</p>
44  <li>You might be focused on a control that's not accessible, like a big
45  scrolling list of terms of service - but there still might be something else
46  accessible on the screen. Try going down a lot to get past the current
47  control.</li>
48  <li>Sometimes, nothing on the screen is focused at all, but you can fix
49  it by touching the screen with your finger. Be careful of tapping, which could
50  click on a button that you don't want to press. Instead, try slowly swiping
51  the screen with a diagonal motion from corner to corner, then move your
52  directional controller. This usually gets you un-stuck and focuses a control.
53  </li>
54  <li>Finally, you might be on a screen that's not accessible at all. As an
55  example, if you did a search on the Market, the "no results found" screen
56  won't read anything, so in this case you'd just want to go back.</li>
59<p>If you're still having trouble, the best resource is to join and post
60messages to the <a href="">eyes-free
61mailing list.</a> Remember to tell people what phone you're using and what 
62Android version it has.</p>
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