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Scheme | 95 lines | 81 code | 11 blank | 3 comment | 0 complexity | 56a894a403a551aa751aaea36e6a2734 MD5 | raw file
Possible License(s): LGPL-2.1, Cube, GPL-3.0, 0BSD, GPL-2.0
 1(require 'clientdata_prop_a)
 2(require 'clientdata_prop_b)
 4(define a (make <A>))
 5(test-A a)
 6(test-tA a)
 7(test-t2A a)
 8(test-t3A a)
 9(fA a)
11(define b (make <B>))
12(test-A b)
13(test-tA b)
14(test-t2A b)
15(test-t3A b)
16(test-B b)
17(fA b)
18(fB b)
20(define c (make <C>))
21(test-A c)
22(test-tA c)
23(test-t2A c)
24(test-t3A c)
25(test-C c)
26(fA c)
27(fC c)
29(define d (make <D>))
30(test-A d)
31(test-tA d)
32(test-t2A d)
33(test-t3A d)
34(test-D d)
35(test-tD d)
36(test-t2D d)
37(fA d)
38(fD d)
40;; here are the real tests... if the clientdata is correctly
41;; propegated, new-tA, new-t2A, should all return wrapped proxy's
42;; of class <A>
44(define a2 (new-tA))
45(if (not (eq? (class-of a2) <A>))
46  (error "Error 1"))
47(test-A a2)
48(test-tA a2)
49(test-t2A a2)
50(test-t3A a2)
51(fA a2)
53(define a3 (new-t2A))
54(if (not (eq? (class-of a3) <A>))
55  (error "Error 2"))
56(test-A a3)
57(test-tA a3)
58(test-t2A a3)
59(test-t3A a3)
60(fA a3)
62(define a4 (new-t3A))
63(if (not (eq? (class-of a4) <A>))
64  (error "Error 3"))
65(test-A a4)
66(test-tA a4)
67(test-t2A a4)
68(test-t3A a4)
69(fA a4)
71(define d2 (new-tD))
72(if (not (eq? (class-of d2) <D>))
73  (error "Error 4"))
74(test-A d2)
75(test-tA d2)
76(test-t2A d2)
77(test-t3A d2)
78(test-D d2)
79(test-tD d2)
80(fA d2)
81(fD d2)
83(define d3 (new-t2D))
84(if (not (eq? (class-of d3) <D>))
85  (error "Error 5"))
86(test-A d3)
87(test-tA d3)
88(test-t2A d3)
89(test-t3A d3)
90(test-D d3)
91(test-tD d3)
92(fA d3)
93(fD d3)
95(exit 0)