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Possible License(s): LGPL-2.1, Cube, GPL-3.0, 0BSD, GPL-2.0
  1. Version 1.3.30 (in progress)
  2. ============================
  3. 09/20/2006: wsfulton
  4. Fix %ignore on director constructors
  5. 09/20/2006: wsfulton
  6. Fix seg faults and asserts when director methods are ignored (#1543533)
  7. 09/20/2006: wsfulton
  8. Fix out of source builds - bug #1544718
  9. 09/20/2006: olly
  10. [ALL] Templates can now be instantiated using negative numbers and
  11. constant expressions, e.g.:
  12. template<int q> class x {};
  13. %template(x_minus1) x<-1>;
  14. %template(x_1plus2) x<1+2>;
  15. 09/20/2006: olly
  16. [ALL] Treat a nested class definition as a forward declaration rather
  17. than ignoring it completely, so that we generate correct code for
  18. passing opaque pointers to the nested class (fixes SF bug #909387).
  19. 09/20/2006: olly
  21. [php] Overload resolution now works. However to allow this, SWIG
  22. generated wrappers no longer coerce PHP types (which reverts a change
  23. made in 1.3.26). So for example, if a method takes a string, you
  24. can no longer pass a number without explicitly converting it to a
  25. string in PHP using: (string)x
  26. 09/18/2006: mgossage
  27. [ALL] fix on swiginit.swg, has been reported to crash on several test cases
  28. found and fixed problem in imports under python (mingw)
  29. 09/16/2006: wsfulton
  30. [Python] Patch from Michal Marek for Python 2.5 to fix 64 bit array indexes on
  31. 64 bit machines.
  32. 09/13/2006: wsfulton
  33. The explicitcall feature has been scrapped. This feature was introduced primarily
  34. to solve recursive director method calls. Director upcall improvements made instead:
  35. [Python, Ruby, Ocaml] The swig_up flag is no longer used. The required mutexes
  36. wrapping this flag are also no longer needed. The recursive calls going from C++
  37. to the target language and back again etc are now avoided by a subtlely different
  38. approach. Instead of using the swig_up flag in each director method to indicate
  39. whether the explicit C++ call to the appropriate base class method or a normal
  40. polymorphic C++ call should be made, the new approach makes one of these calls
  41. directly from the wrapper method.
  42. [Java, C#] The recursive call problem when calling a C++ base class method from
  43. Java/C# is now fixed. The implementation is slightly different to the other languages
  44. as the detection as to whether the explicit call or a normal polymorphic call is made
  45. in the Java/C# layer rather than in the C++ layer.
  46. 09/11/2006: mgossage
  47. [ALL] updated swiginit.swg to allow multiple interpreters to use multiple
  48. swig modules at once. This has been tested in Lua (mingw & linux),
  49. perl5 & python (linux) only.
  50. 09/11/2006: mgossage
  51. [lua] added support for passing function pointers as well as native lua object
  52. into wrappered function.
  53. Added example funcptr3 to demonstrate this feature
  54. 09/05/2006: olly
  55. [php] Rename ErrorCode and ErrorMsg #define-s to SWIG_ErrorCode
  56. and SWIG_ErrorMsg to avoid clashes with code the user might be
  57. wrapping (patch from Darren Warner in SF bug #1466086). Any
  58. user typemaps which use ErrorCode and/or ErrorMsg directly will
  59. need adjusting - you can easily fix them to work with both old
  60. and new SWIG by changing to use SWIG_ErrorMsg and adding:
  61. #ifndef SWIG_ErrorMsg
  62. #define SWIG_ErrorMsg() ErrorMsg()
  63. #endif
  64. 08/29/2006: olly
  65. [php] Move constant initialisation from RINIT to MINIT to fix a
  66. warning when using Apache and mod_php. We only need to create
  67. PHP constants once when we're first initialised, not for every HTTP
  68. request.
  69. 08/21/2006: mgossage
  70. [Lua]
  71. Bugfix #1542466 added code to allow mapping Lua nil's <-> C/C++ NULL's
  72. updated various typemaps to work correctly with the changes
  73. added voidtest_runme.lua to show the features working
  74. 08/19/2006: wuzzeb (John Lenz)
  75. [Guile] Add feature:constasvar to export constants as variables instead of functions
  76. that return the constant value.
  77. 08/11/2006: wsfulton
  78. [Java] DetachCurrentThread calls have been added so that natively created threads
  79. no longer prevent the JVM from exiting. Bug reported by Thomas Dudziak and
  80. Paul Noll.
  81. 08/10/2006: wsfulton
  82. [C#] Fix director protected methods so they work
  83. 07/25/2006: mutandiz
  84. [allegrocl]
  85. more additions to std::string, some tweaks and small bug fixes
  86. -nocwrap mode.
  87. 07/21/2006: mgossage
  88. [Lua]
  89. Bugfix #1526022 pdated std::string to support strings with '\0' inside them
  90. updated typemaps.i to add support for pointer to pointers
  91. 07/19/2006: mutandiz
  92. [allegrocl]
  93. - Add std_string.i support.
  94. - Add newobject patch submitted by mkoeppe (thanks!)
  95. - Fix type name mismatch issue for nested type definitions.
  96. specifically typedefs in templated class defns.
  97. 07/18/2006: mgossage
  98. Bugfix #1522858
  99. updated lua.cxx to support -external-runtime command
  100. 07/14/2006: wuzzeb (John Lenz)
  101. Increment the SWIG_RUNTIME_VERSION to 3, because of the
  102. addition of the owndata member in swig_type_info.
  103. Reported by: Prabhu Ramachandran
  104. 07/05/2006: wsfulton
  105. Search path fixes:
  106. - Fix search path for library files to behave as documented in Library.html.
  107. - Fix mingw/msys builds which did not find the SWIG library when installed.
  108. - Windows builds also output the mingw/msys install location when running
  109. swig -swiglib.
  110. - The non-existent and undocumented config directory in the search path has
  111. been removed.
  112. 07/05/2006: wsfulton
  113. Fix $symname special variable expansion.
  114. 07/04/2006: wuzzeb (John Lenz)
  115. [Chicken]
  116. Add %feature("constasvar"), which instead of exporting a constant as a
  117. scheme function, exports the constant as a scheme variable. Update the
  118. documentation as well.
  119. 07/04/2006: wsfulton
  120. [See entry of 09/13/2006 - explicitcall feature and documentation to it removed]
  121. New explicitcall feature which generates additional wrappers for virtual methods
  122. that call the method explicitly, not relying on polymorphism to make the method
  123. call. The feature is a feature flag and is enabled like any other feature flag.
  124. It also recognises an attribute, "suffix" for mangling the feature name, see
  125. SWIGPlus.html#SWIGPlus_explicitcall documentation for more details.
  126. [Java, C#]
  127. The explicitcall feature is also a workaround for solving the recursive calls
  128. problem when a director method makes a call to a base class method. See
  129. Java.html#java_directors_explicitcall for updated documentation.
  130. 06/28/2006: joe (Joseph Wang)
  131. [r] Initial support for R
  132. 06/20/2006: wuzzeb (John Lenz)
  133. [Chicken]
  134. Minor fixes to get apply_strings.i testsuite to pass
  135. Remove integers_runme.scm from the testsuite, because SWIG and Chicken does
  136. handle overflows.
  137. 06/17/2006: olly
  138. [php] Added some missing keywords to the PHP4 keyword list, and
  139. fixed __LINE__ and __FILE__ which were in the wrong category.
  140. Also added all the keywords new in PHP5, and added comments
  141. noting the PHP4 keywords which aren't keywords in PHP5.
  142. 06/17/2006: olly
  143. [php] Don't segfault if PHP Null is passed as this pointer (e.g.
  144. Class_method(Null)) - give a PHP Error instead.
  145. 06/15/2006: mutandiz
  146. [allegrocl]
  147. Add initial support for std::list container class.
  148. Fix a few bugs in helper functions.
  149. 05/13/2006: wsfulton
  150. [Java] Replace JNIEXPORT with SWIGEXPORT, thereby enabling the possibility
  151. of using gcc -fvisibility=hidden for potentially smaller faster loading wrappers.
  152. 05/13/2006: wsfulton
  153. Fix for Makefiles for autoconf-2.60 beta
  154. 05/13/2006: wsfulton
  155. Vladimir Menshakov patch for compiling wrappers with python-2.5 alpha.
  156. 05/12/2006: wsfulton
  157. Fix buffer overflow error when using large %feature(docstring) reported
  158. by Joseph Winston.
  159. 05/12/2006: wsfulton
  160. [Perl] Operator overload fix from Daniel Moore.
  161. 05/25/2006: mutandiz
  162. [allegrocl]
  163. Fix bug in generation of CLOS type declarations for unions
  164. and equivalent types.
  165. 05/24/2006: mutandiz
  166. [allegrocl]
  167. Don't require a full class definition to generate a CLOS wrapper.
  168. 05/20/2006: olly
  169. [php] GCC Visibility support now works with PHP.
  170. 05/19/2006: olly
  171. [php] Removed support for -dlname (use -module instead). Fixed
  172. naming of PHP extension module to be consistent with PHP
  173. conventions (no "php_" prefix on Unix; on PHP >= 4.3.0, handle Unix
  174. platforms which use something other than ".so" as the extension.)
  175. 05/13/2006: wsfulton
  176. [C#] Director support added
  177. 05/07/2006: olly
  178. [php] Don't segfault if PHP Null is passed where a C++ reference
  179. is wanted.
  180. 05/05/2006: olly
  181. [php] Fix wrappers generated for global 'char' variables to not
  182. include a terminating zero byte in the PHP string.
  183. 05/03/2006: wsfulton
  184. Modify typemaps so that char * can be applied to unsigned char * or signed char *
  185. types and visa versa.
  186. 05/03/2006: efuzzyone
  187. [cffi]Thanks to Luke J Crook for this idea.
  188. - a struct/enum/union is replaced with :pointer only if
  189. that slot is actually a pointer to that type. So,:
  190. struct a_struct { int x; } and
  191. struct b_struct { a_struct struct_1; };
  192. will be converted as:
  193. (cffi:defcstruct b_struct
  194. (struct_1 a_struct))
  195. - Other minor fixes in lispifying names.
  196. 05/02/2006: wsfulton
  197. Fix possible redefinition of _CRT_SECURE_NO_DEPRECATE for VC++.
  198. 04/14/2006: efuzzyone
  199. [cffi]
  200. Thanks to Thomas Weidner for the patch.
  201. - when feature export is set (export 'foo) is
  202. generated for every symbol
  203. - when feature inline is set (declaim (inline foo)) is
  204. generated before every function definition
  205. - when feature intern_function is set
  206. #.(value-of-intern-function "name" "nodeType" package)
  207. is emitted instead of the plain symbol. A sample swig-lispify
  208. is provided.
  209. - every symbol is prefixed by it's package.
  210. 04/13/2006: efuzzyone
  211. [cffi]
  212. Fixed the generation of wrappers for global variables.
  213. Added the option [no]swig-lisp which turns on/off generation
  214. of code for swig helper lisp macro, functions, etc.