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Possible License(s): LGPL-2.1, Cube, GPL-3.0, 0BSD, GPL-2.0
  1Version 1.3.30 (in progress)
  409/20/2006: wsfulton
  5            Fix %ignore on director constructors
  709/20/2006: wsfulton
  8            Fix seg faults and asserts when director methods are ignored (#1543533)
 1009/20/2006: wsfulton
 11            Fix out of source builds - bug #1544718
 1309/20/2006: olly
 14	    [ALL] Templates can now be instantiated using negative numbers and
 15	    constant expressions, e.g.:
 17	    template<int q> class x {};
 18	    %template(x_minus1) x<-1>;
 19	    %template(x_1plus2) x<1+2>;
 2109/20/2006: olly 
 22	    [ALL] Treat a nested class definition as a forward declaration rather
 23	    than ignoring it completely, so that we generate correct code for
 24	    passing opaque pointers to the nested class (fixes SF bug #909387).
 2609/20/2006: olly 
 27            *** POTENTIAL INCOMPATIBILITY ***
 28	    [php] Overload resolution now works.  However to allow this, SWIG
 29	    generated wrappers no longer coerce PHP types (which reverts a change
 30	    made in 1.3.26).  So for example, if a method takes a string, you
 31	    can no longer pass a number without explicitly converting it to a
 32	    string in PHP using: (string)x
 3409/18/2006: mgossage
 35            [ALL] fix on swiginit.swg, has been reported to crash on several test cases
 36	    found and fixed problem in imports under python (mingw)
 3809/16/2006: wsfulton
 39            [Python] Patch from Michal Marek for Python 2.5 to fix 64 bit array indexes on
 40            64 bit machines.
 4209/13/2006: wsfulton
 43            The explicitcall feature has been scrapped. This feature was introduced primarily
 44            to solve recursive director method calls. Director upcall improvements made instead:
 46            [Python, Ruby, Ocaml] The swig_up flag is no longer used. The required mutexes
 47            wrapping this flag are also no longer needed. The recursive calls going from C++
 48            to the target language and back again etc are now avoided by a subtlely different
 49            approach. Instead of using the swig_up flag in each director method to indicate 
 50            whether the explicit C++ call to the appropriate base class method or a normal
 51            polymorphic C++ call should be made, the new approach makes one of these calls
 52            directly from the wrapper method.
 54            [Java, C#] The recursive call problem when calling a C++ base class method from
 55            Java/C# is now fixed. The implementation is slightly different to the other languages
 56            as the detection as to whether the explicit call or a normal polymorphic call is made
 57            in the Java/C# layer rather than in the C++ layer.
 5909/11/2006: mgossage
 60            [ALL] updated swiginit.swg to allow multiple interpreters to use multiple
 61	    swig modules at once. This has been tested in Lua (mingw & linux),
 62	    perl5 & python (linux) only.
 6409/11/2006: mgossage
 65            [lua] added support for passing function pointers as well as native lua object
 66            into wrappered function.
 67            Added example funcptr3 to demonstrate this feature
 6909/05/2006: olly
 70	    [php] Rename ErrorCode and ErrorMsg #define-s to SWIG_ErrorCode
 71	    and SWIG_ErrorMsg to avoid clashes with code the user might be
 72	    wrapping (patch from Darren Warner in SF bug #1466086).  Any
 73	    user typemaps which use ErrorCode and/or ErrorMsg directly will
 74	    need adjusting - you can easily fix them to work with both old
 75	    and new SWIG by changing to use SWIG_ErrorMsg and adding:
 77		#ifndef SWIG_ErrorMsg
 78		#define SWIG_ErrorMsg() ErrorMsg()
 79		#endif
 8108/29/2006: olly
 82	    [php] Move constant initialisation from RINIT to MINIT to fix a
 83	    warning when using Apache and mod_php.  We only need to create
 84	    PHP constants once when we're first initialised, not for every HTTP
 85	    request.
 8708/21/2006: mgossage
 88            [Lua]
 89	    Bugfix #1542466 added code to allow mapping Lua nil's <-> C/C++ NULL's
 90	    updated various typemaps to work correctly with the changes
 91	    added voidtest_runme.lua to show the features working
 9308/19/2006: wuzzeb (John Lenz)
 94	    [Guile] Add feature:constasvar to export constants as variables instead of functions
 95            that return the constant value.
 9708/11/2006: wsfulton
 98            [Java] DetachCurrentThread calls have been added so that natively created threads
 99            no longer prevent the JVM from exiting. Bug reported by Thomas Dudziak and
100            Paul Noll.
10208/10/2006: wsfulton
103            [C#] Fix director protected methods so they work
10507/25/2006: mutandiz
106	    [allegrocl]
107	    more additions to std::string, some tweaks and small bug fixes
108	    -nocwrap mode.
11007/21/2006: mgossage
111            [Lua]
112	    Bugfix #1526022 pdated std::string to support strings with '\0' inside them
113	    updated typemaps.i to add support for pointer to pointers
11507/19/2006: mutandiz
116	    [allegrocl]
117	    - Add std_string.i support.
118	    - Add newobject patch submitted by mkoeppe (thanks!)
119	    - Fix type name mismatch issue for nested type definitions.
120	      specifically typedefs in templated class defns.
12207/18/2006: mgossage
123	    Bugfix #1522858
124	    updated lua.cxx to support -external-runtime command
12607/14/2006: wuzzeb (John Lenz)
127	    Increment the SWIG_RUNTIME_VERSION to 3, because of the
128	    addition of the owndata member in swig_type_info.
129	    Reported by: Prabhu Ramachandran
13107/05/2006: wsfulton
132            Search path fixes:
133            - Fix search path for library files to behave as documented in Library.html.
134            - Fix mingw/msys builds which did not find the SWIG library when installed.
135            - Windows builds also output the mingw/msys install location when running
136              swig -swiglib.
137            - The non-existent and undocumented config directory in the search path has
138              been removed.
14007/05/2006: wsfulton
141            Fix $symname special variable expansion.
14307/04/2006: wuzzeb (John Lenz)
144	    [Chicken]
145	    Add %feature("constasvar"), which instead of exporting a constant as a
146	    scheme function, exports the constant as a scheme variable.  Update the
147	    documentation as well.
14907/04/2006: wsfulton
150            [See entry of 09/13/2006 - explicitcall feature and documentation to it removed]
151            New explicitcall feature which generates additional wrappers for virtual methods
152            that call the method explicitly, not relying on polymorphism to make the method
153            call. The feature is a feature flag and is enabled like any other feature flag.
154            It also recognises an attribute, "suffix" for mangling the feature name, see
155            SWIGPlus.html#SWIGPlus_explicitcall documentation for more details.
157            [Java, C#]
158            The explicitcall feature is also a workaround for solving the recursive calls
159            problem when a director method makes a call to a base class method. See
160            Java.html#java_directors_explicitcall for updated documentation.
16206/28/2006: joe (Joseph Wang)
163	    [r] Initial support for R
16506/20/2006: wuzzeb (John Lenz)
166	    [Chicken]
167            Minor fixes to get apply_strings.i testsuite to pass
168	    Remove integers_runme.scm from the testsuite, because SWIG and Chicken does
169            handle overflows.
17106/17/2006: olly
172	    [php] Added some missing keywords to the PHP4 keyword list, and
173	    fixed __LINE__ and __FILE__ which were in the wrong category.
174	    Also added all the keywords new in PHP5, and added comments
175	    noting the PHP4 keywords which aren't keywords in PHP5.
17706/17/2006: olly
178	    [php] Don't segfault if PHP Null is passed as this pointer (e.g.
179	    Class_method(Null)) - give a PHP Error instead.
18106/15/2006: mutandiz
182	    [allegrocl]
183	    Add initial support for std::list container class.
184	    Fix a few bugs in helper functions.
18605/13/2006: wsfulton
187            [Java] Replace JNIEXPORT with SWIGEXPORT, thereby enabling the possibility
188            of using gcc -fvisibility=hidden for potentially smaller faster loading wrappers.
19005/13/2006: wsfulton
191            Fix for Makefiles for autoconf-2.60 beta
19305/13/2006: wsfulton
194            Vladimir Menshakov patch for compiling wrappers with python-2.5 alpha.
19605/12/2006: wsfulton
197            Fix buffer overflow error when using large %feature(docstring) reported
198            by Joseph Winston.
20005/12/2006: wsfulton
201            [Perl] Operator overload fix from Daniel Moore.
20305/25/2006: mutandiz
204	    [allegrocl]
205	    Fix bug in generation of CLOS type declarations for unions
206	    and equivalent types.
20805/24/2006: mutandiz
209	    [allegrocl]
210	    Don't require a full class definition to generate a CLOS wrapper.
21205/20/2006: olly
213	    [php] GCC Visibility support now works with PHP.
21505/19/2006: olly
216	    [php] Removed support for -dlname (use -module instead).  Fixed
217	    naming of PHP extension module to be consistent with PHP
218	    conventions (no "php_" prefix on Unix; on PHP >= 4.3.0, handle Unix
219	    platforms which use something other than ".so" as the extension.)
22105/13/2006: wsfulton
222            [C#] Director support added
22405/07/2006: olly
225	    [php] Don't segfault if PHP Null is passed where a C++ reference
226	    is wanted.
22805/05/2006: olly
229	    [php] Fix wrappers generated for global 'char' variables to not
230	    include a terminating zero byte in the PHP string.
23205/03/2006: wsfulton
233            Modify typemaps so that char * can be applied to unsigned char * or signed char *
234            types and visa versa.
23605/03/2006: efuzzyone
237	    [cffi]Thanks to Luke J Crook for this idea.
238             - a struct/enum/union is replaced with :pointer only if
239               that slot is actually a pointer to that type. So,: 
240                    struct a_struct { int x; } and
241                    struct b_struct { a_struct struct_1; }; 
242               will be converted as:
243                   (cffi:defcstruct b_struct
244                           (struct_1 a_struct))
245             - Other minor fixes in lispifying names.
24705/02/2006: wsfulton
248            Fix possible redefinition of _CRT_SECURE_NO_DEPRECATE for VC++.
25004/14/2006: efuzzyone
251	    [cffi]
252            Thanks to Thomas Weidner for the patch.
253            - when feature export is set (export 'foo) is 
254              generated for every symbol
255            - when feature inline is set (declaim (inline foo)) is 
256              generated before every function definition
257            - when feature intern_function is set 
258              #.(value-of-intern-function "name" "nodeType" package)
259              is emitted instead of the plain symbol. A sample swig-lispify 
260              is provided.
261            - every symbol is prefixed by it's package.
26304/13/2006: efuzzyone
264	    [cffi]
265	    Fixed the generation of wrappers for global variables. 
266            Added the option [no]swig-lisp which turns on/off generation 
267            of code for swig helper lisp macro, functions, etc.