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  7. <title>uTorrent Server - Changes</title>
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  11. <div class="title document" id="utorrent-server-changes">
  12. <h1 class="title">uTorrent Server - Changes</h1>
  13. <div class="contents topic" id="table-of-contents">
  14. <p class="topic-title first">Table of Contents</p>
  15. <ul class="simple">
  16. <li><a class="reference internal" href="#changes" id="id11">Changes</a><ul>
  17. <li><a class="reference internal" href="#current-revision" id="id12">Current Revision</a></li>
  18. <li><a class="reference internal" href="#revision-30235" id="id13">20131105 - Revision 30235</a></li>
  19. <li><a class="reference internal" href="#revision-25053" id="id14">20110320 - Revision 25053</a></li>
  20. <li><a class="reference internal" href="#revision-24733" id="id15">20110228 - Revision 24733</a></li>
  21. <li><a class="reference internal" href="#revision-24118" id="id16">20110118 - Revision 24118</a></li>
  22. <li><a class="reference internal" href="#revision-23418" id="id17">20101206 - Revision 23418</a></li>
  23. <li><a class="reference internal" href="#revision-23090" id="id18">20101111 - Revision 23090</a></li>
  24. <li><a class="reference internal" href="#revision-22789" id="id19">20101027 - Revision 22789</a></li>
  25. <li><a class="reference internal" href="#revision-22708" id="id20">20101022 - Revision 22708</a></li>
  26. <li><a class="reference internal" href="#revision-21886" id="id21">20100913 - Revision 21886</a></li>
  27. <li><a class="reference internal" href="#revision-21701" id="id22">20100902 - Revision 21701</a></li>
  28. </ul>
  29. </li>
  30. </ul>
  31. </div>
  32. <div class="section" id="changes">
  33. <h1>Changes</h1>
  34. <p>Here are changes and known issues made to µTorrent Server.
  35. Changes are in most-recent-first order.</p>
  36. <p>Changes made that apply to multiple µTorrent products are summarized in the
  37. file <tt class="docutils literal">Changes.txt</tt>.</p>
  38. <div class="section" id="current-revision">
  39. <h2>Current Revision</h2>
  40. <div class="section" id="id1">
  41. <h3>Changes</h3>
  42. <blockquote>
  43. <ul class="simple">
  44. <li>Fixed behavior of <tt class="docutils literal">finish_cmd</tt> and <tt class="docutils literal">state_cmd</tt> on POSIX platforms -
  45. arg[0] wasn't filled in with the command to run, resulting in various
  46. failures depending on platform</li>
  47. <li>Fixed handling of <tt class="docutils literal">dir_</tt> configuration file parameters so that their
  48. values would be retained upon restarting</li>
  49. <li>Accepted the empty string (<tt class="docutils literal">&quot;&quot;</tt>) as a value for directory settings
  50. (another way to disable the associated directory setting)</li>
  51. <li>Fixed handling of <tt class="docutils literal">true</tt> as a value for a boolean setting</li>
  52. </ul>
  53. </blockquote>
  54. </div>
  55. <div class="section" id="known-issues">
  56. <h3>Known Issues</h3>
  57. <blockquote>
  58. <ul class="simple">
  59. <li>Removing an actively-downloading torrent can result in some data files
  60. being recreated moments after being deleted</li>
  61. <li>Guest mode support is broken in the web UI and/or the server</li>
  62. <li>BEP22 isn't supported on POSIX platforms</li>
  63. <li>There's no table of contents in the PDF form of the user manual</li>
  64. <li>Checking for and reporting that product updates are available isn't
  65. supported yet</li>
  66. <li>The web UI doesn't show an indication when a setting change fails to apply
  67. because the proposed value was invalid</li>
  68. <li>The web UI doesn't show an indicator if the port is blocked by a firewall</li>
  69. <li>The web UI doesn't provide control of RSS actions supported by the server</li>
  70. <li>The web UI doesn't show status and error messages generated by the server</li>
  71. </ul>
  72. </blockquote>
  73. </div>
  74. </div>
  75. <div class="section" id="revision-30235">
  76. <h2>20131105 - Revision 30235</h2>
  77. <div class="section" id="id2">
  78. <h3>Changes</h3>
  79. <blockquote>
  80. <ul class="simple">
  81. <li>Added configuration file setting <tt class="docutils literal">low_cpu</tt></li>
  82. <li>Fixed bug that would accept invalid characters for hexadecimal
  83. representations of integer type values in configuration file</li>
  84. <li>Fixed timestamps in log files to reflect local time</li>
  85. <li>Added configuration file setting <tt class="docutils literal">localhost_authentication</tt> to
  86. allow administrators to override the default system behavior by disabling
  87. authentication for requests originating on the local host</li>
  88. <li>Changed data file list presentation in web UI for current torrent so that
  89. percent done for each data file updates during downloads</li>
  90. <li>Made alignment of advanced options in preferences dialog consistent among
  91. browsers</li>
  92. <li>Server version information now displays in about box when running IE</li>
  93. <li>Fixed bug where directory tab fields appeared at bottom of preferences
  94. dialog when re-opened</li>
  95. <li>Fixed bug where OK/Apply/Cancel buttons weren't visible in preferences
  96. dialog when using Internet Explorer</li>
  97. <li>Added configuration file settings <tt class="docutils literal">uconnect_enable</tt>,
  98. <tt class="docutils literal">uconnect_password</tt>, and <tt class="docutils literal">uconnect_username</tt> for participating in
  99. µTorrent Remote</li>
  100. <li>Added validation of proposed values of <tt class="docutils literal">webui.restrict</tt> setting</li>
  101. </ul>
  102. </blockquote>
  103. </div>
  104. </div>
  105. <div class="section" id="revision-25053">
  106. <h2>20110320 - Revision 25053</h2>
  107. <div class="section" id="id3">
  108. <h3>Changes</h3>
  109. <blockquote>
  110. <ul class="simple">
  111. <li>Eliminated race condition causing crashes when adding torrents</li>
  112. <li>Resolved problems associated with moving completed data files</li>
  113. </ul>
  114. </blockquote>
  115. </div>
  116. </div>
  117. <div class="section" id="revision-24733">
  118. <h2>20110228 - Revision 24733</h2>
  119. <div class="section" id="id4">
  120. <h3>Changes</h3>
  121. <blockquote>
  122. <ul class="simple">
  123. <li>Incorporated bug fixes from generic code</li>
  124. <li>The <tt class="docutils literal">usage</tt> argument now also reports product version information</li>
  125. <li>Added <tt class="docutils literal">Changes.txt</tt> to the archive distributed for this product, so that
  126. users would have a list of changes made to parts of code shared with other
  127. products</li>
  128. <li>Stopped requiring that <tt class="docutils literal">/etc/fstab</tt> not be empty, so that program will run on
  129. certain VMs</li>
  130. </ul>
  131. </blockquote>
  132. </div>
  133. </div>
  134. <div class="section" id="revision-24118">
  135. <h2>20110118 - Revision 24118</h2>
  136. <div class="section" id="id5">
  137. <h3>Changes</h3>
  138. <blockquote>
  139. <ul class="simple">
  140. <li>Incorporated bug fixes from generic code</li>
  141. <li>Added SSL support, requiring load-time resolution of libssl and libcrypto</li>
  142. </ul>
  143. </blockquote>
  144. </div>
  145. </div>
  146. <div class="section" id="revision-23418">
  147. <h2>20101206 - Revision 23418</h2>
  148. <div class="section" id="id6">
  149. <h3>Changes</h3>
  150. <blockquote>
  151. <ul class="simple">
  152. <li>Fixed bug in web UI causing failure to run on Internet Explorer</li>
  153. </ul>
  154. </blockquote>
  155. </div>
  156. </div>
  157. <div class="section" id="revision-23090">
  158. <h2>20101111 - Revision 23090</h2>
  159. <div class="section" id="id7">
  160. <h3>Changes</h3>
  161. <blockquote>
  162. <ul class="simple">
  163. <li>Enhanced speculative fix for crash on POSIX platforms occurring when any
  164. configurable directories (e.g., active, completed, temporary, autoload,
  165. request) contain other than 7-bit characters, which should improve the
  166. experience of users using Cyrillic characters (the behavior in that case
  167. worsened after the previous release because the previous fix was
  168. incomplete)</li>
  169. <li>Fixed crash when choosing to use an active directory without supplying a
  170. path to that directory (seen when users attempt to specify a nonexistent
  171. directory (possibly by misspelling the desired existing directory) for the
  172. active directory via the web UI)</li>
  173. </ul>
  174. </blockquote>
  175. </div>
  176. </div>
  177. <div class="section" id="revision-22789">
  178. <h2>20101027 - Revision 22789</h2>
  179. <div class="section" id="id8">
  180. <h3>Changes</h3>
  181. <blockquote>
  182. <ul class="simple">
  183. <li>Added fields to the About box in the web UI to present the external IP
  184. address and UDP/TCP ports assigned by a UPnP router to the server</li>
  185. <li>Added speculative fix for crash on POSIX platforms occurring when any
  186. configurable directories (e.g., active, completed, temporary, autoload,
  187. request) contain Unicode characters</li>
  188. <li>Fixed documentation by changing <tt class="docutils literal">feed_id</tt> to <tt class="docutils literal"><span class="pre">feed-id</span></tt> in two places</li>
  189. </ul>
  190. </blockquote>
  191. </div>
  192. </div>
  193. <div class="section" id="revision-22708">
  194. <h2>20101022 - Revision 22708</h2>
  195. <div class="section" id="id9">
  196. <h3>Changes</h3>
  197. <blockquote>
  198. <ul class="simple">
  199. <li>Added <tt class="docutils literal">daemon</tt> argument which directs the server to run in its own
  200. process group</li>
  201. <li>Added <tt class="docutils literal">usage</tt> argument which directs the server to display the set of
  202. valid command-line arguments before exiting - server also prints error and
  203. usage messages before exiting if it detects at least one unrecognized
  204. command-line argument</li>
  205. <li>Added settings <tt class="docutils literal">finish_cmd</tt> and <tt class="docutils literal">state_cmd</tt> to provide a way to invoke
  206. asynchronous processes for torrent lifecycle events</li>
  207. <li>The add torrent dialog in the web UI now allows the user to choose which
  208. download directory to use for the torrent being added</li>
  209. <li>Correct JSON output is now generated for the <tt class="docutils literal"><span class="pre">list-dirs</span></tt> action request</li>
  210. <li>The name of the directory created by extracting the product archive now
  211. includes <tt class="docutils literal">utorrent</tt> instead of <tt class="docutils literal">bittorrent</tt></li>
  212. <li>Removed <tt class="docutils literal">ul_slots_per_torrent</tt> setting since it no longer has a function</li>
  213. <li>Added <tt class="docutils literal">ut_webui_dir</tt> setting in the configuration file, which specifies
  214. the directory containing the <tt class="docutils literal"></tt> archive or the unarchived files
  215. to be served for the web UI</li>
  216. <li>Added <tt class="docutils literal">pidfile</tt> argument which permits the specification of a file to be
  217. created by the <tt class="docutils literal">utserver</tt> process which will contain the ID of the
  218. <tt class="docutils literal">utserver</tt> process</li>
  219. <li>Added <tt class="docutils literal">logmask</tt> setting in the configuration file which permits logging
  220. to be configured (and subsequently modified as part of handling a hangup
  221. signal), and removed support for <tt class="docutils literal">LOGMASK</tt> environment variable</li>
  222. <li>The server rereads the configuration file upon receipt of a hangup signal
  223. or when creating or moving a file named <tt class="docutils literal">rcf.utmr</tt> in the <tt class="docutils literal">dir_request</tt>
  224. directory - see the cautions in the user manual about sending a hangup
  225. signal when attempting to change the value of <tt class="docutils literal">dir_request</tt></li>
  226. <li>Added settings <tt class="docutils literal">admin_name</tt> and <tt class="docutils literal">admin_password</tt> to allow
  227. administrators to define initial non-default credentials for
  228. authenticating to the server via the HTTP interface</li>
  229. <li>Fixed documentation by changing <tt class="docutils literal">filter_id</tt> to <tt class="docutils literal"><span class="pre">filter-id</span></tt> in one place</li>
  230. </ul>
  231. </blockquote>
  232. </div>
  233. </div>
  234. <div class="section" id="revision-21886">
  235. <h2>20100913 - Revision 21886</h2>
  236. <div class="section" id="id10">
  237. <h3>Changes</h3>
  238. <blockquote>
  239. <ul class="simple">
  240. <li>Ensure alternative listening port setting persists when changed via web UI</li>
  241. <li>Include changes list in <tt class="docutils literal">docs</tt> directory of product archive</li>
  242. <li>Add mention of <tt class="docutils literal">configfile</tt> and <tt class="docutils literal">settingspath</tt> command-line arguments,
  243. rearrange content of <tt class="docutils literal">Getting Started</tt> section of user manual</li>
  244. <li>Support <tt class="docutils literal">configfile</tt> argument to specify configuration file location</li>
  245. <li>Disable BEP22 DNS support on POSIX platforms</li>
  246. <li>Include plain text version of the user manual in <tt class="docutils literal">docs</tt> directory of
  247. product archive</li>
  248. <li>Include a EULA file in the <tt class="docutils literal">docs</tt> directory of the archive</li>
  249. <li>Change default log file for <tt class="docutils literal">logfile</tt> argument to <tt class="docutils literal">utserver.log</tt></li>
  250. <li>Fix documentation error saying to use forward slash (<tt class="docutils literal">/</tt>) to precede a
  251. command-line argument keyword - should use a dash (<tt class="docutils literal">-</tt>) on POSIX systems</li>
  252. </ul>
  253. </blockquote>
  254. </div>
  255. </div>
  256. <div class="section" id="revision-21701">
  257. <h2>20100902 - Revision 21701</h2>
  258. <p>First release.</p>
  259. </div>
  260. </div>
  261. </div>
  262. </body>
  263. </html>