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  1<!doctype html>
  3<title>CodeMirror: Real-world Uses</title>
  4<meta charset="utf-8"/>
  5<link rel=stylesheet href="docs.css">
  7<div id=nav>
  8  <a href=""><img id=logo src="logo.png"></a>
 10  <ul>
 11    <li><a href="../index.html">Home</a>
 12    <li><a href="manual.html">Manual</a>
 13    <li><a href="">Code</a>
 14  </ul>
 15  <ul>
 16    <li><a class=active href="#">Real-world uses</a>
 17  </ul>
 22<h2>CodeMirror real-world uses</h2>
 24    <p><a href="">Contact me</a> if you'd like
 25    your project to be added to this list.</p>
 27    <ul>
 28      <li><a href="">Adobe Brackets</a> (code editor)</li>
 29      <li><a href="">Amber</a> (JavaScript-based Smalltalk system)</li>
 30      <li><a href="">APEye</a> (tool for testing &amp; documenting APIs)</li>
 31      <li><a href="">Bitbucket</a> (code hosting)</li>
 32      <li><a href="">Blogger's template editor</a></li>
 33      <li><a href="">BlueGriffon</a> (HTML editor)</li>
 34      <li><a href="">Cargo Collective</a> (creative publishing platform)</li>
 35      <li><a href="">Chrome DevTools</a></li>
 36      <li><a href="">ClickHelp</a> (technical writing tool)</li>
 37      <li><a href=""> playground</a></li>
 38      <li><a href="">Cruncher</a> (notepad with calculation features)</li>
 39      <li><a href="">Code per Node</a> (Drupal module)</li>
 40      <li><a href="">Codebug</a> (PHP Xdebug front-end)</li>
 41      <li><a href="">CodeMirror Eclipse</a> (embed CM in Eclipse)</li>
 42      <li><a href="">CodeMirror movie</a> (scripted editing demos)</li>
 43      <li><a href="">CodeMirror2-GWT</a> (Google Web Toolkit wrapper)</li>
 44      <li><a href="">Code Monster</a> & <a href="">Code Maven</a> (learning environment)</li>
 45      <li><a href="">Codepen</a> (gallery of animations)</li>
 46      <li><a href="">Code School</a> (online tech learning environment)</li>
 47      <li><a href="">Code Snippets</a> (WordPress snippet management plugin)</li>
 48      <li><a href="">Code together</a> (collaborative editing)</li>
 49      <li><a href="">Codev</a> (collaborative IDE)</li>
 50      <li><a href="">CodeZample</a> (code snippet sharing)</li>
 51      <li><a href="">Codio</a> (Web IDE)</li>
 52      <li><a href="">Collaborative CodeMirror demo</a> (CodeMirror + operational transforms)</li>
 53      <li><a href="">Community Code Camp</a> (code snippet sharing)</li>
 54      <li><a href=""></a> (online Java sandbox)</li>
 55      <li><a href="">CKWNC</a> (UML editor)</li>
 56      <li><a href="">Crudzilla</a> (self-hosted web IDE)</li>
 57      <li><a href="">CSSDeck</a> (CSS showcase)</li>
 58      <li><a href="">Deck.js integration</a> (slides with editors)</li>
 59      <li><a href="">DbNinja</a> (MySQL access interface)</li>
 60      <li><a href="">Echoplexus</a> (chat and collaborative coding)</li>
 61      <li><a href="">Elm language examples</a></li>
 62      <li><a href="">Eloquent JavaScript</a> (book)</li>
 63      <li><a href="">Emmet</a> (fast XML editing)</li>
 64      <li><a href="">Fastfig</a> (online computation/math tool)</li>
 65      <li><a href="">Farabi</a> (modern Perl IDE)</li>
 66      <li><a href="">FathomJS integration</a> (slides with editors, again)</li>
 67      <li><a href="">Fiddle Salad</a> (web development environment)</li>
 68      <li><a href="">Firefox Developer Tools</a></li>
 69      <li><a href="">Firepad</a> (collaborative text editor)</li>
 70      <li><a href="">Gerrit</a>'s diff view</a></li>
 71      <li><a href="">Go language tour</a></li>
 72      <li><a href="">GitHub's Android app</a></li>
 73      <li><a href="">Google Apps Script</a></li>
 74      <li><a href="">Graphit</a> (function graphing)</li>
 75      <li><a href="">Handcraft</a> (HTML prototyping)</li>
 76      <li><a href="">Haxe</a> (Haxe Playground) </li>
 77      <li><a href="">HaxPad</a> (editor for Win RT)</li>
 78      <li><a href="">Histone template engine playground</a></li>
 79      <li><a href="">ICEcoder</a> (web IDE)</li>
 80      <li><a href="">i-MOS</a> (modeling and simulation platform)</li>
 81      <li><a href="">Janvas</a> (vector graphics editor)</li>
 82      <li><a href="">Joomla plugin</a></li>
 83      <li><a href="">jQuery fundamentals</a> (interactive tutorial)</li>
 84      <li><a href=""></a> (JS playground)</li>
 85      <li><a href="">jscpd</a> (code duplication detector)</li>
 86      <li><a href=""></a> (another JS playground)</li>
 87      <li><a href="">JSHint</a> (JS linter)</li>
 88      <li><a href="">Jumpseller</a> (online store builder)</li>
 89      <li><a href="">kl1p</a> (paste service)</li>
 90      <li><a href="">Kodtest</a> (HTML/JS/CSS playground)</li>
 91      <li><a href="">Laborate</a> (collaborative coding)</li>
 92      <li><a href="">Light Table</a> (experimental IDE)</li>
 93      <li><a href="">Liveweave</a> (HTML/CSS/JS scratchpad)</li>
 94      <li><a href="">Marklight editor</a> (lightweight markup editor)</li>
 95      <li><a href="">Mergely</a> (interactive diffing)</li>
 96      <li><a href="">MIHTool</a> (iOS web-app debugging tool)</li>
 97      <li><a href="">Mongo MapReduce WebBrowser</a></li>
 98      <li><a href="">MVC Playground</a></li>
 99      <li><a href="">My2ndGeneration</a> (social coding)</li>
100      <li><a href="">Navigate CMS</a></li>
101      <li><a href="">nodeMirror</a> (IDE project)</li>
102      <li><a href="">NoTex</a> (rST authoring)</li>
103      <li><a href="">Oak</a> (online outliner)</li>
104      <li><a href="">ORG</a> (z80 assembly IDE)</li>
105      <li><a href="">Orion-CodeMirror integration</a> (running CodeMirror modes in Orion)</li>
106      <li><a href="">Paper.js</a> (graphics scripting)</li>
107      <li><a href="">PrinBit</a> (collaborative coding tool)</li>
108      <li><a href=""></a> (github content editor)</li>
109      <li><a href="">Puzzlescript</a> (puzzle game engine)</li>
110      <li><a href=""></a> (http API query helper)</li>
111      <li><a href="">QiYun web app platform</a></li>
112      <li><a href="">Qt+Webkit integration</a> (building a desktop CodeMirror app)</li>
113      <li><a href="">Quivive File Manager</a></li>
114      <li><a href="">Rascal</a> (tiny computer)</li>
115      <li><a href=""></a> (Internet-of-Things infrastructure)</li>
116      <li><a href="">Shadertoy</a> (shader sharing)</li>
117      <li><a href="">sketchPatch Livecodelab</a></li>
118      <li><a href="">Skulpt</a> (in-browser Python environment)</li>
119      <li><a href=""></a> (code snippet sharing)</li>
120      <li><a href="">SolidShops</a> (hosted e-commerce platform)</li>
121      <li><a href="">SQLFiddle</a> (SQL playground)</li>
122      <li><a href="">The File Tree</a> (collab editor)</li>
123      <li><a href="">TileMill</a> (map design tool)</li>
124      <li><a href="">Toolsverse Data Explorer</a> (database management)</li>
125      <li><a href="">Tributary</a> (augmented editing)</li>
126      <li><a href="">Tumblr code highlighting shim</a></li>
127      <li><a href="">TurboPY</a> (web publishing framework)</li>
128      <li><a href="">uiCod</a> (animation demo gallery and sharing)</li>
129      <li><a href="">UmpleOnline</a> (model-oriented programming tool)</li>
130      <li><a href="">Upsource</a> (code viewer)</li>
131      <li><a href="">webappfind</a> (windows file bindings for webapps)</li>
132      <li><a href="">WebGL academy</a> (learning WebGL)</li>
133      <li><a href="">WebGL playground</a></li>
134      <li><a href="">WebKit Web inspector</a></li>
135      <li><a href="">WeScheme</a> (learning tool)</li>
136      <li><a href="">WordPress plugin</a></li>
137      <li><a href="">writeLaTeX</a> (Collaborative LaTeX Editor)</li>
138      <li><a href="">XOSide</a> (online editor)</li>
139      <li><a href="">XQuery tester</a></li>
140      <li><a href="">xsd2codemirror</a> (convert XSD to CM XML completion info)</li>
141    </ul>