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  4. Are there datasets/frameworks available that map countries to neighbouring ones, spoken languages, currencies, notations? - efreedom
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  45. <h2 id="questionTitle">Are there datasets/frameworks available that map countries to neighbouring ones, spoken languages, currencies, notations?</h2>
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  49. <div id="languages" style="position: absolute; left: -120px; top: 15px; width: 100px; text-align: center;"><div id='languagesCaption'>Translations</div><a href=''>English</a><br/><a href=''>العربية</a><br/><a href=''>български</a><br/><a href=''>català</a><br/<a href=''>中文</a><br/><a href=''>čeština</a><br/><a href=''>dansk</a><br/><a href=''>Nederlands</a><br/><a href=''>eesti</a><br/><a href=''>suomi</a><br/><a href=''>français</a><br/><a href=''>Deutsch</a><br/><a href=''>Ελληνικά</a><br/><a href=''>עברית</a><br/><a href=''>ि</a><br/><a href=''>magyar</a><br/><a href=''>Bahasa Indonesia</a><br/><a href=''>italiano</a><br/><a href=''>日本語</a><br/><a href=''>한국어</a><br/><a href=''>latviešu</a><br/><a href=''>lietuvių</a><br/><a href=''>norsk</a><br/><a href=''>polski</a><br/><a href=''>Português</a><br/><a href=''>română</a><br/><a href=''>русский</a><br/><a href=''>slovenčina</a><br/><a href=''>slovenski</a><br/><a href=''>español</a><br/><a href=''>svenska</a><br/><a href=''>ไทย</a><br/><a href=''>Türkçe</a><br/><a href=''>українська</a><br/><a href=''>Tiếng Việt</a><br/></div>
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  51. <div id="fullQuestion">
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  53. <div id="fullQuestionBody"><p>I am using the IP address to detect countries, and browser headers to detect language. But when it comes to having the user override these, it would be good interface design to:</p>
  54. <ul>
  55. <li>let them select neigbouring countries on top of the list</li>
  56. <li>let them select languages by clicking on spoken language lists on
  57. countries</li>
  58. </ul>
  59. <p>In order to avoid very long or multiple step (continent, country) dropdowns.</p>
  60. <p>I know you can find ISO lists of countries, currencies, currency symbols en notation, but has this all been put together in some kind of package with an API?</p>
  61. </div>
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  64. <div id="questionCredit">This question and answers originated from <a id="hypQuestionCredit" rel="" href="" target="_blank"></a></div>
  65. <div id="questionUserCredit">Question by <a id="hypQuestionAuthor" rel="author" href="" target="_blank">newnomad</a> (2/14/2011 7:51:56 PM)</div>
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  81. <div id="fullAnswerBody"><p>I can't say for a fact that this would work, but the WolframAlpha search engine has detailed information on countries, including a section on neighboring countries (see this <a href="" rel="nofollow" target="_blank">example</a>). And they have an <a href="" rel="nofollow" target="_blank">API</a> to their search service. I can't vouch for the API, but the search engine is extremely useful and accurate.</p>
  82. </div>
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  85. <div id="answerUserCredit">Answer by <a id="hypAnswerAuthor" rel="author" href="" target="_blank">newenglander</a></div>
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  104. <div id="questionTopicsTitle">Related Topics<span id="lblQuestionTopics">&nbsp;&nbsp;<a class='topicBoxSmall' href='/Topic/language/0/'>language</a></span></div>
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  108. <div id="relatedQuestionsTitle">Related Questions</div>
  109. <div id="relatedQuestions"><ul><li><h2><a href='/Question/1-682636/Learning-Multiple-Programming-Languages'>Learning multiple programming languages</a></h2><div> I have been reading about the need to learn multiple programming languages and have become quite convinced that it is important to understand multiple languages.
  110. Once a developer becomes familiar</div></li><li><h2><a href='/Question/1-4658186/Technologies-Framework-Tools-Sites-Translation-Indic-Indian-Languages-English'>Are there technologies-S/w framework/tools/sites that do Translation from Indic(Indian) languages to English?</a></h2><div> Are there any tools/sites which will allow me to enter some text in one of the many Indian Languages(Kannada,Marathi,Tamil,Hindi,..) and get translated it to English.
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  112. </div></li><li><h2><a href='/Question/1-4838254/Formal-Language-Set-Superset-Regular-Languages-Set-Please-Explain'>Formal <span class='highlight'>language</span> set is superset of regular languages set? please explain it</a></h2><div> Formal language set is superset of regular languages set? please explain it.
  113. </div></li><li><h2><a href='/Question/6-14298/Unnecessary-Language-Files-Installed-System'>Why are unnecessary <span class='highlight'>language</span> files installed on my system?</a></h2><div> Playing with hardinfo I noticed that I have more language files on my system that I use.
  114. I use only english and german language.
  115. Hardinfo report shows me these languages for example:
  116. de_BE.utf</div></li><li><h2><a href='/Question/7-16642/Web-Application-Phonetic-English-Word-Searches'>Is there a web application for phonetic English word searches?</a></h2><div> Is there a web application for doing phonetic English word searches? For example, if I search for words that contain the syllable "feet", I'd want my results to include:
  117. Feet
  118. Feat
  119. Fetal
  120. D</div></li><li><h2><a href='/Question/1-2880792/Name-Language-Description-Another-Language-Syntax'>what&#39;s the name of this <span class='highlight'>language</span> that description another <span class='highlight'>language</span> syntax?</a></h2><div> for example:
  121. &lt;SELECT statement&gt; ::=
  122. [WITH &lt;common_table_expression&gt; [,...n]]
  123. &lt;query_expression&gt;
  124. [ ORDER BY { order_by_expression | column_position [ ASC | DESC ] }
  125. [ ,</div></li><li><h2><a href='/Question/1-50983/Languages-Implement-Generics'>Are there any languages that implement generics _well_?</a></h2><div> I liked the discussion at Differences in Generics , and was wondering whether there were any languages that used this feature particularly well.
  126. I really dislike Java's List&lt;? extends Foo&gt; …</div></li></ul></div>
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