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  2. pageTitle="Troubleshoot Azure Sign-up Issues | Microsoft Azure"
  3. description="Troubleshoot common causes of issues that can occur when you sign up for Azure."
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  18. # Troubleshoot Azure Sign-up Issues
  19. This article will help you troubleshoot common causes of issues that can occur when you sign up for Azure.
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  21. ## I am getting an error when entering my information to sign up.
  22. Is the account profile information correct?
  23. Your profile details are used to generate billing statements, so it is important to enter your information accurately. Examples of incorrect fields are:
  24. - Incorrect name or last name.
  25. - Invalid phone number.
  26. - Invalid address.
  27. - Non-standard characters used.
  28. Suggestions
  29. - Enter your information accurately in order to successfully sign up.
  30. ## I am not getting text messages or calls during account verification when I try to sign up.
  31. - Verify that your phone number can receive SMS.
  32. - Double check the phone number you entered, including the country code selection in the dropdown menu.
  33. - Be sure your phone can receive text messages (SMS) if you use "Send text message," or phone calls if you choose the "Call me" alternative.
  34. - If you use a mobile phone be sure that you have a good phone connection.
  35. - Wait up to 4 minutes to let the messaging system deliver your text code if you choose "Send text message."
  36. - As soon as you receive the text message, insert the code in the text box and click the verification button to proceed.
  37. Suggestions:
  38. - If you do not receive text messages (SMS) in your phone, use the "call me" alternate verification method.
  39. - Use another phone number if the phone verification step fails using both SMS and "Call me" methods.
  40. - A VOIP phone number cannot be used for the phone verification process.
  41. **Note:** You can change your preferred phone number at a later time by updating [your profile information](
  42. ## My credit card was not accepted.
  43. Make sure that the payment method you are using at sign-up is supported for Azure activations or payments.
  44. - Virtual and prepaid credit/debit cards are not accepted.
  45. - Accepted credit/debit card providers vary based on account country.
  46. Suggestions:
  47. - For common causes of sign-up issues using a credit or debit card see the article [My credit card doesnt go through when I try to sign up for Azure](
  48. ## I cant activate an Azure benefit plan like MSDN, BizSpark, BizSparkPlus or MPN.
  49. Check your eligibility:
  50. Verify through your benefit program channel if you are eligible for the chosen plan:
  51. - MSDN:
  52. - Verify your eligibility status in your [MSDN account page](
  53. - If you cannot verify your status, contact the [MSDN Subscriptions Customer Service Centers](
  54. - MPN
  55. - Sign in to the [MPN portal]( and verify your eligibility status. You may be eligible for additional benefits if you have the appropriate [Cloud Platform Competencies](
  56. - If you cannot verify your status, contact [MPN support](
  57. - Bizpark:
  58. - Sign in to the [BizSpark portal]( and verify your eligibility status for BizSpark and BizSpark Plus.
  59. If you cannot verify your status, contact Bizspark Support sending an email to [Contact BizSpark Team](,%20as%20it%20will%20help%20expedite%20our%20response%20to%20you.%0aContact%20name:%0aStartup%20name:%0aMicrosoft%20Account/Live%20ID:%0aSpecific%20description%20of%20issue%20experienced%20or%20question:%0a%0aThank%20you,%0a%0aThe%20BizSpark%20Team)
  60. Suggestions:
  61. - If you tried to activate a new benefit subscription and you faced any error during sign up experience, please verify if your subscription setup has been completed at the [Azure subscription page]( It may take a few minutes for your subscription to show as active. Once your subscription has been activated, you will receive an email. If your subscription status remains pending for more than four minutes, please [contact Azure Support]( for assistance.
  62. ## I cant activate a new Azure In Open subscription.
  63. You must have a valid OSA key with at least an Azure In Open token associated to it in order to activate a new Azure In Open subscription.
  64. Suggestions:
  65. - If you do not have an OSA key, please contact one of Microsoft Partners listed in [Microsoft Pinpoint](
  66. ## I cant activate an Azure Free Trial.
  67. Have you already used an Azure subscription in the past? The Azure Terms of Use agreement has a limit of only one available free trial activation for any user that never used Azure before. If you have had any other type of Azure subscription, you will not be able to activate a free trial.
  68. Suggestions:
  69. - If you already activated an Azure subscription in the past and free trial activation fails, please consider purchasing a Pay-As-You-Go subscription. You may also be eligible for a benefit offer. Learn more at the [Microsoft Azure offer details page]( instead of Azure Free Trial plan. Please note that benefit plans require specific prerequisites.