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Vim Script | 194 lines | 131 code | 32 blank | 31 comment | 4 complexity | 46c52921e8b81cb500658375e5701c3e MD5 | raw file
  1. " Vim syntax file
  2. " Language: Slrn setup file (based on slrn
  3. " Maintainer: Preben 'Peppe' Guldberg <>
  4. " Last Change: 23 April 2006
  5. " For version 5.x: Clear all syntax items
  6. " For version 6.x: Quit when a syntax file was already loaded
  7. if version < 600
  8. syntax clear
  9. elseif exists("b:current_syntax")
  10. finish
  11. endif
  12. syn keyword slrnrcTodo contained Todo
  13. " In some places whitespace is illegal
  14. syn match slrnrcSpaceError contained "\s"
  15. syn match slrnrcNumber contained "-\=\<\d\+\>"
  16. syn match slrnrcNumber contained +'[^']\+'+
  17. syn match slrnrcSpecKey contained +\(\\[er"']\|\^[^'"]\|\\\o\o\o\)+
  18. syn match slrnrcKey contained "\S\+" contains=slrnrcSpecKey
  19. syn region slrnrcKey contained start=+"+ skip=+\\"+ end=+"+ oneline contains=slrnrcSpecKey
  20. syn region slrnrcKey contained start=+'+ skip=+\\'+ end=+'+ oneline contains=slrnrcSpecKey
  21. syn match slrnrcSpecChar contained +'+
  22. syn match slrnrcSpecChar contained +\\[n"]+
  23. syn match slrnrcSpecChar contained "%[dfmnrs%]"
  24. syn match slrnrcString contained /[^ \t%"']\+/ contains=slrnrcSpecChar
  25. syn region slrnrcString contained start=+"+ skip=+\\"+ end=+"+ oneline contains=slrnrcSpecChar
  26. syn match slrnSlangPreCondit "^#\s*ifn\=\(def\>\|false\>\|true\>\|\$\)"
  27. syn match slrnSlangPreCondit "^#\s*e\(lif\|lse\|ndif\)\>"
  28. syn match slrnrcComment "%.*$" contains=slrnrcTodo
  29. syn keyword slrnrcVarInt contained abort_unmodified_edits article_window_page_overlap auto_mark_article_as_read beep broken_xref broken_xref cc_followup check_new_groups
  30. syn keyword slrnrcVarInt contained color_by_score confirm_actions custom_sort_by_threads display_cursor_bar drop_bogus_groups editor_uses_mime_charset emphasized_text_mask
  31. syn keyword slrnrcVarInt contained emphasized_text_mode fold_headers fold_headers followup_strip_signature force_authentication force_authentication generate_date_header
  32. syn keyword slrnrcVarInt contained generate_email_from generate_email_from generate_message_id grouplens_port hide_pgpsignature hide_quotes hide_signature
  33. syn keyword slrnrcVarInt contained hide_verbatim_marks hide_verbatim_text highlight_unread_subjects highlight_urls ignore_signature kill_score lines_per_update
  34. syn keyword slrnrcVarInt contained mail_editor_is_mua max_low_score max_queued_groups min_high_score mouse netiquette_warnings new_subject_breaks_threads no_autosave
  35. syn keyword slrnrcVarInt contained no_backups prefer_head process_verbatim_marks query_next_article query_next_group query_read_group_cutoff read_active reject_long_lines
  36. syn keyword slrnrcVarInt contained scroll_by_page show_article show_thread_subject simulate_graphic_chars smart_quote sorting_method spoiler_char spoiler_char
  37. syn keyword slrnrcVarInt contained spoiler_display_mode spoiler_display_mode spool_check_up_on_nov spool_check_up_on_nov uncollapse_threads unsubscribe_new_groups use_blink
  38. syn keyword slrnrcVarInt contained use_color use_flow_control use_grouplens use_grouplens use_header_numbers use_inews use_inews use_localtime use_metamail use_mime use_mime
  39. syn keyword slrnrcVarInt contained use_recommended_msg_id use_slrnpull use_slrnpull use_tilde use_tmpdir use_uudeview use_uudeview warn_followup_to wrap_flags wrap_method
  40. syn keyword slrnrcVarInt contained write_newsrc_flags
  41. " Listed for removal
  42. syn keyword slrnrcVarInt contained author_display display_author_realname display_score group_dsc_start_column process_verbatum_marks prompt_next_group query_reconnect
  43. syn keyword slrnrcVarInt contained show_descriptions use_xgtitle
  44. " Match as a "string" too
  45. syn region slrnrcVarIntStr contained matchgroup=slrnrcVarInt start=+"+ end=+"+ oneline contains=slrnrcVarInt,slrnrcSpaceError
  46. syn keyword slrnrcVarStr contained Xbrowser art_help_line art_status_line cansecret_file cc_post_string charset custom_headers custom_sort_order decode_directory
  47. syn keyword slrnrcVarStr contained editor_command failed_posts_file followup_custom_headers followup_date_format followup_string followupto_string group_help_line
  48. syn keyword slrnrcVarStr contained group_status_line grouplens_host grouplens_pseudoname header_help_line header_status_line hostname inews_program macro_directory
  49. syn keyword slrnrcVarStr contained mail_editor_command metamail_command mime_charset non_Xbrowser organization overview_date_format post_editor_command post_object
  50. syn keyword slrnrcVarStr contained postpone_directory printer_name quote_string realname reply_custom_headers reply_string replyto save_directory save_posts save_replies
  51. syn keyword slrnrcVarStr contained score_editor_command scorefile sendmail_command server_object signature signoff_string spool_active_file spool_activetimes_file
  52. syn keyword slrnrcVarStr contained spool_inn_root spool_newsgroups_file spool_nov_file spool_nov_root spool_overviewfmt_file spool_root supersedes_custom_headers
  53. syn keyword slrnrcVarStr contained top_status_line username
  54. " Listed for removal
  55. syn keyword slrnrcVarStr contained followup cc_followup_string
  56. " Match as a "string" too
  57. syn region slrnrcVarStrStr contained matchgroup=slrnrcVarStr start=+"+ end=+"+ oneline contains=slrnrcVarStr,slrnrcSpaceError
  58. " Various commands
  59. syn region slrnrcCmdLine matchgroup=slrnrcCmd start="\<\(autobaud\|color\|compatible_charsets\|group_display_format\|grouplens_add\|header_display_format\|ignore_quotes\|include\|interpret\|mono\|nnrpaccess\|posting_host\|server\|set\|setkey\|strip_re_regexp\|strip_sig_regexp\|strip_was_regexp\|unsetkey\|visible_headers\)\>" end="$" oneline contains=slrnrc\(String\|Comment\)
  60. " Listed for removal
  61. syn region slrnrcCmdLine matchgroup=slrnrcCmd start="\<\(cc_followup_string\|decode_directory\|editor_command\|followup\|hostname\|organization\|quote_string\|realname\|replyto\|scorefile\|signature\|username\)\>" end="$" oneline contains=slrnrc\(String\|Comment\)
  62. " Setting variables
  63. syn keyword slrnrcSet contained set
  64. syn match slrnrcSetStr "^\s*set\s\+\S\+" skipwhite nextgroup=slrnrcString contains=slrnrcSet,slrnrcVarStr\(Str\)\=
  65. syn match slrnrcSetInt contained "^\s*set\s\+\S\+" contains=slrnrcSet,slrnrcVarInt\(Str\)\=
  66. syn match slrnrcSetIntLine "^\s*set\s\+\S\+\s\+\(-\=\d\+\>\|'[^']\+'\)" contains=slrnrcSetInt,slrnrcNumber,slrnrcVarInt
  67. " Color definitions
  68. syn match slrnrcColorObj contained "\<quotes\d\+\>"
  69. syn keyword slrnrcColorObj contained article author boldtext box cursor date description error frame from_myself group grouplens_display header_name header_number headers
  70. syn keyword slrnrcColorObj contained high_score italicstext menu menu_press message neg_score normal pgpsignature pos_score quotes response_char selection signature status
  71. syn keyword slrnrcColorObj contained subject thread_number tilde tree underlinetext unread_subject url verbatim
  72. " Listed for removal
  73. syn keyword slrnrcColorObj contained verbatum
  74. syn region slrnrcColorObjStr contained matchgroup=slrnrcColorObj start=+"+ end=+"+ oneline contains=slrnrcColorObj,slrnrcSpaceError
  75. syn keyword slrnrcColorVal contained default
  76. syn keyword slrnrcColorVal contained black blue brightblue brightcyan brightgreen brightmagenta brightred brown cyan gray green lightgray magenta red white yellow
  77. syn region slrnrcColorValStr contained matchgroup=slrnrcColorVal start=+"+ end=+"+ oneline contains=slrnrcColorVal,slrnrcSpaceError
  78. " Mathcing a function with three arguments
  79. syn keyword slrnrcColor contained color
  80. syn match slrnrcColorInit contained "^\s*color\s\+\S\+" skipwhite nextgroup=slrnrcColorVal\(Str\)\= contains=slrnrcColor\(Obj\|ObjStr\)\=
  81. syn match slrnrcColorLine "^\s*color\s\+\S\+\s\+\S\+" skipwhite nextgroup=slrnrcColorVal\(Str\)\= contains=slrnrcColor\(Init\|Val\|ValStr\)
  82. " Mono settings
  83. syn keyword slrnrcMonoVal contained blink bold none reverse underline
  84. syn region slrnrcMonoValStr contained matchgroup=slrnrcMonoVal start=+"+ end=+"+ oneline contains=slrnrcMonoVal,slrnrcSpaceError
  85. " Color object is inherited
  86. " Mono needs at least one argument
  87. syn keyword slrnrcMono contained mono
  88. syn match slrnrcMonoInit contained "^\s*mono\s\+\S\+" contains=slrnrcMono,slrnrcColorObj\(Str\)\=
  89. syn match slrnrcMonoLine "^\s*mono\s\+\S\+\s\+\S.*" contains=slrnrcMono\(Init\|Val\|ValStr\),slrnrcComment
  90. " Functions in article mode
  91. syn keyword slrnrcFunArt contained article_bob article_eob article_left article_line_down article_line_up article_page_down article_page_up article_right article_search
  92. syn keyword slrnrcFunArt contained author_search_backward author_search_forward browse_url cancel catchup catchup_all create_score decode delete delete_thread digit_arg
  93. syn keyword slrnrcFunArt contained enlarge_article_window evaluate_cmd exchange_mark expunge fast_quit followup forward forward_digest get_children_headers get_parent_header
  94. syn keyword slrnrcFunArt contained goto_article goto_last_read grouplens_rate_article header_bob header_eob header_line_down header_line_up header_page_down header_page_up
  95. syn keyword slrnrcFunArt contained help hide_article locate_article mark_spot next next_high_score next_same_subject pipe post post_postponed previous print quit redraw
  96. syn keyword slrnrcFunArt contained repeat_last_key reply request save show_spoilers shrink_article_window skip_quotes skip_to_next_group skip_to_previous_group
  97. syn keyword slrnrcFunArt contained subject_search_backward subject_search_forward supersede suspend tag_header toggle_collapse_threads toggle_header_formats
  98. syn keyword slrnrcFunArt contained toggle_header_tag toggle_headers toggle_pgpsignature toggle_quotes toggle_rot13 toggle_signature toggle_sort toggle_verbatim_marks
  99. syn keyword slrnrcFunArt contained toggle_verbatim_text uncatchup uncatchup_all undelete untag_headers view_scores wrap_article zoom_article_window
  100. " Listed for removal
  101. syn keyword slrnrcFunArt contained art_bob art_eob art_xpunge article_linedn article_lineup article_pagedn article_pageup down enlarge_window goto_beginning goto_end left
  102. syn keyword slrnrcFunArt contained locate_header_by_msgid pagedn pageup pipe_article prev print_article right scroll_dn scroll_up shrink_window skip_to_prev_group
  103. syn keyword slrnrcFunArt contained toggle_show_author up
  104. " Functions in group mode
  105. syn keyword slrnrcFunGroup contained add_group bob catchup digit_arg eob evaluate_cmd group_search group_search_backward group_search_forward help line_down line_up move_group
  106. syn keyword slrnrcFunGroup contained page_down page_up post post_postponed quit redraw refresh_groups repeat_last_key save_newsrc select_group subscribe suspend
  107. syn keyword slrnrcFunGroup contained toggle_group_formats toggle_hidden toggle_list_all toggle_scoring transpose_groups uncatchup unsubscribe
  108. " Listed for removal
  109. syn keyword slrnrcFunGroup contained down group_bob group_eob pagedown pageup toggle_group_display uncatch_up up
  110. " Functions in readline mode (actually from slang's slrline.c)
  111. syn keyword slrnrcFunRead contained bdel bol complete cycle del delbol delbow deleol down enter eol left quoted_insert right self_insert trim up
  112. " Binding keys
  113. syn keyword slrnrcSetkeyObj contained article group readline
  114. syn region slrnrcSetkeyObjStr contained matchgroup=slrnrcSetkeyObj start=+"+ end=+"+ oneline contains=slrnrcSetkeyObj
  115. syn match slrnrcSetkeyArt contained '\("\=\)\<article\>\1\s\+\S\+' skipwhite nextgroup=slrnrcKey contains=slrnrcSetKeyObj\(Str\)\=,slrnrcFunArt
  116. syn match slrnrcSetkeyGroup contained '\("\=\)\<group\>\1\s\+\S\+' skipwhite nextgroup=slrnrcKey contains=slrnrcSetKeyObj\(Str\)\=,slrnrcFunGroup
  117. syn match slrnrcSetkeyRead contained '\("\=\)\<readline\>\1\s\+\S\+' skipwhite nextgroup=slrnrcKey contains=slrnrcSetKeyObj\(Str\)\=,slrnrcFunRead
  118. syn match slrnrcSetkey "^\s*setkey\>" skipwhite nextgroup=slrnrcSetkeyArt,slrnrcSetkeyGroup,slrnrcSetkeyRead
  119. " Unbinding keys
  120. syn match slrnrcUnsetkey '^\s*unsetkey\s\+\("\)\=\(article\|group\|readline\)\>\1' skipwhite nextgroup=slrnrcKey contains=slrnrcSetkeyObj\(Str\)\=
  121. " Define the default highlighting.
  122. " For version 5.7 and earlier: only when not done already
  123. " For version 5.8 and later: only when an item doesn't have highlighting yet
  124. if version >= 508 || !exists("did_slrnrc_syntax_inits")
  125. if version < 508
  126. let did_slrnrc_syntax_inits = 1
  127. command -nargs=+ HiLink hi link <args>
  128. else
  129. command -nargs=+ HiLink hi def link <args>
  130. endif
  131. HiLink slrnrcTodo Todo
  132. HiLink slrnrcSpaceError Error
  133. HiLink slrnrcNumber Number
  134. HiLink slrnrcSpecKey SpecialChar
  135. HiLink slrnrcKey String
  136. HiLink slrnrcSpecChar SpecialChar
  137. HiLink slrnrcString String
  138. HiLink slrnSlangPreCondit Special
  139. HiLink slrnrcComment Comment
  140. HiLink slrnrcVarInt Identifier
  141. HiLink slrnrcVarStr Identifier
  142. HiLink slrnrcCmd slrnrcSet
  143. HiLink slrnrcSet Operator
  144. HiLink slrnrcColor Keyword
  145. HiLink slrnrcColorObj Identifier
  146. HiLink slrnrcColorVal String
  147. HiLink slrnrcMono Keyword
  148. HiLink slrnrcMonoObj Identifier
  149. HiLink slrnrcMonoVal String
  150. HiLink slrnrcFunArt Macro
  151. HiLink slrnrcFunGroup Macro
  152. HiLink slrnrcFunRead Macro
  153. HiLink slrnrcSetkeyObj Identifier
  154. HiLink slrnrcSetkey Keyword
  155. HiLink slrnrcUnsetkey slrnrcSetkey
  156. delcommand HiLink
  157. endif
  158. let b:current_syntax = "slrnrc"
  159. "EOF vim: ts=8 noet tw=120 sw=8 sts=0