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 1Package: rcdklibs
 2Version: 1.5.13
 3Date: 2016-04-30
 4Authors@R: c(person('Rajarshi', 'Guha', role=c('aut'), email=''),
 5             person('Zachary', 'Charlop-Powers', role=c('cre'), email=''),
 6             person('CDK Project', '', role=c('ctb', 'cph'), comment='CDK Java library contained in multiple jar files'))
 8    R (>= 2.0.0),
 9    rJava (>= 0.9-8)
10License: LGPL
11Title: The CDK Libraries Packaged for R
12Description: An R interface to the Chemistry Development Kit, a Java library
13    for chemoinformatics. Given the size of the library itself, this package is
14    not expected to change very frequently. To make use of the CDK within R, it is
15    suggested that you use the rcdk package. Note that it is possible to directly
16    interact with the CDK using rJava. However rcdk exposes functionality in a more
17    idiomatic way. The CDK library itself is released as LGPL and the sources can be
18    obtained from
19RoxygenNote: 5.0.1