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 1Package: fingerprint
 3Date: 2015-04-13
 4Title: Functions to operate on binary fingerprint data
 5Author: Rajarshi Guha <>
 6Maintainer: Rajarshi Guha <>
 7Description: This package contains functions to manipulate binary fingerprints
 8 of arbitrary length. A fingerprint is represented by an object of S4 class 'fingerprint'
 9 which is internally represented a vector of integers, such
10 that each element represents the position in the fingerprint that is set to 1.
11 The bitwise logical functions in R are overridden so that they can be used directly
12 with 'fingerprint' objects. A number of distance metrics are also
13 available (many contributed by Michael Fadock). Fingerprints 
14 can be converted to Euclidean vectors (i.e., points on the unit hypersphere) and
15 can also be folded using OR.  Arbitrary fingerprint formats can be handled via line
16 handlers. Currently handlers are provided for CDK, MOE and BCI fingerprint data.
17License: GPL
18Depends: methods
19LazyLoad: yes
20Suggests: RUnit