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 1!                       Logical Operators for Fingerprints
 2as.character            Generates a String Representation of a
 3                        Fingerprint
 4balance                 Generate a Balanced Code Fingerprint
 5bit.importance          Evaluate the Discriminatory Power of Individual
 6                        Bits in a Binary Fingerprint
 7bit.spectrum            Generate a Bit Spectrum from a List of
 8                        Fingerprints
 9cdk.lf                  Functions to parse lines from fingerprint files
10distance                Calculates the Similarity or Dissimilarity
11                        Between Two Fingerprints
12euc.vector              Euclidean Representation of Binary Fingerprints
13featvec-class           Class "featvec"     Convert a Set of Feature Fingerprints to Binary
15                        Fingerprints
16fingerprint-class       Class "fingerpint"
17fold                    Fold a fingerprint
18fp.factor.matrix        Converts a List of Fingerprints to a data.frame
19                        of Factors                 Functions to Read Fingerprints From Files
21fp.sim.matrix           Calculates a Similarity Matrix for a Set of
22                        Fingerprints            Converts a List of Fingerprints to a Matrix
24length                  Fingerprint Bit Length
25random.fingerprint      Generate Randomized Fingerprints
27                        String Representation of a Fingerprint