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 1v3.3.5 - update to work with CDK 1.5.13 with the new Depiction module
 3v2.9 - Updated to the new package structure where the CDK libs are removed.
 4As a result, this package now depends on the rcdklibs package
 6v2.8.1 - Fixed typos in the docs
 8v2.8 - Updated code to provide accessors for atoms and bonds of a molecule. 
 9Also provide methods to access atom and bond properties. Currently, setters
10for these objects are not provided
12v2.7 - Removed support for JChemPaint due to it being in flux at this point. Also 
13removed support for viewing tables of 3D structures. Restructured the descriptor
14functions to utilize descriptor names and i general make descriptor calculations
15more R-like