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  1. # About DoxycleanApp
  2. Everyone recognizes the need for better documentation. For Mac programming using Objective-C, [Doxygen][doxygen] is a pretty good documentation system. Unfortunately, the default documentation template in no way matches the standard set by Apple's documentation. Fortunately, Matt Ball has released [Doxyclean](doxyclean), a means of using Doxygen's generated XML documentation and converting it into a much more stylish form.
  3. DoxycleanApp simply tries to make using Doxyclean a little easier. DoxycleanApp is a GUI over Doxyclean that lets you easily set all of the necessary options while also letting you automatically run Doxygen prior to running Doxyclean.
  4. ## Contact
  5. [Grayson Hansard](
  6. [From Concentrate Software](
  7. [doxygen]:
  8. [doxyclean]: