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 2define('CURR_PAGE', 'home');
 4$css = array();
 5$js = array();
12	case 'hack':
13		$smarty->assign('title','Hacking Attempt Detected');
14		$smarty->assign('text','Ooh, you naughty little munchkin! I saw that!<br />Your hacking attempt has been recorded. DO NOT try it again');
15		submitlog('Hacking Attempt Detected');
16		$smarty->display('error.tpl');
17	break;
19	case 'auth':
20		$smarty->assign('title','Authentication Failed');
21		$smarty->assign('text',"Oops, you don't appear to have the right security level to access that area<br /><br />For some areas of this site, you need to be logged in. Try the box on the left<br /><br />Give the administrator a bell if you think this is wrong.");
22		$smarty->display('error.tpl');
23	break;
25	case 'user':
26		$smarty->assign('title','Incorrect User');
27		$smarty->assign('text',"Oh my, it looks like you're trying to edit or delete something you didn't create in the first place!<br /><br />Unless you're an admin, that's a big no no round here. Use the links to take you back from whence you came");
28		$smarty->display('error.tpl');
29	break;
31	case '404':
32		$smarty->assign('title','Computer says no');
33		$smarty->assign('text',"Oh no! You've wandered off the beaten path!<br /><br />Never mind, look around for the right link or use the big links at the top to start again");
34		$smarty->display('error.tpl');
35	break;
37	case '401':
38		$smarty->assign('title','Authorisation Required');
39		$smarty->assign('text',"It seems like you'll go no further from here, unless you know the password!<br /><br />Refresh the page to try again");
40		$smarty->display('error.tpl');
41	break;
43	case '403':
44		$smarty->assign('title','Forbidden');
45		$smarty->assign('text',"Well, now you're in trouble! You've found a forbidden area.<br /><br />Quick! use the links to get back before you're spotted!");
46		$smarty->display('error.tpl');
47	break;
49	case '500':
50		$smarty->assign('title','Server Problems');
51		$smarty->assign('text',"This is one of those, it's not you, it's me, moments.<br /><br />We're very sorry that the server has thrown a wobbly, we'll get a new hamster for the wheel in a short while.");
52		$smarty->display('error.tpl');
53	break;
55	default:
56		$smarty->assign('title','Error');
57		$smarty->assign('text',"Well done, you've caused a generic error. Either we don't have a name for it yet or you've done so many things wrong we can't count any more<br /><br />If you'd like to let your administrator know how you caused such a thing, we'll name it after you");
58		$smarty->display('error.tpl');
59	break;
61include ('inc/');
62include ('inc/');