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 5{% include JB/setup %}
 7This is yet another *personal website*, a small aggregator of my presence on the (Inter)Net. I am not very "socially" active in the digital world but you can find out a little
 8about me on my [Google profile]( page and a bit more on [LinkedIn]( I also try to [tweet](
 9a bit but end up just stalking mostly.
11I currently work at []( as a Linux systems engineer. Before that I used to do the same thing at [Gameloft](
12and tried my luck in small startups, some of my own. I love what I do, I strongly believe in infrastructure automation and try to preach love and unity between [Dev and Ops](
13At work and in my spare time I hack around various system tools and [Puppet]( modules that I wrote or maintain. Some of these end up on my [Github]( account.
15I also love music and try to make it the background of everything I do. The advent of (almost) ubiquitous Internet and music streaming services has been a great gift to me and I tend to be active on [](
17Currently I live in Bucharest, Romania, back after 3 years in Amsterdam, Netherlands and if you want to get in touch with me you can do it via any of the links above - which are also listed in the upper-right corner - or through my favourite communication medium, to which I will remain forever loyal no matter how many social media networks pop-up, *the e-mail*:
19[Dan Achim -- dan_theatsign_hostatic_dot_ro](
21I also try - and fail - to blog a bit about things and problems I find interesting. What follows is a short list of posts I have managed to gather over time.
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