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 1;;; This file is part of a test for SF bug #231619. 
 2;;; It shows that the %import directive does not work properly in SWIG
 3;;; 1.3a5:  Type information is not properly generated if a base class
 4;;; comes from an %import-ed file. 
 6;; The SWIG modules have "passive" Linkage, i.e., they don't generate
 7;; Guile modules (namespaces) but simply put all the bindings into the
 8;; current module.  That's enough for such a simple test.
 9(dynamic-call "scm_init_imports_a_module" (dynamic-link "./"))
10(dynamic-call "scm_init_imports_b_module" (dynamic-link "./"))
11(load "../schemerunme/imports.scm")