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  1. ===================================
  2. Third-party distributions of Django
  3. ===================================
  4. Many third-party distributors are now providing versions of Django integrated
  5. with their package-management systems. These can make installation and upgrading
  6. much easier for users of Django since the integration includes the ability to
  7. automatically install dependencies (like database adapters) that Django
  8. requires.
  9. Typically, these packages are based on the latest stable release of Django, so
  10. if you want to use the development version of Django you'll need to follow the
  11. instructions for :ref:`installing the development version
  12. <installing-development-version>` from our Subversion repository.
  13. If you're using Linux or a Unix installation, such as OpenSolaris,
  14. check with your distributor to see if they already package Django. If
  15. you're using a Linux distro and don't know how to find out if a package
  16. is available, then now is a good time to learn. The Django Wiki contains
  17. a list of `Third Party Distributions`_ to help you out.
  18. .. _`Third Party Distributions`:
  19. For distributors
  20. ================
  21. If you'd like to package Django for distribution, we'd be happy to help out!
  22. Please join the `django-developers mailing list`_ and introduce yourself.
  23. We also encourage all distributors to subscribe to the `django-announce mailing
  24. list`_, which is a (very) low-traffic list for announcing new releases of Django
  25. and important bugfixes.
  26. .. _django-developers mailing list:
  27. .. _django-announce mailing list: