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 2Django 1.2.2 release notes
 5Welcome to Django 1.2.2!
 7This is the second "bugfix" release in the Django 1.2 series,
 8improving the stability and performance of the Django 1.2 codebase.
10Django 1.2.2 maintains backwards compatibility with Django
111.2.1, but contain a number of fixes and other
12improvements. Django 1.2.2 is a recommended upgrade for any
13development or deployment currently using or targeting Django 1.2.
15For full details on the new features, backwards incompatibilities, and
16deprecated features in the 1.2 branch, see the :doc:`/releases/1.2`.
18One new feature
21Ordinarily, a point release would not include new features, but in the
22case of Django 1.2.2, we have made an exception to this rule.
24In order to test a bug fix that forms part of the 1.2.2 release, it
25was necessary to add a feature -- the ``enforce_csrf_checks`` flag --
26to the :mod:`test client <django.test.client>`. This flag forces
27the test client to perform full CSRF checks on forms. The default
28behavior of the test client hasn't changed, but if you want to do
29CSRF checks with the test client, it is now possible to do so.