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 1# %1: the user name (Ed), %2: the app name (Firefox), %3: the operating system (Android)
 2client.name2 = %1$S's %2$S on %3$S
 4# %S is the date and time at which the last sync successfully completed
 5lastSync2.label = Last sync: %S
 7mobile.label = Mobile Bookmarks
 9remote.pending.label = Remote tabs are being synced…
10remote.missing.label = Sync your other computers again to access their tabs
11remote.opened.label = All remote tabs are already open
12remote.notification.label = Recent desktop tabs will be available once they sync
14error.login.title = Error While Signing In
15error.login.description = Sync encountered an error while connecting: %1$S.  Please try again.
16error.login.prefs.label = Preferences…
17error.login.prefs.accesskey = P
18# should decide if we're going to show this
19error.logout.title = Error While Signing Out
20error.logout.description = Sync encountered an error while connecting.  It's probably ok, and you don't have to do anything about it.
21error.sync.title = Error While Syncing
22error.sync.description = Sync encountered an error while syncing: %1$S.  Sync will automatically retry this action.
23error.sync.prolonged_failure = Sync has not been able to complete during the last %1$S days. Please check your network settings.
24error.sync.no_node_found = The Sync server is a little busy right now, but you don't need to do anything about it.  We'll start syncing your data as soon as we can!
25error.sync.no_node_found.title = Sync Delay
26error.sync.serverStatusButton.label = Server Status
27error.sync.serverStatusButton.accesskey = V
28error.sync.needUpdate.description = You need to update Firefox Sync to continue syncing your data.
29error.sync.needUpdate.label = Update Firefox Sync
30error.sync.needUpdate.accesskey = U
31error.sync.tryAgainButton.label = Sync Now
32error.sync.tryAgainButton.accesskey = S
33warning.sync.quota.label = Approaching Server Quota
34warning.sync.quota.description = You are approaching the server quota. Please review which data to sync.
35error.sync.quota.label = Server Quota Exceeded
36error.sync.quota.description = Sync failed because it exceeded the server quota. Please review which data to sync.
37error.sync.viewQuotaButton.label = View Quota
38error.sync.viewQuotaButton.accesskey = V