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 38<!ENTITY certmgr.title                       "Certificate Manager">
 40<!ENTITY                     "Your Certificates">
 41<!ENTITY                  "People">
 42<!ENTITY                "Servers">
 43<!ENTITY                       "Authorities">
 44<!ENTITY                  "Others">
 46<!ENTITY                  "Built-in CAs">
 47<!ENTITY                     "CAs Managed By You">
 49<!ENTITY certmgr.mine                         "You have certificates from these organizations that identify you:">
 50<!ENTITY certmgr.others                       "You have certificates on file that identify these people:">
 51<!ENTITY certmgr.websites2                    "You have certificates on file that identify these servers:">
 52<!ENTITY certmgr.cas                          "You have certificates on file that identify these certificate authorities:">
 53<!ENTITY certmgr.orphans                      "You have certificates on file that do not fit in any of the other categories:">
 55<!ENTITY certmgr.detail.general_tab.title     "General">
 56<!ENTITY certmgr.detail.general_tab.accesskey "G">
 57<!ENTITY certmgr.detail.prettyprint_tab.title "Details">
 58<!ENTITY certmgr.detail.prettyprint_tab.accesskey "D">
 60<!ENTITY certmgr.pending.label                "Currently verifying certificate…">
 61<!ENTITY certmgr.subjectinfo.label            "Issued To">
 62<!ENTITY certmgr.issuerinfo.label             "Issued By">
 63<!ENTITY certmgr.validity.label               "Validity" >
 64<!ENTITY certmgr.fingerprints.label           "Fingerprints">
 65<!ENTITY certmgr.certdetail.title             "Certificate Detail">
 66<!ENTITY                "Common Name (CN)">
 67<!ENTITY certmgr.certdetail.o                 "Organization (O)">
 68<!ENTITY certmgr.certdetail.ou                "Organizational Unit (OU)">
 69<!ENTITY certmgr.certdetail.serialnumber      "Serial Number">
 70<!ENTITY certmgr.certdetail.sha1fingerprint   "SHA1 Fingerprint">
 71<!ENTITY certmgr.certdetail.md5fingerprint    "MD5 Fingerprint">
 73<!ENTITY certmgr.editcert.title               "Edit Security Certificate Settings">
 74<!ENTITY certmgr.editcacert.title             "Edit CA certificate trust settings">
 75<!ENTITY certmgr.editsslcert.title            "Edit website certificate trust settings">
 76<!ENTITY certmgr.editcert.edittrust           "Edit trust settings:">
 77<!ENTITY certmgr.editcert.trustssl            "This certificate can identify websites.">
 78<!ENTITY certmgr.editcert.trustemail          "This certificate can identify mail users.">
 79<!ENTITY certmgr.editcert.trustobjsign        "This certificate can identify software makers.">
 80<!ENTITY certmgr.editsslcert.edittrust        "Edit certificate trust settings:">
 81<!ENTITY certmgr.editsslcert.dotrust          "Trust the authenticity of this certificate.">
 82<!ENTITY certmgr.editsslcert.donttrust        "Do not trust the authenticity of this certificate.">
 83<!ENTITY certmgr.editemailcert.title          "Edit email certificate trust settings">
 84<!ENTITY certmgr.editemailcert.edittrust      "Edit certificate trust settings:">
 85<!ENTITY certmgr.editemailcert.dotrust        "Trust the authenticity of this certificate.">
 86<!ENTITY certmgr.editemailcert.donttrust      "Do not trust the authenticity of this certificate.">
 88<!ENTITY certmgr.deletecert.title             "Delete Certificate">
 89<!ENTITY certmgr.deletecert.beforename        "You have requested to delete this certificate:">
 90<!ENTITY certmgr.deletecert.aftername         "Are you sure you want to delete this certificate?">
 91<!ENTITY certmgr.deleteusercert.title         "Delete Your Certificate">
 92<!ENTITY certmgr.deleteusercert.beforename    "You have requested to delete the certificate:">
 93<!ENTITY certmgr.deleteusercert.aftername     "Once you have deleted this certificate, you will not be able to read mail that has been encrypted with it.">
 95<!ENTITY certmgr.certname                     "Certificate Name">
 96<!ENTITY certmgr.certserver                   "Server">
 97<!ENTITY certmgr.override_lifetime            "Lifetime">
 98<!ENTITY certmgr.tokenname                    "Security Device">
 99<!ENTITY certmgr.issued                       "Issued On">
100<!ENTITY certmgr.expires                      "Expires On">
101<!ENTITY                        "E-Mail Address">
102<!ENTITY certmgr.serial                       "Serial Number">
104<!ENTITY certmgr.close.label                  "Close">
105<!ENTITY certmgr.close.accesskey              "C">
106<!ENTITY certmgr.view2.label                  "View…">
107<!ENTITY certmgr.view2.accesskey              "V">
108<!ENTITY certmgr.edit3.label                  "Edit Trust…">
109<!ENTITY certmgr.edit3.accesskey              "E">
110<!ENTITY certmgr.editca.label                 "Edit CA Trust">
111<!ENTITY certmgr.editca.accesskey             "d">
112<!ENTITY certmgr.add.label                    "Add">
113<!ENTITY certmgr.add.accesskey                "A">
114<!ENTITY certmgr.export.label                 "Export…">
115<!ENTITY certmgr.export.accesskey             "x">
116<!ENTITY certmgr.delete2.label                "Delete…">
117<!ENTITY certmgr.delete2.accesskey            "D">
118<!ENTITY certmgr.delete_builtin.label         "Delete or Distrust…">
119<!ENTITY certmgr.delete_builtin.accesskey     "D">
120<!ENTITY certmgr.backup2.label                "Backup…">
121<!ENTITY certmgr.backup2.accesskey            "B">
122<!ENTITY certmgr.backupall2.label             "Backup All…">
123<!ENTITY certmgr.backupall2.accesskey         "k">
124<!ENTITY certmgr.restore2.label               "Import…">
125<!ENTITY certmgr.restore2.accesskey           "m">
126<!ENTITY certmgr.details.label                "Certificate Fields">
127<!ENTITY certmgr.details.accesskey            "F">
128<!ENTITY certmgr.fields.label                 "Field Value">
129<!ENTITY certmgr.fields.accesskey             "V">
130<!ENTITY certmgr.hierarchy.label              "Certificate Hierarchy">
131<!ENTITY certmgr.hierarchy.accesskey          "C">
132<!ENTITY certmgr.addException.label           "Add Exception…">
133<!ENTITY certmgr.addException.accesskey       "x">
135<!ENTITY exceptionMgr.title                   "Add Security Exception">
136<!ENTITY exceptionMgr.exceptionButton.label   "Confirm Security Exception">
137<!ENTITY exceptionMgr.exceptionButton.accesskey "C">
138<!ENTITY exceptionMgr.supplementalWarning     "Legitimate banks, stores, and other public sites will not ask you to do this.">
139<!ENTITY exceptionMgr.certlocation.caption2   "Server">
140<!ENTITY exceptionMgr.certlocation.url        "Location:">
141<!ENTITY   "Get Certificate">
142<!ENTITY exceptionMgr.certlocation.accesskey  "G">
143<!ENTITY exceptionMgr.certstatus.caption      "Certificate Status">
144<!ENTITY exceptionMgr.certstatus.viewCert     "View…">
145<!ENTITY exceptionMgr.certstatus.accesskey    "V">
146<!ENTITY exceptionMgr.permanent.label         "Permanently store this exception">
147<!ENTITY exceptionMgr.permanent.accesskey     "P">